How To Deal With Conflict From A Kingdom Perspective Part 1

How To Deal With Conflict From A Kingdom Perspective

Equipping the church to deal with conflict

equipping to deal with conflict

00:00:00 Terry Taylor

Now, guys, listen, we got to get to the point where we’re prepared before we go into a conflict, because listen, any military, our military right now they are continuously going every day doing things, preparing for conflict. They’re not just sitting there playing video games all day. They have to get out and do drills. They have to get out and practice.

00:00:21 Terry Taylor

Shooting practice, things like that. I’ve seen some some documentaries of. I don’t know if it was when they went and got Osama bin Laden.

00:00:34 Terry Taylor

But I’ve seen where they’ve gone on certain missions and they map these the the area where the enemy is at and they have pictures of their buildings and they practice some. I’ve seen some people even build like replicas of the buildings where they know what it feels like to land on top of the roof and how many stairs, you know, stairs to. They’re going to have to climb to get there. And they time the stuff out and they.

00:00:57 Terry Taylor

They prepare for this and and so I want us to be prepared ahead of time because if we wait till we get in the middle of the battle of in the conflict, that is not the time to be preparing for.

00:01:10 Terry Taylor

And I want us to get to the point to where I don’t have to think about what I’m doing. I just want to want a Holy Ghost reflex of.

00:01:21 Terry Taylor

It’s just a. It’s just a a reflex like you take it and hit.

00:01:23 Terry Taylor

Your knee.

00:01:24 Terry Taylor

And Bolt when the enemy comes and attacks, it’s just going to be word of God prayer, you know, praise whatever. So we’ll so we’ll we’ll we’ll react to that conflict. That attack from a Kingdom perspective and a Kingdom mindset. Amen.

00:01:39 Terry Taylor

And listen, I’ve seen movies and stuff and stories of where when people get into conflict. Conflict. That sometimes if you let your emotions take over, it’s one of the deadliest things you can do in in battle. Brother Steve Jones back there, he knows what he knows. If more than anybody, what I’m talking about.

00:01:58 Terry Taylor

You know, I’m saying when when the enemy is coming upon you and you just want to jump out and start shooting at them? Well, you may not want to do that because you don’t know what’s behind them and some of your other buddies might know if your commander says stay put and don’t fire a shot, you better stay.

00:02:12 Terry Taylor

Put and don’t fire a shot.

00:02:14 Terry Taylor

Because you can get in.

00:02:14 Terry Taylor

Some big.

00:02:15 Terry Taylor

Trouble. Amen. But God wants all of us. And to help all of us with our relationships with people and with difficult people, what we’re going to talk about, to help us, to get along with others. Amen. And thankfully, he has given us his word.

00:02:33 Terry Taylor

God valued humanity enough to give us his word on how to live, how to deal with these things, so we’re going to look at this through God’s eyes and through see what the word of God has to say about.

00:02:47 Terry Taylor

Conflict. OK, alright. Number one, I think this might be on your sheet there. Do you guys have let’s identify some different sources from where conflict comes from?

00:02:58 Terry Taylor

Alright, number one, it says conflict can come from.

00:03:02 Terry Taylor

Your own family. Can you imagine that your own family?

00:03:10 Terry Taylor

My, my, my, my, my. Let’s see what the word of God says it says Matthew 1036 and a man’s foes, shall they shall be. They of his own household. Let me say that again. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

00:03:29 Terry Taylor

Sometimes conflict rises up with our own family members and people we love dearly.

00:03:39 Terry Taylor

Can I get a witness out there? Ohh my, my, my, my, my. I got one up.

00:03:43 Terry Taylor

Here I don’t like.

00:03:46 Terry Taylor

It you know.

00:03:47 Terry Taylor

But but sometimes it happens. I think sometimes the more we spend time with people, the more comfortable we get with people. And and sometimes we get so comfortable sometimes.

00:03:58 Terry Taylor

We just speak our mind without thinking sometimes and.

00:04:01 Terry Taylor

It can be very hurtful words.

00:04:03 Terry Taylor

Amen. There’s nothing like a good family hurt. I mean that. Just that.

00:04:07 Terry Taylor

Cuts deep, you know.

00:04:09 Terry Taylor

It’s hard to get over sometimes. Amen.

00:04:17 Terry Taylor

Familiarity. Familiarity, man. That’s a hard one to.

00:04:21 Terry Taylor

Say breeds contempt. That’s a good way to put it, brother Lane, I appreciate that hurts and misunderstandings and clashing personalities. You all have some people in your family where your personality clashes with them.

00:04:37 Terry Taylor

Ohh yeah, I see a witness in the.

00:04:39 Terry Taylor

Back there. Woo. Hallelujah.

00:04:43 Terry Taylor

See God’s got you in the right place tonight.

00:04:47 Terry Taylor

Amen. Let’s look at proverbs chapter 19 or chapter 10, verse 19. Listen to this church in the multitude of words. Sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise.

00:05:06 Terry Taylor

Now listen, brothers and sisters.

00:05:08 Terry Taylor

We need to make sure we’re not the ones that’s the source of the conflict because sometimes.

00:05:14 Terry Taylor

If it’s hard to.

00:05:15 Terry Taylor

Keep our mouth.

00:05:15 Terry Taylor

Shut we can cause we can bring stuff on our own selves and I don’t like that.

00:05:20 Terry Taylor

If I I like peace, I like to be a man of peace. We we need to learn when there’s a time to speak, and then then we need to learn the time to hush.

00:05:31 Terry Taylor

As we say in the country.

00:05:32 Terry Taylor

Just hush now. Hush now.

00:05:34 Terry Taylor

Is that right brother?

00:05:36 Terry Taylor

All right, B.

00:05:38 Terry Taylor

Conflict can come from unbelievers. How many know?

00:05:41 Terry Taylor

That’s the truth.

00:05:43 Terry Taylor

Amen. People like brother Mike. He was talking about people who were atheists. Maybe don’t believe in God not trying to pick on a particular group of.

00:05:50 Terry Taylor

People but.

00:05:52 Terry Taylor

That some of the biggest conflict that we have as Christians is with the scientific community.

00:05:58 Terry Taylor

Because we have a biblical worldview of creation, and they have a worldview of The Big Bang theory.

00:06:06 Terry Taylor

Huh. Fantasy. Yeah.

00:06:11 Terry Taylor

You have to have more faith to believe.

00:06:14 Terry Taylor

That this everything that we see just bang here it is. And we evolved from pond scum or whatever and animals and all this kind of stuff. Amoebas, you know, I’m like my goodness, you know.

00:06:30 Terry Taylor

So there is a conflict with with unbelievers like that people folks that like that, folks who choose not to believe that.

00:06:37 Terry Taylor

God’s word is.

00:06:38 Terry Taylor

True and not serve him can cause conflict.

00:06:42 Terry Taylor

That, you know you might work with people you might have family members that that they like to use foul language all the time. They like to take God’s name in vain. That causes some conflict. That right sits rambling. But yes, that causes some conflict.

00:06:57 Terry Taylor

Hey, man, that’s not fun.

00:06:59 Terry Taylor

Sometimes they make fun of us because we don’t partake in their wicked ways. When I used to work at a bank, everybody said hey brother, let’s go out there. Terry, let’s go out and drink. I was like no man. I’m good. Why don’t you do that? I was like that. Well, I was young back in. I just I.

00:07:13 Terry Taylor

Said brother. That’s too worldly. I.

00:07:14 Terry Taylor

Don’t. I don’t participate. And the guy said, what’s?

00:07:17 Terry Taylor

Worldly. I said, forget it. I was like.

00:07:20 Terry Taylor

No thanks.

00:07:21 Terry Taylor

I I.

00:07:22 Terry Taylor

I don’t do that.

00:07:24 Terry Taylor

Yeah. So anyway, I’ve been ridiculed a little bit. How many has been ridiculed a little bit by some friends.

00:07:30 Terry Taylor

And family because.

00:07:32 Terry Taylor

Cause some conflict cause you’re not going to participate. Participate in their ungodly ways. Amen. All right, next point. Here C is conflict can arise from different religious persuasions.

00:07:48 Terry Taylor

There’s a well I better for confidentiality. I got to think I can say this. I know a person.

00:07:56 Terry Taylor

Who works at a company where a certain group of people are permitted to go and pray several times a day.

00:08:04 Terry Taylor

Just walk off of their job and and go do that several times a day. Yet this person who is a Christian is not allowed to do that. Now there’s some conflict right there.

00:08:15 Terry Taylor

Amen. With with that. And so this this person is.

00:08:21 Terry Taylor

Has a position where he overseas people and so now he’s got to deal with.

00:08:26 Terry Taylor

How am I going to get this amount of work done? Because now these certain amount a group of people are going.

00:08:31 Terry Taylor

Away so many.

00:08:32 Terry Taylor

Minutes or hours to pray. Yet you know I still have, you know, so that that creates some some conflict there.

00:08:42 Terry Taylor

That that’s a that’s a difficult one to to to deal with. So we know that other religions, I would say false religions, you know cause there’s like like you said there’s only one true God.

00:08:53 Terry Taylor

11 way to heaven, Jesus Christ. Amen. 1 baptism 1. Spirit praise God forevermore, Hallelujah.

00:09:02 Terry Taylor

All right, Dee, let’s look at that one. Some may be believers who expect perfection in US.

00:09:10 Terry Taylor

Ohh my my my my my I gotta.

00:09:12 Terry Taylor

Walk softly here. Church. I gotta walk softly here.

00:09:17 Terry Taylor

Some believers and and I may have been this way a little bit and some I think and when in my younger years, but the older I get, I think I get a little bit wiser with.

00:09:27 Terry Taylor

These white hairs.

00:09:29 Terry Taylor

Or at least I should.

00:09:30 Terry Taylor

Be well, I do. Or not? I don’t know. But I I’m. I think I do. But anyway, some believers can be judgmental towards you if you don’t have a certain look or don’t follow their particular belief system.

00:09:47 Terry Taylor

Right. If you don’t have a certain look, you don’t dress a certain way. You don’t act a certain way, you don’t participate in certain things. I looked this up on the Internet today. It’s this is hard to believe 45,000 Christian denominations globally.

00:10:08 Terry Taylor

There’s 200 in the United States, but worldwide 45,000 different Christian denominations globally, according to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity.

00:10:20 Terry Taylor

Now church, that’s some conflict there. I would say, you know what I’m saying, even though we’re brothers in Christ, well, I don’t believe in the gifts of Spirit, so I ain’t going to worship with you guys. I’m going over here. You know, I don’t like contemporary music. I’m going over here. I don’t like you guys looking this way, so I’m going over here. You got too many young people in your church. I’m going. You got too many old people.

00:10:41 Terry Taylor

I’m going.

00:10:44 Terry Taylor

You know all the separation. I’m telling you what I’m praying and believing this end time revival that God will bring such a unity in the body of Christ. It doesn’t mean I have to believe. Exactly. You know, I know we’re going to be a little bit different.

00:10:58 Terry Taylor

And I understand.

00:10:59 Terry Taylor

That, but I know the Holy Ghost can unify us and bring unity.

00:11:04 Terry Taylor

Because what a trick of the devil separating.

00:11:08 Terry Taylor

Everybody you know, I’m saying just dividing us, I.

00:11:10 Terry Taylor

I I hate that.

00:11:12 Terry Taylor

So much you know, culture, but you.

00:11:16 Terry Taylor

Know but the.

00:11:17 Terry Taylor

Through the power of the Holy.

00:11:18 Terry Taylor

Spirit God can work through all of that.

00:11:20 Terry Taylor

He can work through culture, he can work through.

00:11:23 Terry Taylor

You know different.

00:11:24 Terry Taylor

If we love God, you know I’m saying and and and say, you know, we’re not compromising on Jesus. We’re not compromising on salvation. You know, I’m saying.

00:11:32 Terry Taylor

We we have to stand firm on that, but I’m talking about some other things. You know, we we can work together. Amen. And and.

00:11:40 Terry Taylor

Not have so much conflict.

00:11:43 Terry Taylor

Most of the denominations that we’re talking about here are out of the 440-5000 that came after the Protestant Reformation in 1517. So just you know, it it it’s when you look at this from the big picture, most of this came from 15 you know around the year 1500.

00:12:02 Terry Taylor

So, you know, do the math where we 500 years later, closer to the end times more than we could ever be. Yet the church is.

00:12:13 Terry Taylor

Divided. You know, I’m saying so that, that that disturbs me. But I know I’m believing in that outpouring of the Holy Ghost. Like it says in the.

00:12:21 Terry Taylor

Book of Joel.

00:12:22 Terry Taylor

Hallelujah, in the last days he’s going to pour out his spirit upon all flesh, our sons and daughters are going to prophecy. Your old men are going to dream dreams. Our young men are going to see visions.

00:12:33 Terry Taylor

So I’ve been praying, Lord, I don’t see any visions or dreams, so I don’t know if I’m old or young yet. So if I have a dream or vision, I’ll.

00:12:41 Terry Taylor

Let you.

00:12:41 Terry Taylor

Know. Alright, last E personality clashes church.

00:12:48 Terry Taylor

This is a tough.

00:12:49 Terry Taylor

One, there are certain personality types that does not go with my personality types and the same with you all.

00:12:56 Terry Taylor

Hey man, bullies and bossy people, they can cause major conflict in your life in people’s lives, in your work and your family and your in church. Amen. Bossy people, narcissistic people. They’re so self consumed. It’s.

00:13:14 Terry Taylor

They do everything based upon what’s going.

00:13:16 Terry Taylor

To be best for them.

00:13:17 Terry Taylor

Now, do you all know anybody like that?

00:13:20 Terry Taylor

Don’t look at your neighbor tonight. You gotta look. Everybody. Just look at yourself tonight is. Look at good old me right here. Pat yourself on the cheek. This ain’t turn your neighbor three times and tell them these things. No.

00:13:33 Terry Taylor

Look at yourself tonight.

00:13:38 Terry Taylor

Amen. So some of our problems causing foes may not be just your family. They might be your coworkers. They might even be your next door neighbors. Brother Steve, you got a next door neighbor.

00:13:55 Terry Taylor

You upstairs, neighbor, don’t you just tease. That’s we’re just having some fun here. But listen, church, wherever conflict arises, I just want us to remember this. God wants us to respond properly. As a Kingdom citizen and with a Kingdom perspective.

00:14:12 Terry Taylor

  1. We have to think about that.

00:14:15 Terry Taylor

And I’m telling you, I I don’t like teaching this tonight because my.

00:14:19 Terry Taylor

Flesh does not want.

00:14:20 Terry Taylor

To do what?

00:14:22 Terry Taylor

The Bible tells me to do, but I have to teach the truth and I have to live the you know, I have to live it. I don’t get it right all the time.

00:14:31 Terry Taylor

I mess it up. Sometimes the flesh likes to rise up sometimes and get in the way.

00:14:37 Terry Taylor

Yeah, I get a witness out there. Anybody OK? I’m not the only one. Thank you, Lord.

00:14:42 Terry Taylor

Alright, point #2, Jesus tells us how to handle these people conflicts. So first of all, here’s a Kingdom key. You have to have a right frame of mind. You have to have a Kingdom mindset.

00:14:55 Terry Taylor

In order to handle conflict properly and again I want us to be trained, I want to get the word in us. So when something arises, something inside of us is going to say I remember that Scripture we talked about in.

00:15:06 Terry Taylor

Our class Holy Spirit.

00:15:07 Terry Taylor

Will bring it to your remembrance.

00:15:10 Terry Taylor

I want when the when you want to get ready to say something you should. I want the Holy Ghost just.

00:15:14 Terry Taylor

To say guard your mouth.

00:15:16 Terry Taylor

You know.

00:15:17 Terry Taylor

There’s sin in many words. The wise man keeps.

00:15:20 Terry Taylor

His mouth shut.

00:15:23 Terry Taylor

Matthew Chapter 5, verses 10 through 12. The Bible says blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you see, I don’t like this. Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you and say all.

00:15:43 Terry Taylor

Kinds of evil against you falsely for my sake.

00:15:47 Terry Taylor

This is the part I really don’t like. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

00:16:01 Terry Taylor

Now, who in the natural carnal mind wants to rejoice and be exceedingly glad when you’re?

00:16:07 Terry Taylor

Being persecuted, I mean really, you know, I’m saying.

00:16:11 Terry Taylor

But the thing of it is church, we cannot do this and and without the power of the Holy Ghost in our lives.

00:16:18 Terry Taylor

Period. We can’t do it, but through Christ, we can do all things and let’s look at verse 1011 real quick verse 1011 teaches us that we should consider it a blessing when we’re persecuted or lied about. So if we keep our attitude right when this happens, we can foil the devil’s plans.

00:16:40 Terry Taylor

Think. Think about that. We can foil the devil’s plans when we keep that right. Frame that right attitude, that Kingdom Attitude, Kingdom frame of mind. Several things will happen. If we will do what the Bible tells us to do. #1. I don’t know if this is on your sheet there or not.

00:16:58 Terry Taylor

On the Backpage, yes, the Backpage.

00:17:02 Terry Taylor

When we keep the attitude, the right attitude and frame Kingdom mindset, several things will happen. Number one, God will get the glory.

00:17:12 Terry Taylor

God will get the glory church #2 the lost will see Christ in you.

00:17:21 Terry Taylor

The lost will see Christ in you.

00:17:26 Terry Taylor

#3 it will help us grow and mature in the Lord.

00:17:33 Terry Taylor

When we can do this, when we can rejoice and be exceedingly glad.

00:17:38 Terry Taylor

It will help us to grow and mature in the Lord. The loss will see Christ. God will get the glory and and #4. It’s an opportunity for the Holy Spirit.

00:17:48 Terry Taylor

To manifest the fruit of the spirit in your life, I’ll say that again. It’s an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to manifest the fruit of the spirit in your life. You know what?

00:18:05 Terry Taylor

Sometimes the way you find out what kind of fruits on the tree is when you go up and shake.

00:18:09 Terry Taylor

It and see what falls off.

00:18:14 Terry Taylor

And sometimes we see what kind of fruit we’ve developed in our life. When we go through conflict.

00:18:22 Terry Taylor

I don’t like being tested. I don’t like being tried. I I don’t. I really don’t. But it it, it’s an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to manifest the fruit of the spirit in my life.

00:18:33 Terry Taylor

I I think about the nine fruit of the spirit.

00:18:38 Terry Taylor

When we go through conflict and I I’ve told us in our discipleship class, some of the fruit I’ve developed, I think pretty good and others is still developing in my life. Amen.

00:18:50 Terry Taylor

There’s some I gotta still work on. I gotta fertilize a little bit. I gotta pull some weeds out and and and try to develop and grow that.

00:18:56 Terry Taylor

Part of my.

00:18:57 Terry Taylor

Life and the fruit of the spirit a little bit better now if you guys remember, we taught on the Beatitudes in here. The Sermon on the Mount and that word blessed you guys. Remember what that word blessed means. Happy. Somebody heard it back there.

00:19:11 Terry Taylor

Mr. Danielle, I believe that was you. Yeah, way to go, sis.

00:19:15 Terry Taylor

Happy. So here’s the question. Here’s how my mind thinks. How in the world can I be happy in conflict? Does it make sense? Does it?

00:19:24 Terry Taylor

In the natural.

00:19:26 Terry Taylor

But the answer is found in verse 12. It says rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward now that word reward right there. I looked it up. It means compensation.

00:19:39 Terry Taylor

For your work.

00:19:41 Terry Taylor

So it says great, is your compensation for your work.

00:19:46 Terry Taylor

In heaven.

00:19:49 Terry Taylor

That’s a good that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

00:19:52 Terry Taylor

Something to be happy about you.

00:19:53 Terry Taylor

Know what I know on this?

00:19:54 Terry Taylor

Earth. I may never be a millionaire.

00:19:57 Terry Taylor

But when I get to heaven, I want to be a multi millionaire. Amen.

00:20:02 Terry Taylor

I I you know, I want Jesus more than anything, but I want some rewards up there for doing what God said to do for walking in obedience to his word. Because the Bible tells us that we will be rewarded.

00:20:14 Terry Taylor

Amen. If we walk in obedience.

00:20:17 Terry Taylor

Keep in mind that those who are making your life more difficult for us don’t intend to make you happy. But through rejoicing church and being glad it may cause them to cease their efforts.

00:20:31 Terry Taylor

I don’t mess somebody up right now. You you imagine you go up to go up to somebody and just cuss them out and be nasty to them and and give them the cold shoulder and treat them terrible.

00:20:43 Terry Taylor

And for you to reply with kindness.

00:20:47 Terry Taylor

And for you to reply.

00:20:49 Terry Taylor

With I’m gonna go buy them something.

00:20:53 Terry Taylor

That will mess with them. That will mess with them. As Kingdom citizens, we can’t handle conflict in the wrong frame of mind when we have the wrong frame of mind. The Holy Spirit can’t lead us and help us and give us wisdom. When we operate in our flesh.

00:21:12 Terry Taylor

It’s going to be a big mess.

00:21:15 Terry Taylor

Amen. But when we allow the Holy Spirit to take over.

00:21:19 Terry Taylor

And we we sometimes keep our mouth shut. Sometimes we act in kindness instead of wrath like we want to. And listen, sometimes people rightly deserve. You know, if they do something really, you know, somebody goes mess with your kids or your your, your spouse, you know, the the flesh wants to go.

00:21:40 Terry Taylor

Some see some.

00:21:40 Terry Taylor

Heads roll. You know what I mean.

00:21:43 Terry Taylor

It is a truth that’s that’s your flesh. But we shut out the Holy Spirit. When we let our flesh take over with the wrong frame of mind. OK, so keep that in mind. So how else can we handle conflict with the Kingdom mindset? Let’s look at what the Bible says. Point #3 here. Don’t retaliate first, Peter.

00:22:02 Terry Taylor

Three verse 9 says not returning evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but On the contrary, blessing.

00:22:12 Terry Taylor

Knowing that you were called to this, that you may inherit a blessing.

00:22:20 Terry Taylor

Blessing those who are making your life hard for you.

00:22:25 Terry Taylor

It’s hard, but it’s the.

00:22:28 Terry Taylor

Bible way and I’ve got a perfect little testimony right here, sitting on the front row of Sister Vicki.

00:22:35 Terry Taylor

Harley, when she was a young lady, she had this girl that was making her look bad and and making fun of her. Whatever all she was doing and you got upset. And I remember you saying you went home and told your mom and basically you went out and bought her a gift and gave it to this lady.

00:22:55 Terry Taylor

And it totally changed her.

00:22:59 Terry Taylor

Vicki, probably in your flash, you wanted to go and tell her off and knock her out, and I can’t wait to catch you out behind the building and I’ll.

00:23:07 Terry Taylor

Sideswipe, you and you only know what hit you.

00:23:11 Terry Taylor

Hey man, I know y’all feel some of this brother laying Farley tell us my brother.

00:23:16 Lane Farley

Just the same as there is physical laws that were that were created by God.

00:23:22 Lane Farley

God, gravity and the aerodynamics and all the other types, there are spiritual laws as well. And when you do these steps that you’re talking about immediately, something in the spiritual world, in the Kingdom world.

00:23:44 Lane Farley

Begins to react and that is God begins to go to bat for you and recompense.

00:23:54 Lane Farley

Comes your way. As you put these spiritual Kingdom principles to work. That’s why you’re telling us that have that right mind set because we have to transform our minds to have that mindset because.

00:24:13 Lane Farley

When we, if we do, when we come up against something like you’re talking about our minds, will click. The Holy Ghost will begin and we’ll see extra extra blessings come into our lives by performing this in the manner that you’re telling us to do tonight.

00:24:34 Terry Taylor

Amen, brother.

00:24:38 Vivkie Farley

No, no, this this this is called when you respond and you react the way that your mind is supposed.

00:24:47 Vivkie Farley

To in the Holy Ghost, when you respond the way the word of God wants you to respond, that’s called spiritual warfare because we’ve, you know, we’ve always thought, well, let’s go to church and pray.

00:25:00 Vivkie Farley

And tear down the walls of Satan. That’s good. That’s good. But when you are faced with something.

00:25:07 Vivkie Farley

That’s coming against you in a really bad way.

00:25:10 Vivkie Farley

OK, the best thing I can tell you is respond just the opposite of what your feelings are screaming out. If your feelings are screaming out, hey, I’m going to punch her out. If your feelings are screaming out, hey, I’m going to get her good or I’m going to get him.

00:25:26 Vivkie Farley

I tell you.

00:25:27 Vivkie Farley

He should hide no reason to talk to me like that.

00:25:30 Vivkie Farley

If that that is, that’s going to be in your mind, that’s gonna be in your mind to say that. But you got to respond and react just the extreme opposite. And that is called spiritual warfare.

00:25:46 Lane Farley

Because we’re fighting the only do we fight.

00:25:47 Lane Farley

Yep, the devil. Not only do we fight demons, but our greatest enemy is me, myself, and I the flesh. I’ve gotta whip that old boy and put him in. What’s the word? Subjection.

00:26:06 Terry Taylor

To the word.

00:26:09 Terry Taylor

Mother norsworthy.

00:26:10 Precious

You know when Sister Vicki was talking about responding? That was, that was a question I was gonna ask is is there a difference between retaliating and responding? And I do believe that there is because sometimes there, you know, I don’t. I don’t want us to feel like you can never address something because sometimes you you do have to, you just have to.

00:26:33 Precious

Respond God’s way in the right way. But say for instance, you know a lot of.

00:26:38 Precious

Times you see.

00:26:39 Precious

Where a bus driver, a bus duty aid or something like that with kids with disability.

00:26:44 Precious

Cities are hitting them, slamming them to the ground if something ever happened. Praise God. Nothing like that, that everybody seems to love Christian, that in his school we’ve always had good people. But if somebody ever did something to my son, I’m gonna. Well, no, I mean.

00:27:00 Precious

But I’m going to have to seek God on how to deal with that.

00:27:05 Precious

But it’s not something to be ignored either, because it’s something serious and but but handling in God’s way would bring around the right result, even if you have to respond to it.

00:27:16 Terry Taylor

That’s right, you have to.

00:27:18 Lane Farley

Respond to things in life. They have confrontations, and there’s nothing wrong with having a godly confrontation and doing it the right way. But when you do it in the flesh and let the flesh take over and do it for you and you’re not thinking about it with the right Godly Kingdom mindset, you’re going to get into trouble.



00:27:39 Terry Taylor

It’s the flesh is it’s and and and listen I. I’m praying for myself. I’m praying for us that when we get to these situations that we don’t even think we just react from our spirit. A reflex.

00:27:53 Terry Taylor

A reflex response. That’s that again, cause if you prepare now for it, you’re going to be have more chances of success than.

00:28:02 Terry Taylor

Going blindly, you know, into a conflict not knowing anything, and then Oh my. And then, you know, once you’re in there, it’s like, you know, the enemy’s overwhelmed.

00:28:10 Terry Taylor

You and then.

00:28:10 Terry Taylor

It’s too late then. OK, let’s look at proverbs. Chapter 25, verses 21 and 22. Here’s a tough one, too.

00:28:22 Terry Taylor

If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat, and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink. I like this next part. See. This is where it messes him up for. So you will heap coals of fire on his head and the Lord will reward you.

00:28:41 Terry Taylor

You got some brother? I see it. It’s.

00:28:44 Steve Rust

On you, I’ve told her before, but my son was working with another young man in a music place in the he loaned to got like 150 bucks and this was a long time ago. Well, it’s Michelle’s husband and he was coming home and he complained to Pam.

00:29:00 Steve Rust

This guy just refuses to pay me back.

00:29:03 Steve Rust

And Pam said, well, honey, the Bible says to forgive people their debts. Forgive our debtors. You should go in there tomorrow and say I forgive you the debt. And Tony essentially kind of said something like mom, you’re nuts. You know? I mean, he he he did.

00:29:23 Steve Rust

Because it’s in the flesh, that sounds nuts. But he said, you know what, mom? I got in there the next day, and I thought of what you said, and I went up to that guy and I said, you don’t have to pay that back. I forgive you that he said the guy got submitted, took his wallet out and paid him right there.

00:29:41 Steve Rust

Yeah, it works. It works. Hey, man. Yeah.

00:29:46 Terry Taylor

Here’s the witness right here. It works. Hallelujah. This is good stuff, isn’t it? Praise God. OK, so point #4 where we got on time 818. OK, we got a couple.

00:29:58 Terry Taylor

Minutes here.

00:29:59 Terry Taylor


00:30:01 Terry Taylor

That’s the real time. Yeah, they changed the time on me. So that is the real.

00:30:04 Terry Taylor

Time #4. Disarm the enemy. Oh, I like this one. Proverbs 15. One. This is one of my favorite scriptures.

00:30:13 Terry Taylor

A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger.

00:30:21 Terry Taylor

A soft answer.

00:30:22 Terry Taylor

Sure. Hey, Josh Bates, I don’t I.

00:30:26 Terry Taylor

Think he got in?

00:30:27 Terry Taylor

A little Fender Bender or something. Something happened and he was sharing this, that some whoever it was, he had conflict with. This guy came up and he was yelling at Josh and huh. And cussing him out and just screaming at him.

00:30:43 Terry Taylor

And Josh said I just stood there and looked at him and didn’t say a word.

00:30:47 Terry Taylor

And the guy he said he got mad because he wasn’t responding how he wanted Josh to respond. So basically Joshua’s non response was a soft answer like I’m not getting into this conflict with you. I’m going to let the police come and handle it. Yeah. And Josh said he just. He didn’t say a word.

00:31:07 Terry Taylor

And the guy got so mad because you know the guy wanted him to get riled up and fight back, but he didn’t do it.

00:31:12 Terry Taylor

And thank God you know. No, no.

00:31:14 Terry Taylor

Telling what would have happened.

00:31:17 Terry Taylor

But we have to disarm the enemy.

00:31:20 Terry Taylor

It takes 2.

00:31:21 Terry Taylor

To fight and to argue. So let your soft answers learn that to give soft answers and it will disarm your enemy, just like Brother Josh there did, and the sword. It’ll take the sword right out of their hands. Amen.

00:31:35 Terry Taylor

That guy didn’t have nothing to fight with. After Josh wouldn’t respond, he took it right out. He, you know, the guys like, let’s fight. No. How you doing it? Amen. Disarmed him first. John 38. The part of this first says for the for this purpose was the son of God. Manifest that he might destroy the works of the.

00:31:52 Terry Taylor

Devil those old fleshly.

00:31:55 Terry Taylor

Desires. Amen.

00:31:57 Terry Taylor

Hallelujah Jesus came and defeated our adversary and gave us the power to do the same. We have the power, I have the power. You have the power.

00:32:06 Terry Taylor

The Holy Spirit.

00:32:07 Terry Taylor

Lives inside of us, if we will, just like, Pastor Lane said. We just have to yield. We got to beat this old fleshly man down. Amen. And let our spirit man become strong.

00:32:17 Terry Taylor

And and it’s tough. It’s not, that’s not easy.

00:32:19 Terry Taylor

To do point number.

00:32:20 Terry Taylor

Five. Don’t tell people off. Ohh boy, I’m preaching to somebody here tonight.

00:32:27 Terry Taylor

Listen, it says Proverbs 1523 a man hath joy by the answer of his mouth, and a word spoken in due season. How?

00:32:36 Terry Taylor

Good it is.

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