First Get To Know The Names Of God – Matthew 6:6

February 7, 2024

Topic: names of God

Amen, I love the Lord. He’s good to me.

All right, let’s look here, Matthew Chapter 6. We’re going to try to get into the first couple parts of the Lord’s Prayer tonight, but just to do a quick recap of the last time, I’m not going to go over everything, but Matthew Chapter 6, verse six says this. It says. But when you pray.

So there’s a key right there, it says. But when you pray so it sounds like the Lord is expecting us to pray, right?

It says go into your room.

And when you have shut your door, pray to your father, who is in the secret place and your father, who sees in secret will reward you openly.

And that good, now this chapter it talks about in Pastor Tom talks about this a lot. 3 things that we do in secret that God will reward us openly how many guys know what those are anybody.


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Praying, fasting, giving, giving, fasting and praying and secret to the Lord. As Pastor Tom Song opens up the windows of Heaven, now singing to receive an open reward. There you go.

So but this is where I believe when when the Lord says go into a secret place.

This is where relationship begins, I believe.

First Get To Know The Names Of God – Matthew 6:6

Pastor Terry Taylor

Because when we’re alone with the father, that’s when we can truly share our heart with him. Amen.

You know, I’m saying because it’s hard when in a public place, do you want to be confessing all your sins in front of everybody? You know, I’m saying like that some things are are meant to be personal. My business is my business, you know, it’s between me and the Lord. Amen, right.

And so that that’s I believe you know and again he he talks about don’t be like the hypocrites. You know that they like to pray out in the streets. They like to pray out in public so they can be seen of men so they can have the applause of men. But again there’s no relationship element there.

And I believe that’s one of the main purposes of of prayer is to have that fellowship and communion with the Lord. Amen.

It’s, you know, it’s a place where we can, like I say, kind of bear it all to the Lord. We can talk about our struggles. We can talk to him about the things in our lives that maybe we’re embarrassed about, you know, sometimes.

You may have aught against a brother or sister in the Lord.

And there’s nobody else to go to but the Lord. You’ve got to have somebody to talk to sometimes. Amen, sister Marcia. You know as being in leadership and pastoral roles.

You can’t just go talking to everybody in the congregation, can you?

We got to go straight to God sometimes because it’s just the way it is. Uh, it’s a place too that where we can receive peace and strength and guidance and forgiveness. And like I said, not of our not all of our business as public for public discussion, Amen. We have to have some private conversations.


Those of you guys who are married or have special friends, sometimes you gotta, you know, have private conversations with them because again, certain things are confident.


Amen. But that’s really where relationship I believe begins to grow and to be developed is in in, in prayer like that. And again, not that we don’t pray publicly, but when you’re trying to build that relationship, go to that secret place. As the scripture says, Jesus told you to do it.


Amen. And again, it’s just like a a marriage. You know, there’s a certain level of intimacy that a husband and wife shares because you guys, you know, as as a husband and wife, you live together. You see that person when they get up in the morning and their hair sticking up 10 different directions. Their breath smells bad.


You know all that kind of stuff. You see them at the worst times and the best times. Brother Steve knows this being in ministry. You know, when we visit people in the hospital, it’s some of the worst times of their life. Some people are nigh unto death. Then we go to weddings, you know, then you know the next day we’re doing a wedding. It’s the most.


The last time, and so you know. But you know what, God church is the only one that has been with us from day one.


24/7 365 Amen, huh? Before day one. That is right now that. Yeah, that is. Technically, that is correct, brother.


And in verse seven of Matthew Chapter 6 it says and when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as a heathen do, for they think they’re heard by their many words. So we we covered that. Then we jump over to Matthew Chapter 7. This is a scripture that’s very interesting because.


It says there in verse 21 Matthew 721 it says not everyone who says to me Lord Lord shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of my father.


Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in your name? Done many works many wonders in your name.


And then I will declare unto them. I never knew you depart from me. You who practice lawlessness. See that word knew right there. Now that has various meanings.


And that’s a keyword right there. But because that scripts are always bothered me and it it still kind of does, it’s still kind of a scary scripture. But if you look up in it, it says those.


Not everyone who says Lord Lord, but he who does the will of my father, that’s who’s going to enter the Kingdom. It’s not all these works that we do. But again, how do you know the will of the father? We gotta read his word. We gotta pray. Ask God lead to guide me. Direct me I want not my will but thy will be done.


Right, that’s what Jesus prayed.


In the garden of Guest 70.


But it’s interesting, he said. I never knew you and that word in the Greek is janosko.


And that word means to properly to know someone, especially through a personal or first-hand acquaintance.


Interesting now brother Wayne looked it up in his.


Concordance over there and it’s a little bit again this has various meanings. One of the meanings is using the example of Luke, chapter one, verse 34, when Mary who was a virgin, said to the Angel. How will this be since I do not know that word? Know right there a man.


So that’s in an intimate, you know, personal way. Amen. So that again, I believe that’s what prayer does. It helps us to build that relationship. So again, you can say, you know, people.


You might know about them, but do you really know them?


Isn’t that right?


You know when you date your spouse?


You know them a little bit, but then once you marry them and spend more time, then you find out a lot more about them. A man because you’re spending a lot more time with them so.


Fully acquainted. That’s right. Amen.


Close and personal. Yes, yes, yes, that’s what God wants.


You know, sometimes I pray I kind of backed off a little bit because I prayed when I was younger. I said, Lord, let me feel your heartbeat. I want to feel what you feel. But I’m telling you, it got so heavy, brother Wayne, I had to quit praying that because the burden that the Lord you know, again, I I asked the question.


I think the last time I taught, I never even thought this. I’m like Lord, how was your day today? Have you ever thought about that? Ask God, Lord, how was your day today?


Imagines everything that he sees. He sees it all. He’s omniscient, he’s all knowing, right? So he sees everything in the world at one time. Going on. I can’t imagine that.


And then how? How you know how he feels and and so just a thought, but anyway, OK, back to Matthew, Chapter 6, verse eight. It says therefore do not be like them talking about the hypocrites for your father knows the things you have need of before you ask him. But he says in this manner, therefore pray.


And again, I I believe that this.


The Lord’s prayer. It’s it’s not something that I think you have to recite word for word verbatim, but I believe the Lord just gives us a beautiful outline of here. Here’s a guide to help you to pray. Amen.


A pattern? Yes, very good. A pattern to help us to pray. Because when you’re new with this, you know, if you’re new in the Lord it it’s hard sometimes to pray even again. Like I said, if you’ve been, you know, like my wife, she’s not a person. For many words, I’m the talker in my our family. As you can probably guess.


But you know, for so for somebody like her, it’s like, I don’t know what to say. You know, you’re just sitting there. OK. God. Hi. How you doing? Thanks for this day. You know, bless me on my way but but like brother Steve now, we passed out these names of God because it again, this can be a pump that this can be some.


Something to help prime the pump of prayer in your life. OK, so let’s look at this. So the first one says in Matthew Chapter 6, the Lord’s Prayer there verses 5 through 8, our father.


In heaven.


Let’s everybody say that our father in heaven, Hallelujah. Now notice the word, it says, whose father?


Our father. Now what does that indicate to you guys?


We’re family.


So look at somebody setting by you and say you’re not the only child of God in his Kingdom.


Because I’m a child of God too. Amen. We all are.


God, he’s just not your father. He’s mine too, right?


And that’s a good thing, isn’t it? And I believe God put that in there for us. But the Lord said that specifically.


To keep us gentiles in mind, because again, I imagine at that time, you know this gospel came to the Jew first, the Bible says and Jesus was a Jew. So imagine, you know. But he included us. And there’s a scripture. And I’m so glad the Lord had us in mind. When when he said that.


239 acts, Chapter 2, verse 39. It says in all who are a far off as many as the Lord. Our God will call. So I believe when he said our father, he had us in mine too. God is not just the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He’s a God of Donna Harris, right. He’s a God of Marsha meadows.


Right there. Amen. He’s a God of Chelsea Lucas. Amen, sister Danielle Stanton. He’s a God of that sister Danielle. Amen. Steve rust.


Aren’t you glad? Praise the Lord, huh?


And yes, Amen. Amen. He’s our God. Thank you, Jesus. So praise his name forever. Hallelujah. There’s many spiritual children in the Kingdom. And even though he is our father, each one of us, this is what’s so awesome. Each one of us can know him in our own personal way.


Isn’t that neat? That’s the cool thing about God. Think about somebody. You.


So uh again, brother Steve Russ. Pam knows him in a way different way than we know him. Some of you know him as Pastor Steve. You may have got acquainted him with at at a hospital visit. He may have done your wedding. You know, I’m saying you may have just seen him in the hallway saying hi to you with a cup of coffee. You may have went to the discipleship.


Class with him, you know.


But we can all know God in our own special way, because we’re all on a journey. Amen. And in our journey. I hate it sometimes because it seems like some things just go great for people and some things just are bummer for other people, you know.


And but anyway, no matter what our journey entails, we can know God in a different way, and I I can attest to this, and I bet some of you can too. If it hadn’t been for some challenges in our lives, we would have never known God in a specific way.


If it hadn’t have been for that, that challenge.


I mean, I can tell you I’ve known him as, as in some of these names here. Well, I’ll hold off on that. So, because I want to talk about these names, but we all can know him in our own way. So when we approach God, he wants us to approach him relationally.


Amen. He he wants a relational relationship.


For us to have that with the father, not just to know, oh, that’s the father. No, he’s my father. He’s our father. Amen. Now, again, this may be difficult for some of you folks, because maybe you had.


Maybe you never had a father. Maybe your relationship with your father wasn’t the best. You know, that can be tough for some folks. Thank God I had a good daddy. But if you did it, we’ve got our Heavenly Father.


Amen that we can look to to help us. And he’s watching out for us to, to help us and to help us on our journey with him. And we as earthly fathers, we need to look to our Heavenly Father to see what a true father looks like. And to model his example of what he gives us in the word. Amen, brother Brewster, because.


Because I can tell you this, I can promise you this. If I didn’t have the guidance of the word of God.


I would be a wreck. I’m not the best father, in my opinion anyway, but the little good that I do do as a father, it’s nothing. It’s it’s by the grace of God. It’s by his guidance and leading of his Holy Spirit and and the word of God. Amen.


Now thinking about the father here, it’s a position of authority and responsibility.


Did you know that?


It’s a very serious responsibility as fathers, it’s our responsibility, the Bible says, to raise our children.


Ephesians 64 says, and you fathers do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition.


Of the Lord.


It’s the father who is ultimately responsible for providing for his children.


Something else that’s a big responsibility, brothers, for us to have. But our Heavenly Father is ultimately responsible for providing for his children too. He’s a good, good father. Like the song says, that’s who you are. That’s who you are. Amen. I believe Philippians 419. Does everybody know what that one says?


For my God shall supply.


All my needs according to his riches and glory through Christ Jesus.


So he’ll take care of his church. He’s a good father. He’s not going to abandon us. He’s not going to forsake us.


Fathers are also responsible for protecting our families.


And again, I’m using this as parallel so you can see with our Heavenly Father Job 110 when Satan came to God and said, you know.


Let me let me have Joe. God said hey, have you seen my servant job?


And he and and Satan said this. Have you not made a hedge around him and around his house and around all that he has on every side?


So there was a hedge of protection that God had around job and his family. Amen. So God, he’s our protector too.


Amen. So when we come to God in prayer, we have to be reminded of this, that we are submitting to his authority and to his headship. Amen. Because we as men, we’re the head of our households, right? If we’re married.


And have children. We’re the head of our households. We’re responsible. So when we go to prayer, when we go to our father, we’re submitting to his authority. He is the head of our lives, right? He’s the head of our household. Amen.


  1. So let me ask you guys this. Why do you think we pray, brothers and sisters, why do you pray when you pray?


Jesus is our example. I think that’s one of the reasons why we should pray. If Jesus does something, we should do it too. Amen.


Just like baptism, you know, there’s a big people were asking, you know, are you saved? If you’re not baptized? Well, I say this follow Jesus’s example. If Jesus got baptized, we need to get baptized too. Amen.


However, look at Luke Chapter 5 verses 15 through 16. It says. However, the report went around concerning him all the more and great multitudes came together to hear and to be healed by him of their infirmity. So he himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed.


And that awesome. So if Jesus draws away to the wilderness, that’s a secret place. You know what I’m saying?


Not trying to be funny, but that’s really why I love to go fishing. I like to get out at the lake. I find a Cove back someplace where it’s just me and the Lord, and I can just talk to him. Think about him, worship him, pray to him. I love that.


We and another reason why we pray to God is because he has the power to help us. Amen. When we have an.


You kids, if you have.


Children, what does your?


Kids do to you mom and dad to come up. Mom, I need this. Mom, I need that. Need a pair of shoes. Got to have this for school. They know who to go to. Just like us. We have to go to our Heavenly Father. He can take care of all of our needs. Amen. Praise the Lord. All right, so let’s look at the next one.


Here Hal, it would be your name. This is where we’ll spend a little time on this tonight. Because I love this and Hal would be your name, brother Wayne. We’ll pull this up here. Get that ready in. Just.


A moment now that word hallowed there means this. So we have our father in heaven.


Hallowed be your name or thy name.


Now let’s let’s break this down. Let’s think about this a minute. The word hallowed means to render or treat as holy.


To set apart to reverence, it’s not something that is something that’s a common thing we God is. He’s set apart, he’s holy, he’s righteous, he’s to be reverenced. Amen. And and brothers and sisters listen, I know. And again I’m not trying to bring condemnation on anyone.


But you know, some people go around, they’ll say ohh God or Jesus.


Be careful.


You know, I’m saying because God is a holy God and when anytime we speak his name according to what I can see in Scripture, here we we have to reverence that name. That’s why I cringe when people take the Lord’s name in vain and there’s a the dual meaning behind that. But when they just use his name irreverently that’s that’s not a good thing.


Amen. Am I preaching too strong on you? I think I’m pretty easy on.


You guys.




All right, so there are many different names for God, and we’ll start with the most common one and found in the Old Testament, 6500 times in its Yahweh.


Y’all way, that is the personal name of God.


Is Yahweh. We’ve seen exes Chapter 3 where Moses was out in the wilderness for 40 years. He actually ran from Egypt and was hiding out there. Remember he killed. Was it one of the Egyptian soldiers or guards?


And killed him because he was, I guess, abusing one of the Hebrew slaves there. And then one of the two Hebrew slaves there, they got into a fight and one of them said, are you going to kill us like you did that guard said Moses took off running to the wilderness.


But sometimes God’s got to get us out into the wilderness so he can speak to us and and get some things prepared in our life so he can use us in a powerful way. Amen.


OK, so Moses is out there and one day God shows up to Moses in the form of a burning Bush. Can you imagine that?


That would be interesting, wouldn’t it? And tells him about these miracles that he’s about to perform through Moses.


And Moses asked him, who shall I say sent me? You remember that story and God said to tell them my name is Yahweh in Hebrew, which is translated. I am who I am.


I am who I am.


So essentially, he said, tell them that I am sent you sent. Yes. And so when you see the name of the Lord and all capitals in the Bible, that’s this word, Yahweh. And listen that the Jewish people there was that when I was at world harvest, there was a little Jewish lady up there. And she said that.


The Jewish folks, they don’t really say the full name Yahweh. They leave out the vowels in there, so you’ll see it HWH because his name is too.


Yeah. There we go right there. Yahweh, the personal name of God that took Tetragrammaton. There you go. The YHWH. It’s unlike title, such as God is considered to be distinct personal name by which God revealed himself to Moses. And the earliest place in Scripture where God gives us his name.


And there it’s found in Exodus Chapter 3, Amen.


Talking your mic here, sister.


Unmute her pink one, buddy.


Caitlin just sent me this morning a video, a study of where there’s a certain section of the lungs that when it when you do the breath in, it’s. Yeah. And then when you exhale it’s way and she it’s I can’t remember the name of it. Helio something or other.


And it is the actual breath that you breathe the breath of God, Yahweh.


Sister Chelsea.


Can somebody take the mic back to her?


Real quick.


Pass that back.


For the Internet, so we can hear you on there, we can.


Hear you in.


Here, but we have hundreds of people watching you, sister Chelsea.


Oh, no pressure. I’ve heard that theory as well, and I I read a study, probably the similar study, but something adjacent to that where because it is the with the sound, your lungs technically make the the breathing in and the breathing out then no creature on this earth doesn’t speak the name of.


The first, the first breath of baby takes, speaks the name of God. The Satanists speak the name of God. Every living creature can’t help but their lungs. You just beg the name of God and plead it, so it’s anyway. It was just an interesting study.


That’s awesome and that wonderful.


And we will look into Genesis when God breathed into man the.


Breath of life.


Hold on, we got it.


No, we got to have it on the.


Well, I don’t know if this is true. I’ve heard this a long time ago and I know it was taught by pastor, but I don’t know which one but.


I heard the word was written without the vows and we have put the vows in there because as his name is so sacred, so holy that no man can name so.


Yeah, the Jews won’t. Won’t. Yeah, they won’t use it. So that tells us something there, folks.


God is awesome. You know, even even when we speak the name of Jesus, I don’t. I don’t even feel like I can speak that properly. You know, I’m saying because of of that sets a powerful name. Amen.


And Jewish tradition. It talks about a name as much more than a name as we see it today. They believe that a name transforms a person’s identity, which is why so many of the names in the Old Testament describe the character of the person. So you know, if you read through the Old Testament and things like that, you’ll see people were named certain names.


Because there was a meaning behind that. Can anybody think of one off hand?


Jacob Jacob was a deceiver, but what was his name?


Change to Israel. Yes, which means father of a multitude.


Father of a multitude. OK, that’s a good one there. What about Abram? Changed to Abraham, right?


So he went from being an exalted father to a father of a multitude.




Jacob, like you said, that word means deceiver. But then after it’s changed to Israel, he means he strives with God. Amen. He wrestled with God, right? He said I ain’t letting you go and tell you. Bless me. He got smoked in the hip.


Yeah. Amen, Simon. Which means one who hears he got a new name. Peter.


Which means rock Jesus said upon this rock. I will build my church, right? The Gates of Hell shall not prevail. So there’s other different names, meanings in there throughout the Bible, and the same goes for the names of guys. So we see name after name explaining his different characteristics and nature through the Old Testament.


So let’s look at some of those here tonight and then I don’t want to give you too much.


Tonight. But let’s look at this. So let’s go to the first one here, brother Wayne. These slides are pretty, pretty awesome. I might call some of you guys that look up some of these scripts are references. So you see where these names are first mentioned, but one of the names and again, brother Steve, he’s got this list. Some of these names are on his list, some may not be, I just.


You know, picked about 10 or 15 of these names tonight to cover with you guys. So Elohim, have you all ever heard the word Elohim? I’ve heard that one a lot. It’s found what means supreme God strong one creator God.


And in the beginning, God or Elohim created the heavens and the earth.


The attributes of this name is mighty plural, of form of L, pointing to the Trinity three and one Amen. Here’s some other scriptural references. Let’s go to the next one here.


  1. Else should I which means God Almighty, all sufficient one. Amen. It says now when Abraham was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him I am God Almighty. Or else should I walk before me and be blameless?


Means all powerful. He’s enough. He’s more than enough. Amen. He’s all we need. Church. Just like the song says. He’s all we need.


We got, we got some scripts. Let’s look this up real quick. Second Corinthians 12/9. Somebody looked that one up. Let’s see what that one says.


Somebody’s got that one.


Hey, just pull your phone out and say second Corinthians, we’re we’re going to allow that 12/9 and let that pull up real quick.


You got it. Go ahead, sister.


Hold on, say that.


Again. Oh, that’s not the whole verse. And he said unto me, My Grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly, therefore will I will I rather glory, glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.


Amen. So his grace is sufficient. It says right there, right. He’s the all sufficient one. OK, brother, let’s go to the next. I’m gonna come back here and preach with you guys.


OKLL Yan, which means most high God supreme. Amen. It says Genesis 1420 and blessed be God most high LL Leon.


He’s our father in where heaven. Right. Which means he’s higher than any one. There’s nobody higher than God.


Isn’t that awesome?


That’s the God that we serve church. That’s our God. He’s our God. Amen.


And bless be God most High, El Elyon, who has delivered your enemies into your hand. He gave him a tenth of all. So there’s some scriptural references that means he is exalted. Above all he is absolutely has absolute right to his Lordship and sovereignty. He’s the most got high God supreme. I love that. Let’s somebody look at Psalm Chapter 2.


Who’s got psalms or I’m sorry. Psalm, Chapter 9, verse 2. Let’s look at that. Let’s look at that little reference right there. Somebody’s got that.


Just holler if you get it.


I’m getting you guys. I like audience participation. OK, so.


I will be glad and rejoicing you. I will sing praise to your name almost high.


I will be glad and rejoice in you. I will sing praise to you our God most high. Is that right.


It’s kind of out of memory. close enough. He’s God. Most high, says he. How the scripture, how the the, the the references to these names of God. It’s that’s amazing, isn’t it? So we go from Yahweh to all these different names.


Amen. OK, let’s go to the next one. Brother Wayne elroy. God, who sees me. God of seeing.


Hey, Amen. I’m telling you, sometimes church you feel like God. Do you even see me? Do you notice me? Right.


Sometimes as a when you’re going through the Dark Valley, sometimes it’s teenagers. Sometimes when you’re younger. Does anybody even notice me? Hey, man, that’s a thought. But Hagar, this is the. This is the story here where Hagar was the servant of.


Sarah Abraham’s wife.


Because Sarah couldn’t have a child. So Hagar gets pregnant and then Sarah gets. I guess I’m kind of paraphrasing, gets jealous, and upsets and starts mistreating her, so she runs away.


And the scripture says then she, then she. Hagar called the name of the Lord who spoke to her. You are a God who sees me.


Elroy for, she said, have I even seen him here and lived after he saw me? So here’s some attributes here. Let’s look at Matthew, Chapter 6, verse 4. Let’s somebody look that one up there. Let’s just see what that one says. Matthew, Chapter 6, verse 4.


If you got it, holler, you got it.


That your Elms may be in secret and your father, which sees in secret himself, shall reward you openly.


So your father, who sees in secret, he sees it when you’ve been hurt, he sees it. If you’ve been abused, he sees everything about your life.


You might not think he knows, but he knows church like that song, Pastor Tom sings. He knows he cares where you are. He’s right there. He sees, right your heart. What’s the rest of words and all you’re wounded.


Broken parts.


He knows all about it. Yes, I like that God knows all about it. Amen. This is the God.


That we serve church.


Hallelujah, he sees he’s a God who sees he’s not forgotten you. Amen. OK, let’s go to the next one, brother.


Ohh I like this one.


That’s a song. My God is more than enough. He can’t supply all my needs. He is my else. Should I? He always looks out for me. Jehovah jirah.


He is my God. OK, where’s the first reference of this is Genesis 2214. Does anybody know this story?


What’s the story here, guys? You remember this? This is the place where Abraham went up the mountain with his only begotten son. Isaac, the promised child. And God says, take him up.


To the mountain, and as Abraham had the knife ready to take the life of his son, the Angel spoke out and said stop.


There’s a ram in the thicket.


Amen. So Abraham called the name of that place. The Lord will provide, as it said to this day, on the mount of the Lord. It shall be provided he provided A sacrifice which was a type and shadow of Jesus Christ. Amen. On Mount Calvary. Hallelujah.


Preaching better. You guys are shouting tonight.


Shout yes, somebody.


Shout yes, somebody.


OK, brother Wayne, what’s the next one we got up? Are you guys learning anything tonight? Annette, listen, take one of these. If you just learn one of these things, get just something. If you can improve 1% each week, you will have improved.


52% by the time that year is over a net provider, yes.


In Genesis that he said God will provide himself.


A sacrifice and everybody always preaches the lamb was it was. It was a lamb, a ram that was caught. The lamb was until Golgotha.


That’s right. Yes, he did.


The Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world. God already had a plan in motion.


Yeah. So yeah, God himself.


Now I want you to testify, brother, since you got a mic, give this Class A testimony of just anything as simple that that God has provided for your family, that you had a need and you’re like God. Only you can provide for this need.


I I could go on for days.


Just give us one testimony.


I was without a job for.


Ever. I had two young children.


And I was living off of unemployment, which was nothing I couldn’t get food stamps because I’d had a piece of property they wouldn’t give me anything.


And I’m like, God, what am I going to do?


Nobody will hire me because of the job that I had before and I had a really good job.


And I went six months. Nothing.


The very last day, the last check that I got, I got a job.


See God. God allows us to be tempted. Everything on this earth will be tried.


Why did God allow a war in heaven? Read it. There was a war in heaven.


He could have shut it down like that.


But he wanted to know who was with him. Yes, he wanted the the Angels to be tried. We think that the Angels didn’t have a choice. They had a choice, and God allowed them to battle in heaven, the place of ultimate peace, where we want to go. But God, that’s what he’s been doing from the very beginning.


Free will.


All the way to the end is we’re going to have to say no matter what God, we’re with you.


That choice, that’s our trials, our tribulations, that’s what’s going on. And God’s working through it. So anything you’re going through, I got me started Tuesday. I woke up with such a spirit of discouragement upon me.


I mean, I was just overwhelmed and I thought, wow.


So I started praying. I said OK, I’m not going for this. Right. What’s going on? And I was going to put out there, you know, the spirit of discouragement is very strong and begin to pray about it. And I thought, well, that’s just me. It’s I’m. I’m the only one going through this before the day was up.


I found out all kinds of stuff that there is such a war right now.


Such a war, because we’re we’re being tried. Israel’s being tried everything and God is providing. You just got to know who he is. That’s why he said I never knew you. I never was intimate with you.


Yes, yes.




For you weren’t personal with me. You took my name, but you didn’t. That’s.


Right, right.


It. Amen. You took it in vain. Really. Yeah. That’s another way to look.


At that now, brother, I wanted.


Increased brother Jeff’s faith right now because you said you went six months without a job. Brother Jeff has moved. Have you found a job yet, brother?


This brother needs a job.


Now we’re on Jehovah Jireh, our provider. He provided, right. So stretch your hands to brother Jeff. Brother Timothy, Lay hands on brother Jeff right there, father. In the name of Jesus.


God, you are our Jehovah Jireh our provider. Lord, as you provided the sacrifice for Abraham. Lord, we’re asking you, Lord, you can provide anything. God, you’re able to do exceedingly abundantly. Above all, we can ask or.


Think according to.


The power that’s at work within us. God, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. And they that dwell therein.


We come together as believers asking you to move on Jeff’s behalf, that he would get a good job, Lord, a good paying job, Lord God, that will be a blessing to him and Faith Lord and provide their needs. God in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Thank you, Heavenly Father.


Amen. OK, let’s go to the next one. What’s the next one, say Jehovah.


Rafah, the Lord our healer.


Amen. That says, oh, are things acting up there? Oh, boy.


Timothy, unplug that over buddy and plug it in.


We’re gonna have to buy some more equipment here, folks. He’s Jehovah, Rapha. He’s our healer. Has anyone truly? Now, don’t raise your hand. If not, I’m talking about. Has anybody truly been healed by the Lord or have witnessed a healing? I know this guy right here has.


Brother Cornelius has brother, Steve’s sister, Bridget Hass.


Pam Rust Hass.


Amen. This is found in Exodus 1526. Says if you listen diligently.


To the voice of the Lord your God. And do what is right in his eyes and give ear to his commandments. Now see a.


Lot of times.


Promises are conditional. These are the conditions that they have to do. That’s why sometimes their prayers don’t get answered. I’m going to teach on that sometimes, he says. I’ll put none of these diseases on you that I put on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord.


Your healer.


Amen. That song. You are the Lord, that he lets me.


You are the Lord, my healer. He sent his word and healed their diseases. Scripture says Amen.


Showing my age tonight.


What’s the next one? Jehovah nissi. Ohh. I like this one.


Brother Steve Russ, I think you know something about Jehovah Nisi. The Lord is our banner. That’s our banner of victory. Amen. And Moses built an altar and called the name of it. The Lord is my banner.


Amen. Tell me, brother, I know you.


Know it also means my success. Hallelujah. Boy, we all want success in what we do. So that’s what we say. Jehovah needs I I need to be successful today.


Lord Hallelujah. Hallelujah. That’s all I got, brother.


Look these references up because you’ll see the whole story behind this Amen. If you’re watching online or you can go back and watch this online and screenshot these and look these up.


OK, let’s go to the next one here. We may have covered Jehovah Shalom. Ohh boy, the Lord our peace.


Says then Gideon built an altar there to the Lord and called it. The Lord is peace. To this day it still stands at Orpha and belongs to the whoever that is Abaza rights. Or however you say that Amen. Look at that up, judges 624. Listen, Jesus is the Prince of peace.


And I’m telling you that again, sometimes you don’t experience God unless you go through something. Difficulty sometimes. And it’s not fun, but I want to give a personal testimony real quick. My grandfather was the first person to die in our family, never experienced a death. I was probably in my 20s.


So I walked in the hospital. I was one of the first ones there because I worked at Huntington Bank on Industrial Rd. and I got right over to Edge.


That’s what. Yeah. Yeah, she was my Co partner there. They’re working at the page.


Forgot about that, yes.


So anyway, my grandfather died, so I rushed over to the hospital. My uncle had beat me there and I was the second one in, so I saw my grandfather.


Lying there lifeless, and I’m telling you, it hit me so hard. It’s like somebody just punched me in the gut as hard as they. I mean, I doubled over. And, I mean, I went like that, doubled over in pain. But I promise you, with the same level of grief that I experienced the Holy Ghost.


Came upon me and God gave me such a peace that I had never experienced before until I experienced that.


And I could have started speaking in tongues because the Holy Ghost, peace and presence was that strong. It was like, here’s the grief and the Holy Ghost was bam, you ain’t going to overtake him today. No, no, no.


Not today. And I heard another brother that I worked with at World Harvest, he said the same thing. He’s like. There is a there’s a certain peace that God gives when we lose a loved one or friend that you. It’s hard to explain it until you experience it. I hope you don’t experience it, but I’m just telling you there for me. I experienced Jehovah Shalom. Next one there brother.


Jehovah Wrath, the Lord, our shepherd. What’s the other word for is it Jehovah, ROI, Jehovah, Rohi, Jehovah, the Lord, our shepherd? I could preach the.


Rest all night on this one. The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.

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