Discover How Everyone Fights Conflict – Isaiah 41:10

Scripture: Isaiah 41:10

Discover How Everyone Fights Conflict

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We’re in a conflict, brothers and sisters, and how we’re going to be victorious is doing what the word of God tells us to do. Discover How Everyone Fights Conflict

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Brother Steve Jones, I believe you’re here because God’s grace was upon you, but also because of your training brother.

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That, that, that running 20, did you hear what he said? 26 miles. He’s running a marathon every day.

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So by the time you know, they go and face an enemy, you’re thinking, who are you?

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I’m taking you down, bro.

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You know, I’m trained. You know, they instill that in you. That fight in you.

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Amen. And that’s sister Shelby. That’s what it’s we we’ve got to speak the word under the unction when you speak under the unction of the Holy Ghost.

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He’ll flee. That’s exactly right. I know there’s times and how many can attest is there’s times when we pray, you know, we we pray and stuff like that, but then there’s times when the Holy Ghost comes upon us and we pray.

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And that’s a whole different story then, isn’t it?

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You know what I mean? And again, keep praying. Keep studying. Keep speaking. The word of God. Don’t ever quit or give up, because that’s our victory. But.

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Speaking something under Young and the Holy Ghosts.

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Can cause something to change just like that that it would take maybe months or years or weeks. Brother Wayne Brewster.

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Said I’ve heard that the Americans were some of the fiercest.

00:01:31 Speaker 2

And most feared soldiers ever. Because number one, they wouldn’t leave anybody behind. Is that right, brother?

00:01:40 Speaker 2

Don’t leave anybody behind.

00:01:42 Speaker 2

That’s why we have the spirit of reconciliation.

00:01:46 Speaker 2

The devil thinks he has them. No, he hasn’t.

00:01:50 Speaker 2

They just need to.

00:01:51 Speaker 2

Be pulled out of the firebrands.

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That’s good. I’ve got a whole lesson up here prepared, but I’d rather just flowing a hole. You got a?

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Mic sister.

00:02:03 Pastor Terry Taylor

Speak, sister. Speak, mother.

00:02:06 Speaker 5

Praise the Lord. This is really good. I want to piggyback off of what my brother Wayne said over there. I thought about this even while they were singing earlier and Nehemiah, in his day, they were in a conflict. They were wanting to rebuild the wall and.

00:02:23 Speaker 5

In the 4th chapter, the 14th verse, I’m just going to read a little bit. It says do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord’s great and awesome and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives and your houses. So even in that.

00:02:43 Speaker 5

Before they, they knew the enemy knew about.

00:02:47 Speaker 5

And that there could be a conflict coming. But before it came, he already said, remember the Lord’s great and awesome and told them to fight. But he also told them do not be afraid of them before the conflict ever came. And then over in John the 14th chapter.

00:03:07 Speaker 5

In the 26 verse it says but the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the father will send in my name, he shall teach.

00:03:15 Speaker 5

To you, all things like Sister Shelby is saying and bring all things to your remembrance. Whatsoever I have said to you so God, a lot of times you’ll find that he he doesn’t let you go into things unaware. There’s something that he spoke to you before it came and then when it does.

00:03:35 Speaker 5

Come. He’ll bring that back to your remembrance because he already told you. If you’re listening to what the Holy Ghost is saying and then just the other little nugget, I want to leave is a back.

00:03:46 Speaker 5

To Nehemiah the 4th chapter, the 19th verse, it says then I said to the nobles, the rulers and the rest of the people. The work is great and extensive and we are separated far from one another on the wall.

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So there’s a lot of work to be done. We’re not going to all be doing the exact same thing. We can’t all be in the same place. It’s it’s nothing. Everything wouldn’t get done if we all just stayed in one little spot. So the work was great. They had to spread out. But he said wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet.

00:04:20 Speaker 5

Rally to us there, our God will fight for us. So if there is a time.

00:04:26 Speaker 5

Where there needs to be just a coming together in one place because the battle is fierce. Go there. Praise God, like he’s saying. Don’t leave your brother or sister behind. And unfortunately, too often when we see somebody that has been overtaken in the fall or whatever, they don’t know how to stand under.

00:04:45 Speaker 5

Usher, we let them stay out and we don’t pursue them. It’s almost like a well, yeah, I knew she wasn’t going to be able to stand anyway. And, you know, instead of saying no, that’s my sister. Let me go help and pull her out of the fire. And she might not want to come out of the fire right now, but she’s going to hear my voice. She’s going to hear me say something.

00:05:06 Speaker 5

To her that when the time comes that she’s ready to come out of that fire, she’s gonna remember, sister Latoya still told me she loved me. Sister Latoya didn’t completely forsake me while I was going through it. Cause sometimes those wildfires come. That’s a wildfire, some you not controlling.

00:05:25 Speaker 5

But when that wildfire comes, you’re going to see me standing right there by the fire, saying. Come on, sister, you can come out of there.

00:05:32 Speaker 5

And that’s what we have to do instead of leaving them behind whenever we see that there is, you know, something there that’s help.

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Good. Anybody else?

00:05:45 Pastor Terry Taylor

Sister Melissa back here. Let me come back.

00:05:53 Speaker 6

The week before I had my surgery. We were here and the two sisters.

00:05:58 Speaker 6

I think was your sister. Yeah, she had that ear picture up there and yeah, that spoke to me.

00:06:08 Speaker 6

Looking back at that and what happened to me when I had my surgery, when I finally came home.

00:06:14 Speaker 6

I had a day what was really, really rough.

00:06:18 Speaker 6

And I prayed. I cried. I prayed, I cried. And I.

00:06:23 Speaker 6

Told Satan, I said, hey, you got to leave me alone. I’m going through to this victory.

00:06:27 Speaker 6

Everything I wanted was on the other side of what Satan was trying to do to me. He was trying to push me back, but the good Lord was telling me, come on, come on.

00:06:36 Speaker 6

I got your back, you know? So I just say you have to keep your mind.

00:06:41 Speaker 6

Staying on him.

00:06:43 Speaker 6

And knowing that it’s going to be better, I haven’t walked straight in living like a Christian. I moved here from Florida, but I never could find a church that I felt home until the one day that I came in here.

00:07:01 Speaker 6

And I felt like I was home then and I’m like, I’m here to stay, and everybody here is so loving.

00:07:10 Speaker 6

I know I didn’t make a mistake.

00:07:13 Speaker 6

God didn’t make mistakes.

00:07:16 Speaker 6

I’m home and I thank y’all for everything.

00:07:23 Speaker 6

Well, they know about precious. She had to give her own testimony. Yeah.

00:07:28 Speaker 6

Oh yes, she did. Oh, thank you. She had her last chemo treatment, like yesterday. And so they have a ceremony and they give you bills. And we got to record it where she rung her bells walking out and everything. It’s her last chemo. So she’s doing well.

00:07:45 Pastor Terry Taylor

Yes, that’s good. Thank you, Lord, anybody else?

00:07:57 Speaker 3

Yeah, that’s.

00:07:59 Speaker 3

No, no, you.

00:08:01 Pastor Terry Taylor

Hang on a second. That’s good stuff.

00:08:05 Speaker 4

I don’t know about that.

00:08:08 Speaker 4

I’ve just really been dwelling and meditating on this scripture here lately and thought I would share it because I really love what my sub nodes say in it too. But it’s Isaiah 41 and 10. It says fear you not for I am with you.

00:08:23 Speaker 4

Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you. Yeah. Yeah. I will uphold you with my right hand of my right.

00:08:32 Speaker 4

Business and I just thought that was so good because what kind of friend do we have in our God? But not only does he start out and he tells us that he’s with us, but if that’s not enough, he says that that he’s our God and that he’ll strengthen us. And if that’s not enough, he’s going to help us. And if that’s not enough, he’s going to uphold us with his right.

00:08:53 Speaker 4

Right. And and I’m just so thankful because right now he’s upholding me with his righteous right hand because I’ve been really, really low lately. Some people know some people don’t.

00:09:02 Speaker 4

But uhm, I’m just so thankful that I can meditate on his word. And I’m so thankful for what they said about having people that will build you up, because we need that and I need that. And I’ve had that lately and it’s helped me so much. And then sometimes it’s that 1000 may fall at your right side at your right side and 10 thousand 1000.

00:09:21 Speaker 4

All your side and 10,000 at your right hand, but it will not come near you and I just I’m speaking that over somebody else. I need that right now and I’m just just declaring that God is just gonna take away any fear that anybody has right now in their life, whether it’s over mental.

00:09:38 Speaker 4

Mental issues, physical issues, whatever. I’m rebuking it. It must flee right now in the name of Jesus, that nobody, nobody will. It will not come near you. In the name of Jesus because you have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you. If you were a child of God, I I get so mad at myself because I do let this fear.

00:09:57 Speaker 4

Commend me sometimes and I feel like I’m putting myself as a child of God equal to these these evil spirits and the enemy when we are so above them as children of God, they tremble at the name of Jesus. And why would I for a second put my?

00:10:13 Speaker 4

Self as an equal to something that I can step on.

00:10:16 Speaker 4

And squish like a bug on the ground.

00:10:19 Speaker 4

And I’m just.

00:10:20 Speaker 4

Believing that and speaking that over my life right now, I’m wearing a heart monitor right now on my heart because they are saying that I could possibly have irregular heartbeats because I’ve been waking up with panic attacks in my sleep and it’s been just crazy things that’s happened to me over the last.

00:10:37 Speaker 4

The last month that I had.

00:10:38 Speaker 4

And I’m just right here standing right now. And I’m declare victory that the enemy will not take this, that I have already. God has already promised me. He has already delivered me from anxiety 10 years ago, 10 years ago, he delivered me. And he doesn’t lie. He’s already broke that generational curse.

00:10:58 Speaker 4

Will not pass this, no.

00:11:00 Speaker 4

And to my children, in the name of Jesus and whatever it is that’s happened here right now, and believing that I already have victory over it because I am a child of God and somebody else needs to hear that they have victory over whatever it is that they’re going through, whether it’s panic attacks or it’s anxiety or depression, I declare it.

00:11:20 Speaker 4

Ohh right now in the name of Jesus I rebuke you and bond you Satan. You are not welcome here. You are not welcome in any of.

00:11:29 Speaker 4

These any of these children of God right now I’m just believing God that you were in this room, that your Holy Spirit is dwelling within us right now. Lord Jesus, I am thanking you. God, I’m thanking you in advance. God, because this is gonna be my testimony. I’ve already testified being delivered from anxiety. This is gonna be adding to it.

00:11:50 Speaker 4

Because I will not give in to the enemy, he is after the children of God right now. I believe it. Somebody said it earlier. He is after the children of God. The enemy is right now.

00:12:00 Speaker 4

And it is time for us to stand firm and and know that God has a plan that I I asked God a couple months ago. I said, Lord, use me, Lord search my heart and I haven’t been praying that I never prayed that before. I never knew how to pray. That. And then I listened to a sermon one time and it said.

00:12:20 Speaker 4

To ask him to search your heart, Lord, remove anything that’s not of you out of me right now. And that’s what he’s doing. As I was having these anxiety attacks.

00:12:29 Speaker 4

You said you told me that.

00:12:30 Speaker 4

You wanted me to use.

00:12:31 Speaker 4

You you told me you wanted me to use you. I’m using you. You are going to be stronger in your faith because of this. You’re gonna help people because of this. And I’m just telling you right now that I’m still going through and I’m still having these panic attacks out of a dead sleep at night for whatever reason.

00:12:49 Speaker 4

And I’m just declaring that I am gonna have victory over this in the name of Jesus.

00:12:59 Pastor Terry Taylor

Come on brother.

00:12:59 Speaker 2

That’s one of the prophets of Neil.

00:13:06 Speaker 2

Get the ladies need to get around then.

00:13:08 Pastor Terry Taylor

That’s right.

00:13:09 Speaker 2

That’s that’s the trumpet. That’s that’s part of the wall. That’s that needs to be be held up. She needs prayer. And that’s that’s our job. When we have. When? When you hear the trumpet sound.

00:13:22 Speaker 2

When there’s that danger, when there’s an attack, where do we go, we go to where the attack is and we we fight it.

00:13:30 Speaker 2

And that’s what that was.

00:13:36 Speaker 10

I know I’m new here, but when the brothers were talking about Joseph going through conflict.

00:13:43 Speaker 10

What came to my mind is it wasn’t just for him.

00:13:46 Speaker 10

God was preparing him.

00:13:49 Speaker 10

To be the preserver.

00:13:51 Speaker 9


00:13:52 Speaker 10

Of a people in the midst of famine. So in the midst of our conflicts, in the midst of our battles, it’s just of what you’re going through. We’ll be a testimony.

00:14:02 Speaker 10

Because what we’re going through is for other people and also, yeah, I believe it says in James that the trials that we’re going through think it not strange, but our brothers and sisters throughout the world are going through the same thing, so.

00:14:19 Speaker 10

It’s for our preservation of a people and to be a testimony and.

00:14:24 Speaker 10

To be.

00:14:26 Speaker 10

A strength to be an encourager and helper to those that are going through it after we go through it. So yes, it’s for us to draw us closer to him, but also to be help to others.

00:14:39 Pastor Terry Taylor

That’s good. That’s good.

00:14:42 Speaker 3

Well, with Sister McCoy. Sweet, I can. I’m. I’m an old man, I.

00:14:47 Speaker 3

Can say sweetie?

00:14:49 Speaker 3

Sweetie, you would never be what God wants you to be.

00:14:53 Speaker 3

If you weren’t going through what you’re going through.

00:14:55 Speaker 3

Now you would never be. The Bible says all things.

00:15:02 Speaker 3

Work together for good to them that love God, that means, even though now I’d have a hard time going to some people in the hospital and and preaching this to them. OK, but right here I can’t. Even the worst of things.

00:15:17 Speaker 3

He’s going to turn for your good. You’ll never be what you’re supposed to be without conflict, without fighting the devil. You can’t learn to fight the devil unless you fight him some.

00:15:30 Speaker 3

You can’t learn to overcome until you’re in battle. You can’t learn to do a lot of things. All things work together for good. God’s gotcha.

00:15:41 Speaker 3

Even my worst failures. Don’t you hate to fail like you? Really. I really failed at something. Even those are going to make me better in the end. He’s got something planned for you. There’s going to come a day when the devil’s going to say I ain’t going down to that hair shop. That woman’s.

00:16:01 Speaker 3

In there. Ohh yeah, that’s exactly right, but you’d never get there. You’d never get there until you went through what you’re going through now. As unpleasant as it might be, grapes ain’t any good until they’re crushed.

00:16:12 Speaker 3

Yeah, and sometimes that’s what happens to us. We have to be crushed. That old flesh is there. Yeah, but. And it doesn’t give you a lot of good feeling when you when you’re going through something really bad. But if we can just remember.

00:16:28 Speaker 3

All things work together for the good.

00:16:30 Pastor Terry Taylor

Hallie. Alright, Sister Shay, come on up. Go.

00:16:34 Speaker 9

Ahead. Sure. Shirley, I’m wanted to encourage you because what you are going through these 20 sums 8/19/18 we have studies are showing now that with the whole Rona.

00:16:53 Speaker 9

They are so anxious.

00:16:56 Speaker 9

They don’t know how to be social because socialization was taken away from them and it has messed them up. So you are going to be able to reach your purpose in all of this.

00:17:09 Speaker 9

You can feel the terror that anxiety comes on you out of nowhere.

00:17:16 Speaker 9

And the smallest little things can trigger it.

00:17:19 Speaker 9

I feel that.

00:17:22 Speaker 9

The younger people might not listen to us silver foxes, but you’re closer in age to them and they’re going to listen to you and then where it’s going to spread and you are going to be.

00:17:35 Speaker 9

Their peace and show them where they can get eternal peace.

00:17:40 Pastor Terry Taylor

Hey man.


I mean she I mean.

00:17:44 Speaker 11

Paul is exactly right. I’m feeling the same thing.

00:17:48 Speaker 11

Surely you you have you have them and you know they can’t get up. Surrey. When you get them, you get them for 2-3 hours at a time and you provide the respite that so many women come looking for. But the one thing that I was thinking of when when she was talking, when you were talking to Trey is the.

00:18:09 Speaker 11

Middle of the night, waking me up out of a dead sleep. You know, we know, but other people don’t know.

00:18:15 Speaker 11

Know what that is? It is the devil. It is the devil. And we can’t fight the devil when we’re calling it. What? It’s not. I have anxiety. I have panic attacks. It’s the devil. It is the devil. And it is a spirit. He’s trying to. Like you said he can’t do anything.

00:18:35 Speaker 11

If somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s just what what I feel like and and because I feel like so many people are going looking for help, but the long term help isn’t coming because we’re not going at the source.

00:18:51 Speaker 11

And your encouragement will be when you get. When I got to the word of God, when I learned how to get in my prayer closet and pray in the spirit and and reach heaven in the spirit because people are hungry for that, I have grown so much now that I pray in the spirit, and I and Vicki taught me that and sister.

00:19:11 Speaker 11

Shelby and Latoya taught me how to reach God. All my life, I only got so far with God. I’m getting so much further with God because I know how to reach him in the spirit, and I know how to tap into, walk in the spirit. I don’t always do it, but I know how to walk in the spirit. You’re going to be able to.

00:19:29 Speaker 11

Battle this is a higher level of walking with God. This is not just attending church. This is not just believing God. This is walking in an intimate relationship with God. You’ll be able to teach discernment. You’ll be able to to impart wisdom and you’ll be able to and and I.

00:19:49 Speaker 11

I I agree with everybody in here. Not there’s not a single person that wants to see you go through this.

00:19:56 Speaker 11

I don’t want to see you go through this at all, and I know we’re all going to unite and pray and call your name out suray and ask God to do a speedy work so that you can get busy helping other people. We’ll all be walking right there with you, but I I just had to say that.

00:20:12 Speaker 11

About about what, Carlos?

00:20:14 Speaker 5

Amen. I just want to say.

00:20:16 Speaker 5

Quick also with that, sometimes when you’re going through this kind of a storm, those can be the sweetest times of getting to know the Lord. And like she said, knowing how to get into his presence and being able to hear from him. And then if you know that the enemy is coming for you in the middle of the night, then you can be up.

00:20:37 Speaker 5

At the time that he normally tried to.

00:20:39 Speaker 5

Son and say in the name of Jesus tonight will not be the night that I have a panic attack. Tonight is the night that I lay down in peace and sleep. God for you cause me to dwell in safety. You can speak the word of God and begin to declare around those times. Set your own alarm. Don’t let him wake you up with the panic attack. Set your.

00:20:57 Speaker 5

Own alarm. You get up.

00:20:59 Speaker 5

Beat him.

00:21:00 Speaker 5

To it. Yeah. Beat him to it and pray and call on the name of Jesus. But some of those times when you go through the storm, I promise you you will get to know God in the way that you won’t without it like like my brother is saying. You’ll get to know God in a way that is so intimate. And you’ll be thankful that he allowed you to go through that because it causes you to pray.

00:21:20 Speaker 5

It causes you to see God in a way that we don’t normally do when everything seems like it’s going the way we want it to go. And sometimes when you go through things like that, I remember I was going through a really tough storm not too long after I got saved and I said, God, why would you even allow me to go through this? I thought it was like a bad trick.

00:21:38 Speaker 5

That joke I trusted God, and he allowed this to come on me and I didn’t feel like I did anything to deserve it. But I I know that the Lord would speak to me. I would be crying and praising God and clap my hands off the same time. And I say God, I don’t understand it. But I trust you. And he would tell me. Hold on, hold on. Because you’re going to run into some young women.

00:21:58 Speaker 5

Who are going through what you’re going through and you’re going to be able to help them. And I promise you, when I would see women, they would smile and everything will look fine. And immediately I would know in my spirit, I’m going to have to.

00:22:11 Speaker 5

With her. Because I could identify what she was going through before she ever told me what she was going through. The Lord will do that for you. I believe he’s going to use you, even in a greater way, but beat the enemy at.

00:22:23 Speaker 5

His own game.

00:22:25 Speaker 3

Rather, let’s one thing you’ve used a really great word. Yes, you use the word declare. Now declare is like when somebody in authority gets up, unrolls to scroll and says. Here’s the law. Here’s what’s happening.

00:22:42 Speaker 3

You can speak the word, you can say the word. All kinds of words, but when you declare it, if I can give an example, I don’t pray Psalm 91 with he that dwelleth in the secret place. I pray I will dwell in the secret place, so declare that I I love that word. Declare. You keep declaring it to him right in his face.

00:23:03 Speaker 3

And you’ll find you feel a lot better. But what a great thing. Declare that. Don’t just speak it like. Well, I hope this works. Speak it like it’s the truth. Because it is.

00:23:13 Pastor Terry Taylor

Amen, sister. Let’s pray. Come on, Saints. Let’s come on up here. Just the praise report here on Janice. It says she’s at the hospital. They’ve done an EKG on her. She’s still showing A-fib, but Megan said she’s doing great and they’re going to look at some medication to get her heart back in rhythm.

00:23:34 Pastor Terry Taylor

Hey man.

00:23:36 Pastor Terry Taylor

All right. Come on. Come on up here. Where? Anybody else, brother Timothy, you might as well come on up here too, buddy. The devil’s.

00:23:41 Pastor Terry Taylor

Trying to attack you. Anybody else want prayer?

00:23:47 Pastor Terry Taylor

OK, Sister Melissa, come on.

00:23:49 Speaker 8

Tim, Tim, Tim.

00:23:51 Speaker 3

Yeah, outside of yourself.

00:23:55 Pastor Terry Taylor

Is that all?

00:24:02 Pastor Terry Taylor

If you guys remember one of the reasons why I like to gather around in a circle, not to be weird or anything, but there’s a if you look at a I taught on this and.

00:24:11 Pastor Terry Taylor

Showed it, but it was over in the Trade Center. When you’re in a battle, it’s it’s it’s called the tortoise formation or the Turtle Formation that the Romans.

00:24:21 Pastor Terry Taylor

Used to use.

00:24:22 Pastor Terry Taylor

And they had Shields. That was like a full body shield. And So what would happen when all those fiery darts would come into him at the enemy?

00:24:31 Pastor Terry Taylor

They would put the the guys in the front would put their Shields straight up, guys on the side, put their Shields back. The guys above, they put Shields above. So that’s what’s happening when we come together and surround our good sister and the name of it. So come on, Sister, let’s play in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Heavenly Father.

00:24:50 Speaker 7

Thank you, Lord.

00:24:53 Speaker 5

I looked back there and I knew that we.

00:24:55 Speaker 5

Would be praying for you tonight.

00:24:57 Speaker 5

We God already knows. Hallelujah even.

00:25:00 Speaker 5

What you speaking, Hallelujah glory to God in Jesus. Name. We thank you, Lord God. Hallelujah. We thank you for the word that sits in her that she is declared over her own life. Lord, we thank you Lord Lord Jesus. Hallelujah we praise the face of God that passes all understanding that he keeps her.

00:25:20 Speaker 5

Smart and it keeps her mind. And then it keeps her heart and that it keeps her in the name of Jesus. God, Lord, that your that’s your words. That she will lie down.

00:25:45 Speaker 8

There is.

00:25:52 Speaker 8

Yes, Jesus, break every chain, break every chain change.

00:26:03 Pastor Terry Taylor

Pray for Timmy. Come on, brothers, let’s circle around our brother here in Jesus. Name.

00:26:08 Speaker 8

There is power in the name of Jesus.

00:26:16 Speaker 8

There is power.

00:26:23 Speaker 8

There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain, break every chain, break every chain, break every chain, break every chain.

00:26:34 Speaker 7

You will feel everything. God will come into every good thing in Jesus. The enemy will not solve Jesus name.

00:26:49 Speaker 7

Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

00:27:01 Pastor Terry Taylor

Anybody else need prayer tonight?

00:27:08 Pastor Terry Taylor

Thank you, Jesus.

00:27:10 Pastor Terry Taylor

Some few other sisters. Let’s pray for Sister Melissa here. Come on over.

00:27:18 Pastor Terry Taylor

Sister pat. Sister Judy? Yes.

00:27:22 Speaker 8

There is power in the name of Jesus.

00:27:30 Speaker 8

There is power in the name of Jesus.

00:27:37 Speaker 8

To break every chain, break every chain, break every change.

00:27:44 Speaker 8

Break every chain, break every chain, break every chain. Break every.

00:27:53 Speaker 8

Break every chinning, break every break, every.

00:28:01 Speaker 8

Break every chain break every chance. Sufficient sacrifice so freely. Given such a price.

00:28:24 Speaker 8

Heavens, gates, swing wide.

00:28:33 Speaker 8

There is power in the name of Jesus. There is town where in the name of Jesus.

00:28:47 Speaker 8

There is.

00:28:50 Speaker 8

In the name of Jesus.

00:28:54 Speaker 8

Break every chain, break every chain, break every change, break every chain, break every change. Break every chain.

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