Prophecies That Jesus Fulfilled – Matthew 10:29

March 6, 2024

Series: Bible Prophecy

Scripture: Mattthew 10:29

There’s a scripture I wanted to read tonight. You guys keep praying there. Keep ministering because.

It was. It’s funny. The Lord gave this to me a couple days ago and now it makes sense because I this is for you all tonight.

Matthew 1029, it says.

And brother, Jeff and Faith, when when we were praying for you guys, I really felt this are not two sparrows sold for a penny.

Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your father’s care.

Isn’t that something Hallelujah? And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered?

So don’t be afraid. You are worth more than many sparrows.

Isn’t that something? How something that seems so insignificant, you know, a Sparrow, but yet it’s in the Father’s care.

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Amen. And brothers laughing. Maybe that’s what the Lord wanted you for the laugh, brother. It’s very.

Number of hairs on your head are numbered. Hallelujah.

That’s God. That’s that’s for faith. OK. Amen.

Prophecies That Jesus Fulfilled – Matthew 10:29

Terry Taylor

But you know what God cares about us? That maybe that’s what he’s trying to tell you tonight that he he sees your, he sees you. See, this is what he’s saying here. A Sparrow is insignificant. They’re they’re all over the place. Sparrows all over the place. Not one of them falls out of the sky without the fathers. That.

He knows about it, right? He knows. He knows right where we’re at. He knows exactly what we need. He’s going to take care of us. Amen.

Praise God. God is good. This is what keeps it. If it. If the church doesn’t have love, we might as well.

Shut the doors.

You know, I’m saying if we can’t take time to minister to a brother or sister, shut the doors.

We’re wasting our time.

Amen. But the love is here so we don’t have to worry about that. Praise God, Axel. We’re building more doors to get more people in here be touched by the love of God. Hallelujah, huh?


Amen. Do you guys want to dive in for a little bit? I mean we.


Just pray and dive in.

You want some word? OK, well, we got a question mark up here. Brothers and sisters, I got a question for you all tonight.


OK, that’s see, that’s what I.




That’s my ham and B3 organ in here. Come on. You know, like when Pastor Tom says and the Bible says. See, that’s a ham and B3 right there.


All right. So listen, brothers and sisters, I’m going to throw some questions out here because these are some of the things that the some of your friends, family, coworkers, people might be asking you. How do you know that the Bible is God’s word and that Jesus is who the Bible says he is?


What sets the Bible apart from other religious books?


What sets Jesus apart from other religious leaders?


Good question, isn’t it? We know the truth. We believe brothers and sisters as Christians that the Bible is the eternal, inerrant, infallible word of God, right, totally reliable without error.


Amen. And what it reveals.


But again, the question how can we know the Bible is accurate and reliable in that Jesus is who the scripture says he is? Now there’s a number of different approaches that we can take to look at this. You can look at it archaeol through archaeological findings. They’re finding things the archaeologists are digging up and.


Unearthing and uncovering. And like, oh, here’s this city. Here’s this town. And here’s this. And here’s that. And. And so there there’s there’s archaeological proof of this kind of stuff. I think they’ve just found something more recent about this, I think.


If somebody could correct me or help me, Brother Lane, maybe your one told me about it. They found some of the Chariots in the Red Sea there where Moses and them crossed over.




Yeah. Hold on. Now, listen to this.


This was an archaeologist that that was not really he wasn’t a Christian and he was just he was out in the the water.


Where the the Dead Sea had pushed back and Pharaohs men came on their Chariots after three million Israelites as they walked on dry ground and as they came up and they were all made it. Then the waters came back and.


Drowned all of those, all of the Pharaohs, men and his horses. But this archaeologist.


He was they were scuba diving and going down to the depths and and saying things and and he didn’t really know what he was looking at first. They brought it up and they had to clean it off. And it’s. Well, that’s a that’s a wheel. That’s a wheel to a chariot. So they dug back down or they didn’t dig they they dove back down and they started bringing it up. There was lots of wheels.


Down there and then they saw some of the wood leftover from the Chariots and what the Chariots was made out of, which proved that was the actual crossing.


Of the Red Sea that the Israelites went to and through recently, I was reading where they found over in Israel a a a riding on a tablet talking about the Kingdom of David and never before had they.


Found anything about David’s Kingdom?


In Israel or anywhere and and I know some college professors, liberals who would always make fun and say the Bible is not act actual, it’s not accurate because there is nothing on David. But now since that time.


We have plenty of evidence to support the word of God and the Word of God is is always proven the Bible.


The I mean the the archaeological digs are always proven the Bible to be true and then that that archaeologists that was that dug down and found that he he dove down, you know with his men and the scuba stuff found the wheels he is now a true Christian.


Hey man.




Archaeology proves that the Bible is true. There are some facts right there, right. There are different manuscripts, right? That has survived the Dead Sea Scrolls or some of those. When do they find those in the late 40s, fifties. Something like.




Late 50s or early 50s in a cave in there finding I think it was a book of Isaiah, wasn’t that they found.


In there. So there’s and there’s many more other manuscripts and writings and things like that that we have proof of. There’s historical events that have happened.


And there’s also just logical reason to believe you know that that Jesus did live on this earth. He did exist and miracles and things were recorded not just in the Bible, but other writings like the Josephus was a Jewish historian at that time. And there’s scripture and stuff in in some of his writings and things that he detailed.


To prove that Jesus was alive on this earth.


But tonight we’ll and we’ll probably have to finish this later, but we’ll we’ll dive into the the case for the Bible. And so instead of trying to make a case for the Bible and a separate case for Jesus, let’s just look to see if the if, how Jesus and the Bible confirm each other.




About that now, does anybody know how many books are in?


The the what we call the.




66 books. OK, so the Bible is not just one big book, it’s 66 different books. Now, there are 27 books in the New Testament. We know now those the New Testament was written after Jesus came to the Earth and and and the the New Testament was written then. OK.


And that recorded what he did and what he said. But the Old Testament 39 books and that in the Old Testament, they’re part of the Old Testament. They were written before Jesus ever was born or came to the Earth.


  1. But the beautiful thing about this is as we go through some of the scriptures, we’ll see how the Old Testament prophets, how holy men of God, and how the Holy Spirit would just breathe through them all. Scripture, the Bible says, is given by the inspiration of God. That’s like the.


God breathed. This is this is God’s only God can can do. Put all of these things together in prophecies and and things like that and make them come to pass. Exactly how it was prophesied.


If you wrote a man wrote this down and try to make it happen, it wouldn’t happen. There were 40 different authors that wrote the Bible on from three different continents over a period of about 1500 years, depending on who you look at. Some people say 14, fifteen, 1600. I just like to say 1500 years.


Some of these people didn’t even know each other hundreds of years apart, and then we’re going to look at some of the the prophecies and predictions that the Bible made about J.


That’s us. And it it’s, I’m telling you, church. Once you go through this, you will be so confident in knowing. I mean, I already am confident and know. But when you see concrete evidence like this, you’re like, Oh my goodness. It just solidifies your faith and more and just increases your faith and strengthens your faith in the name of Jesus.


Hey man. Hallelujah.


All right, so the Old Testament, let’s talk about that. It pointed to certain events centuries before they happened. Jesus is the one person whose life fulfilled all sorts of prophecies made in a number of different writings from different writers over a number of different centuries. That’s, that is the coolest thing, you know.


It’s hard enough for all of us in this room to get on the same page and to try to say the same thing sometimes. You know when you try to pass instructions down or something like that, things can get, you know, that game that you play, you tell, tell you something, time it goes around the room. It’s a way.




Telephone or whatever. Yeah, it’s a way messed up, but not with the Bible church, not with the Bible. Because God is the author of it. Amen.


All right, so let’s look at some slides here. First of all, we’re going to talk about the predictions of the birth of Jesus. OK, alright, let’s let’s look at a couple of these here. So, for example, let’s look at Micah. The 2nd scripts are down here. Can you guys see, am I blocking any?




  1. But you Bethlehem out of, you will come from me. One who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from old and from ancient times. He will be their peace. Micah, Chapter 5, verse two and five.


OK, let’s look at another one here. The prophet Isaiah said that a virgin would would become pregnant and give birth to a son. Let’s see what it says. The Virgin will be with child.


And we’ll give birth to his son, and we’ll call him Immanuel with he might know what Emmanuel means. God with us. Hallelujah. Now these are prophecies and predictions about the birth of Jesus. Isaiah also said that a great light would shine in the region of Galilee after the special child was born. Let’s look at what it says.


Down here, Hosea.


Chapter 11, right? No, Isaiah. Now it’s at the bottom. In the future, he will honor Galilee of the Gentiles. By the way of the sea along the Jordan. The people walking in darkness have seen a great light. Isaiah, Chapter 9, verse one or two. This is all pointing to Jesus brothers and sisters. Be encouraged tonight.


The Prophet Jose has said that God’s son would be called out of Egypt. Scripture says Jose, 11, went out of Egypt. I called my son.


On Amen. So what? A prediction. That a a virgin who had never known a man would, you know, miraculously conceive. It sounds crazy then to say. Now listen, I I underlined these places. Bethlehem, Egypt and Galilee.


It it sounds contradictory, almost that you know, a a miraculous birth is going to conception is going to happen, and this child who is from Galilee, that’s where the parents were at. We’re going to have to go to Bethlehem and then out of Egypt.


Right. They’re going to have to go to Egypt and then from Egypt back to Galilee.


And I mean this is this is crazy. So this takes us to the story of of Mary and Joseph. That’s that’s who this is talking about. When Mary got, you know, the the miraculous conception there with Jesus and again they were living in in.


Family. But guess what? Old Roman Empire said. You know what? It’s time for ascensus. So how did they get to Bethlehem? So she was great with child. The Bible says. And so she had to pick up with Joseph and go to where Joseph’s family line was, which was Bethlehem. The City of David, because.


That’s where Joseph’s family line was from the King David. So. So while they were there in Bethlehem for the census.


Mary went into labor and had baby Jesus, who was born guess where? And Bethlehem. Isn’t that something now again, this was prophesied. Micah, Chapter 5, verse 2.


Lots of years before. So while they’re in Bethlehem, King Herod, who was a vicious ruler at that time in that region, he had felt and threatened. So he made a decree. Does anybody know what the decree is? All of the babies in Bethlehem.


All the sons are going to be killed.


Because he was threatened, his Kingdom was threatened. He’s after my throne, so he had all the babies killed. But thank God an Angel got to Joseph and said. Joseph, get up out of here and flee to Egypt.


Out of Egypt, I called my son interesting.


You. I’m. I’m telling you you couldn’t write this stuff and make it happen. I mean, this is just an amazing book church. It’s it’s a book of miracles. That’s exactly right. So after leaving Egypt, they went back to Israel, to the town of Nazareth and Galilee. And there is where? That’s where they’re originally from. So they’re Jesus grew up and began his ministry.


Bringing God’s light to that region of Galilee, just as the prophet Isaiah predicted.


OK, so these four prophecies, these 4 predictions seems contrary, you know, contradictory prophecies, they all came true in the Christ child. He was conceived of a virgin born in Bethlehem, came out of Egypt and was God’s light in Galilee. Isaiah 700 years before.


Jesus’s birth.


God not only predicted that a baby would be born of a virgin and would be God with us, but that the Prophet also predicted that the that at the Messiah is coming. The eyes of the blind would be opened. The ears of the death would hear and the lamb would leap for joy.


Isaiah 35, five and six. Let’s see what that one looks like. Miracles of Jesus was predicted. Look at that right there. It says that Isaiah 35. Five. Amen. It was prophesied before it even happened.


Now remember those four prophecies? Now we’re adding another one on to this. This is a powerful one here.


Hey man, you can’t fool this. This you can’t be messing around with stuff like this. Has got to happen.


These miracles were not just marvels to astonish people church. They were signs that Jesus was the person that the prophets prophesied and predicted would come, and things that take place now after John the Baptist was in prison.


He sent a message to Jesus asking he sent some folks. Hey, hey, guys, go over here and ask. This is Jesus. Go over and ask. He said, are you the one who has come who was to come or should we expect someone else? What did Jesus reply to him there?


Look at where it says Jesus sent a message. John the Baptist. Ask are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else? Jesus sent a message. Hey, go tell John the blind receive sight the lame walk. Those who have leprosy or cured the deaf. Hear the dead are raised. And the good news is preached to the poor.


4 Matthew 11/3 through 4:00.


Amen. That proved that Jesus was the Messiah and the people shouldn’t look elsewhere because Jesus was doing the miracles which the Old Testament had predicted. I never saw that scripture. I don’t remember seeing that scripture. I’ve read Isaiah. I’ve read this before, but I’m I does it has anybody else saw this and put that together?


That this was prophesied about. I’d never put that together when reading that.


Isn’t that something, Isaiah 35? Five. Isn’t that amazing talking about Jesus? Amen.


And Jesus gave him the word.


Yes, answer. He didn’t say I am and you don’t have to worry anything. He turned them to the word. It’s the word that will always bring hope to us. And that’s exactly what he did.


Yes, yes.


Turn them to the word church. That’s what we’re supposed to do.


Amen. And then other scripts are John. 731 says when, when, when the Christ comes, he will do more, more miraculous signs. And these what happened was these people saw this and they believed in Jesus. And then they asked this question when the Christ comes, will he do more miraculous signs than this man? Absolutely not. This is the Messiah. He’s the one we’re looking for.


Praise God forevermore, yes.


Yes, yes, my, my, my.


Oh my. Hallelujah. Let’s look at some more predictions of Jesus’s final week. It was the week of the Great Feast of the Passover. It was a time when great crowds of people were gathered together in Jerusalem. Let’s see what this says, that Jesus last week, Palm Sunday.


Today it says they heard that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting. Hosanna. Blessed is he who comes in. The name of the Lord. Blessed is the King of Israel. Also says Jesus found a donkey and sat upon it. John 1212 through 14.


He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and he was surrounded by the cheering crowds. Now here’s the beautiful thing about this.


This was predicted long ago in the Old Testament, 800 years earlier in Psalm 118. Blessed is he.


It’s right up here on the on the scriptures 800 years earlier, Psalm 118. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, with branches in hand. Join in the festal procession.


It’s all coming to pass church.




My, my, my I’ll tell you what.


Think I could shout, but I gotta go on more than 500 years earlier. Look at this next one. The Prophet Zachariah had written. Rejoice greatly old daughter of Zion shout, daughter of Jerusalem. See your king comes to you righteous and having salvation gentle. And what? Riding on a donkey.


On a cult, the fall of a donkey Zachariah 9/9.


Did you guys, I mean, this is amazing stuff, isn’t it? Hundreds of years before you can’t make this stuff come to pass.


You know, I’m saying, I mean I and and the devil tried every way to stop this and he couldn’t do it.


Glory to God.


Thank you, Jesus. Let’s look at some more prophecies. Hallelujah. I tell you what, this built my faith up so much today. I thought, my goodness, I could.


Just have me a little shouting spell and I don’t do too much. Can’t do too much, but I can do a little bit. OK, let’s look at this. The cleansing of the temple. Hallelujah.


All right, let’s see what the Bible says.


About that.


450 years earlier, the Prophet Malachi had written. Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple, but you can endure the day of. But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears, for he will be like a refiners, fire of launderers. Soap. Malachi 3 one through 2.


Also, there’s a mention here that Jesus said my house shall be called a House of prayer, but you are making it a den of robbers. Matthew Chapter 21 verses 13. So more than 700 years earlier. God had said through Isaiah, my house shall be called a House of prayer for all nations. It’s right there. Malachi 3 one through 2.


450 years earlier this came to pass. And then?


The Lord said you have made my house a den of robbers or a den of thieves. Matthew 2113. Look what Jeremiah 7 through 11 says 600 years later, a din talking about a den of robbers here.


My, my, my.




Let’s look at some more. Is anybody getting encouraged tonight? Is anybody listen? Church. You can stake your life on the Bible.


This I’m telling you and wait till the end here. If I can get to the end here because I’m telling you, this solidifies everything.




OK, let’s look at a few more Judas.


We all know who Judas is, right? Judas was the one that betrayed Jesus, right? He was one of his disciples. He ate with Jesus. He was the treasurer. He walked with Jesus. He saw Jesus do the miracles. He was a friend. But look what? Psalm 41 nine says 1000 years earlier it it was written. Even my close friend.


Whom I trusted, he who shared my bread, has lifted up his head.


Against me, Isaac Zachariah, 13, seven. All the disciples fled when? When Jesus was arrested, they got scared and they all fled, right?


But Zachariah, 13, seven, says strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. Hallelujah. Let’s look at the next scripture here. Isaiah 50, Chapter 6.


It says his back was whipped. His face was punched. He was spit upon. I offered my back to those who beat me, my cheeks to those who pulled out my beard. I did not hide my face from mocking and spitting.


Isaiah 50, verse six, 700 years earlier, this was written church.


We know what happened to Jesus, right?


Everything. They beat him, they spit upon him. They plucked his beard out, they crowned him with crown of thorns. They abused him, they beat him with 39 stripes, nigh unto death. Hallelujah. All prophesied hundreds of years before and everything came to pass. Exactly what this Bible says it would come to pass.


How it came to pass this way?


My, my, my, my, my.


Let’s look at some more stuff here. Are you, are you guys hanging with me here? The actually we’re going through this pretty quick. We’re. We’ll be done here just a minute.


All right, let’s Psalm 22 has so many prophetic references to the Lord and and all this, so a lot of this is going to be right out of Psalm 22, except for a couple of other scriptures. Let’s look some more here. Sam, 22 has said they have pierced my hands and my feet.


Let let me stop here. Second, this was about 1000 years before crucifixion, hasn’t it hadn’t even been.


Vented from what I can find at that time, yet it’s prophesied they shall Pierce my hands and my feet. They divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing.


Is that exactly what’s almost word for word? Yes.


Terry. Yes, the sad part is that not only did the the scribes and the and the Pharisees and Sadducees read this.


From the Old Testament. But the sad thing is that Jesus himself had read this too. He knew what he was gonna go through. He knew. And that’s why when he was in the garden, he was under great stress because.




Yes, yes.






It is so accurate the old.


Estimate prediction saying exactly how he was going to be tortured.




And how he was going to be killed up on that cross, which drove him to intense prayer and asking the father if there was any other way than let this come to pass. But then he said nevertheless, because he knew he had to go through this.








That’s right.


To fulfill the prophecies of old and therefore, he says nevertheless, your will be done.








So that was prophesied. What brother Lane just said right there.


And then about 1000 years later, here, a Roman soldiers driving spikes through the hands and feet of Jesus and they were gambling for his garments, Scripture says.


Also says in Psalm 22, my God my God.


Why have you forsaken me?


Quoting the word again when he’s on the cross. What did he say? My God. My God, why hast thou forsaken me?


Listen here. The mockery in in Psalm 22 that speaks of mockery of people sneering. It says he trusts in the Lord. Let the Lord rescue him. 1000 years later, Jesus’s enemy said let him come down from the cross, and we will believe in him. He trust in God. Let God rescue him. Now he, if he wants him, for he said I am the son of God.


Psalm 22 also says my tongue cleaveth to my jaws thousand years later when Jesus was dying on the cross, he said I am thirsty.


Let’s go out to what it says. Psalm 6921. They gave me vinegar for my first thousand years later, someone offered Jesus wine vinegar to drink.


Amen. When Jesus died, the treatment of his body fulfilled a number of ancient prophecies.


Everything exactly how it was supposed to be.


Amen. This is I’m telling you guys, when you look at this, I don’t care if you’re an atheist or not. You would. You have to acknowledge that you know. OK, there has to be something here. You know that these things were prophesied and everything came to pass exactly like it was prophesied and spoken by the prophets and.


Different prophets, not just one prophet. These were different prophets, Micah, Josiah, Isaiah.




All right, let’s, let’s.


Look at another one. Ohh my my my.


I love this one too. Church. Let’s look at this centuries earlier. The Old Testament said not one of his bones will be broken. Exodus 1246, Psalm 3412 and Zachariah 12/10 says they will look on the one whom they have pierced.


Now we know the story. Joseph of Arimathea. He was a rich man at that time. So after Jesus died, he went and got his body and took him to his tomb that he purchased for his own burial, fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecies long ago. That said, he was assigned a grave with the wicked and with the rich in his death.


Amen. So look at what the scripture says. No one of his bones will be broken. They will look on the one whom they have pierced. He was assigned a grave with the Wicked and the rich.


Of his death.


All right, let’s look at this. Now. Let’s see what this one says here. Amen. We know we know all that happened. When? When the soldiers came.


It was, I think, passed Passover was coming, so they wanted to hurry up and get the the people off the cross. So when they went to the two criminals that was on each side of Jesus, they they broke their legs because that was a practice that the Romans did to speed up the death because they would die of exhaustion, they couldn’t lift their self up to get breath and they would die of they couldn’t breathe and exhaustion.


But when they came to Jesus, they didn’t. They saw he was already dead, so they pierced his side. Just what it says.


Just like the word.


Hallelujah, Steve. Russ, you can stand on this word. We can depend on this word. God’s word is true. Hallelujah. God is not a man that he should lie. Not one of these things did not come to pass. Everyone to the exact detail came to pass.


OK, hang with me because.


We’re headed. We’re on 3rd head.


Home. All right, let’s look at what this says. Old Testament predictions didn’t stop the death of the Messiah. Psalm 16, it says, will you not abandon me to the grave? Nor will you let your holy one see decay. Psalm 22 said that after being forsaken by God and pierced by men, the afflicted one would live and rejoice and.


Bring far off nations to the Lord and then Isaiah 53, after the suffering of his soul, he will see the light of life and be satisfied by his knowledge. My righteous servant will be justified. Amen.


Man, this is good stuff.


Good stuff. OK, now here’s why. Here’s all that. I mean, I want us to have our faith built up so high tonight. Church. That everything what we’re talking about. And again, for time sake, I’m kind of skipping over some things, but you can go in and the New Testament and read that this, you know, Jesus, crucifix and everything that led up.


And these prophecies will line up exactly. OK now.


What is the probability of Christ fulfilling all of the prophecies in the old test?


Now this is I don’t even know if these people are Christians or not. Maybe they are, maybe not. But there is a book. It’s called the probability of Christ. Prophecies from the book Science Speaks by Peter Stoner and James George. I found these guys on the Internet. Now these are just some random statistics right here. OK.


So for you to be struck by lightning in a year, it’s basically one times 10th to the 5th power or 700,000. So it’s one in 700,000 or or. Yeah, that you’ll be struck with lightning.


If you would be killed by light in a year, it is basically one in 2,000,000 right here for you to become the president. It’s one in 10 million.


For a meteorite to land on your house, which is kind of a crazy thing, it’s one it’s it’s 180 trillion into one.




Now when you see this 10 to 14, that’s like 10 to the 14th power. Now I’m a mathematician and all that kind of stuff, but I know the it’s a big math equation to do this. OK, somebody smarter than me.


Definitely put this stuff together now again, here’s some of the probabilities. Now. We didn’t go over all these prophecies, but some of these we did, Christ would be born in Bethlehem, that he would enter in Jerusalem on a donkey, that he would be betrayed by his friend. They took these prophecies. And I don’t know how they came up with this mathematical formula. And they put all this formula together.


Like the probability of this happening was.


1 to 280,000, so they take this, they Add all of these up right here. The probability of these 12345677 or 8 prophecies right here. Let’s let’s look at this.


So to answer the question, what is the probability of one man fulfilling all eight of the prophecies here?


This so if you take all those that we just talked about and they Add all these things up, the number is 1 * 10 to the 28th power that is taking the number one and adding 28 zeros behind it. I had to look this number up. This says 10 octillion.




I I can’t even comprehend that. But let let me give you an example. We’re going to end on this because we’re right. You’re right here with me.


OK, let me give you a visual. If you take the number one and add 17 zeros behind that, let me give you a visual that you can grasp of this.


This is only 8 prophecies, brothers and sisters. There were 300 prophecies that Jesus fulfilled.


So I don’t think we can even calculate this.


OK, so if does anybody remember silver dollars? The coins that were actually a silver dollar made out of silver about that big younger folks don’t know about us older folks we know about that I got a couple at my house.


To show my kids OK, so if you take one and put 17 zeros behind it, whatever that number is and you take silver dollars and put it over the entire state of the of Texas, cover the entire state of Texas, those silver dollars will be two foot high.


OK, now this is. This is the probability. This is the example that these guys gave. Now take one of those silver dollars and put a red dot on it. Just a big red marker and put a big red.


Out on it and take that and just bury it. Throw it, whatever. Bury it in the state of Texas and take somebody and blindfold them and put them in the middle of the state of Texas and say.


Go find that red dot, that red coin.


That is, the probability of like eight of these prophecies coming to pass.


And Jesus fulfilled 300 of them.


Isn’t that awesome? Church, I’m telling you. God’s word is reliable. You can trust it. Jesus is who the Bible says he is. The Bible is who? Jesus. Who says that Jesus is? Amen. So be encouraged. Church. When somebody says, oh, you can’t believe the Bible. Really. OK, well, Jesus fulfilled 800 or 300 prophecies.


Just 800 of them. You can tell them that story about the silver dollars.


Put the put the onus back on them to try to disprove that. Hey man, you got all these scriptures. We can show them. Amen. Thank you guys for hanging with me here.


You can look the PowerPoint here. Yeah, I’ve got whatever you want.




Yes, OK.


All right. Yeah, it is. This is good. So I’ll see if Brother Joe can put this on the website for.


Famous now I got this lesson. I’m taking a Bible class online and one of the professors taught on this and I thought this is too good to keep to myself. I got to share this this stuff. Amen. All right, let’s pray. Father, thank you for this day. Thank you for your word. Thank you. That we can depend on your word.


It’s reliable. God, it is accurate, Lord, and we thank you for that. God, we just, Lord, we trusted you before. But we trust you more. God you Hallelujah. When we see the evidence. God, there is no doubt about it. Lord, we thank you. God be with everyone as we go about our ways to.


Night God give us travelling mercies, father. Bless everyone. Tomorrow. God, just let us be witnesses for you. Let the light of your glorious gospel shine through us. God to help those in darkness and those who are lost. God to point him to you in Jesus. Name we pray. Amen. Now, if anybody needs prayer, listen, no matter what happens in class, you always.


Come up. OK, that’s just our standard rule. And if not, be blessed. We’ll see you next Wednesday.


Woo, I’m out of breath now going woo. I’m out of breath now going.



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