Understand The Mystery Of Being Kept By God – Job 1

February 21, 2024

Series: Repentance

Topic: Repentance

Scripture: Job 1

Looking back over the last three years, this is where I started. This is where it all began for me. There were ladies that were praying for me and my mother with my praying for me with my mother, and I did a quick turn around and he brought me right in right off of a warrant right out of the woods, right out of running, right out of drugs.

Right out of addiction, right out of everything. And I came in and I came in on that Wednesday night and they realized that it was me that they were praying for.

And Mom was like, that’s them. They pray for and they cried that whole service and I didn’t understand why I didn’t understand what it was and what that love was and I couldn’t. I couldn’t get it. But now I get it. I understand what that is. I understand where it comes from and where it started out and how to get to it and how to dive in and how to pull it in because that’s God’s love.

That’s how God loves us. He loves us unconditionally, no matter what. We have gone through and what we have done when we yield and we say God, here I am, and it’s only me. He loves you the same and and it’s wonderful to see that in humanity. So tonight, I I give honor to God and I and I thank thank.

The Kingdom Builders, because they’re doing exactly that, especially when it comes to someone as myself equipping me with the word, empowering me, encouraging me, and engaging every step of the way we’ve stood on those principles, those principles. And it’s it’s a great thing to have started here and be able to come back here with the word. So tonight I’m going to take the script shot of Job.

Many people know the story of Job.


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Understand The Mystery Of Being Kept By God – Job 1

But there are some things in the in between that we don’t always pick up on or that when we we may skim cross it because we know Joe but he suffered and God gave him back everything, right? It’s a little bit more to that story and that story also goes into my life and your life in everyone’s life it it’s applicable in all ways.

So if you turn with me to Job, Job one.

Chapter one, verse one.

There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job, and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and he showed evil.

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you right now with the humble heart Lord Jesus. Lord, I thank you for allowing me to be on this side this day.

And I thank you for bringing me the ways that you have brought me and teaching me the things that you have taught me, Father. God, as I go before to deliver your word, I asked it to be less of me and more of you. All of your words and not my own. Let it be delivered to the hearts that need to have it and and be received by the ears that need to hear it. Let it fall upon the heart that is broken and the soul.

That is contrite father. God bring back those that need to come and repent and turn from their wicked ways. Father. God, let these words not fall on deaf ears for their your ear. They’re they’re your words. And I’m just your servant in Jesus name.


Job right? He says. The the scripture says he was perfect and upright one that feared God, and he shoot evil. The Hebrew word is he shoot. He didn’t like it, he despised it. He turned away from it. It was like ill. Like, that’s like somebody going to, you know, eat from up under the dumpster.


He despised.


Evil had nothing to do with it, and they were born unto him, seven sons and three daughters. His substance also was 7000 sheep and 3000 camels and 500 yoke of oxen, 500 she ***** in the great household. So he was rich. He had plenty things to come from. He had wealth, he had everything.


His heart desired. He had, though, everything that we look for in in today’s society. He was that guy. He was that guy that was over in the east that was sitting on the the Big Hill, the House on the mansion. Joe was that guy.


It goes on to Scripture, goes on to say, and a very great household. So this is the man. This so that this is the man was. I’m sorry. So that this man was the greatest of all men of the east. And his sons went and feasted in their houses, everyone his day.


And and.


Sent and called for their three sisters to eat and drink with them. So the day comes and they get ready to feast and they have a party and they do their thing. And after that after that, after all of those things and they drink and things like that job is in the midst of them. Scripture goes on. And when it was so, when the days of their feasting.


Were gone about that job, sent and sanctified them, and rose up early in the morning and offered burnt offerings according to the number of them all. For Joe said, it may be.


It may be that my sons have sin and curse God, God in their hearts. Thus did job continually. I’m gonna stop right there for a second.


Joe could look at his children and he could see them. He could see their actions. He could see what they were doing, but he did not know their hearts. He did not know where their mindset was, where their relationship was, but he as a parent, went to God for his children. He took a partition on behalf of his children.


And said this is for my children, just in case, just in case they have done something that is not.


Love you.


Now there was a day when the Sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan.


Came also among them.


The Sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among the.


See, when you have to go to God, there’s no one that is exempt. There’s nothing under the sun that does not have to call to go see what God says. When God says here it is. I want you to come right here and meet me right here. You don’t get an exemption. I don’t care who you are, what you’re doing, how you feel, what your ego is.


You don’t get to be exempt.


Even Satan had to go see what God wanted.


You have to report everything under his authority under his dominion. Had to come. See what God said.


And the Lord said unto Satan, whence comest thou? And then Satan answered the Lord and said from going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in.


It and the Lord said unto Satan, hast thou considered my servant job, and I must stop right there.


He asked Satan where you been? What you been doing?


I’m walking on the earth. I’m going here, there everywhere else. Why? What’s up? What do you need?


Where have you been? So he answered.


You don’t.


Let me let me.


Let me pause for a second.


In that moment.


God brought the attention to job.


Joe was nowhere on Satan’s mind. He was nowhere in the thought process. See, God is omnipresent, omnipotent. He’s all knowing. He’s omniscient, omnipotent. He can do all things. He knows all things. But Satan can’t be everywhere at the same time, he has millions that work on his behalf. So when he asked him where you where you been?


I’ve been up and down the earth. I’ve been everywhere.


The earth. But you he failed to know about Joe. So he says. Have you considered my servant Joe?


In that moment, God was preparing something before us that we could never understand. He already knew what was going to happen before it happened. He knew that when he mentioned his servant job and he put him on Satan’s radar, that Joe was going to do the unimaginable.


He was going to stand firm through everything that would be thrown at him. He knew the outcome before it even began. God intentionally put job on Satan’s.


Why did he do that?


A lot of us reflect right now. We go back to the to, to to Joe. But we say look at all these hardships that that Joe endured, he lost these children, he lost his house, he lost his, his, his family. He lost his skin. He lost all of these things, his friendship and everyone was saying curse him. But God already knew before it happened.


How job was going to react?


And the Lord said unto said to Satan, hast thou considered my servant job? And there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and upright man, one that feared God, and his youth evil. Then Satan answered to answered the Lord and said.


Doth job fear God for not?


Hast thou not made a hedge of protection around him, a hedge around him and about his house, and about all that he had on every side? He’s basically he’s saying right then and there.


You have him in the palm of your hand. You’ve protected him. You’ve given him everything that you think you could possibly think. You’ve guided him to this point. Do you think he’s? He? He. Yeah. He’s gonna honor you. Yeah. He’s gonna be faithful to you. He has no reason not to. He has absolutely zero reason not to.


But he goes on to say, take your hands off of him and he’ll curse you to your face.


He’ll curse you to your face. This is what Satan is.


Saying to God.


And God turns around and he says OK then if that’s how you feel, you can do anything to him. Anything you want to do. But you can’t have his life.


What we fail to see is that when we’re going through things and we’re going through things in life, there’s a reason beyond our sight.


There’s a there’s a testimony being made. Our own breakthrough is not for ourselves. When Joe broke through, he broke through for generations and generations and generations after him so that we can reflect and look back and say, look what God has done. It wasn’t all about job. It was about God’s children.


Having something to rely on and say, look what he did way back then so that we can look and say he is the same God yesterday, today, tomorrow and forevermore.


There’s no changing in him. If he did it, then he can do it again. And if he did it once, he’ll do it twice three times. And I’m standing here and say he’ll do it a lot more than that.


In life.


Parents will pray for their children.


And they pray and they pray protection over them.


Joe’s children were still taken away from him.


Still, even though he went and stood in the gap for them and said, God forgive my children.


The Lord allowed those things to happen for a greater purpose, so he lost his children.


In life, we lose houses, we lose cars, we lose freedom, our children turn to drugs. I’m a child that’s turn to drugs. Let’s use me. Let’s talk about me. I’m a child to turn to drugs. I’m a child. That was in in jail. I’m a child. That was on the run. I’m a child that had a gun pointed to my back. I’m a child. That was rebellious. Reluctant. Everything you said not to do. I did.


Exactly that. There was nothing that I didn’t do that that Mama was shocked about. Let’s put it that way.


But at some point in time.


There was nothing else Mama could do.


There’s only so many prayers that Mama could pray. There’s only so much lamenting that Mama could do.


So in all of that.


Despite job having gone.


To God for his children, the children, the more is the children.


Need to go to God for themselves. Let’s apply that today’s life.


If your children don’t see how to pray and I say, see how to pray, cause you can hear how to pray. But if they don’t see you get in those waters, get in there on your knees, call out to God. Stand on your faith to understand what it looks like to wait upon the Lord to see you struggle through something. How do they know what faith looks like?


How do they know what it sounds like at some point in time, the children have to go to God for themselves. There’s nothing more than Mommy and Daddy can do. Just like Satan. Satan had to go to God for himself. Children are not exempt. Children don’t get a pass.


Edify your children, edify them and help them to understand this is the way to go.


Job sat and and I’m going to give a synopsis here. Job sat with his friends for seven days and seven nights in silence. Seven days and seven nights and sits. Now you turn to the person sitting right next to you. Do you think you’re sitting there company for seven days and seven nights?


In silence.


In absolute silence, there’s something you have to tell me during this time that that Joe was going through these things, these friends come and they’re saying, surely you must have done something. You must have done something to get to this point. They saw him in so much pain and so much agony. Surely you did something and Joe was like, no.


I ain’t did nothing.


Check that you know, reevaluate yourself.


No, I ain’t did nothing.


What those friends should have said was.


Joe, did you forget who God was?


You didn’t curse him, but did you forget who he was?


There’s a purpose in the pain. There’s a purpose in the struggle. There’s a purpose in the trials. There’s a purpose in the affliction. There’s a purpose in everything that you’re going through.


Do you do you think about that? Think about that. If I had friends, I would not want them sitting next to me for seven days and seven nights seeing me struggle and not give me a word of encouragement, not be able to take me back to the cross, not be able to trauma, but don’t trauma bond with me. We have already did all of these since we did drugs together we’ve stolen.


You know, we’ve done all these things, but you can’t inspire me. I don’t need those type of friends. I don’t need those type of friends. Children don’t need those type of friends. And these are the things that we need to to pray for, for our children, to get them to the next point.


When I was growing up, my grandmother taught me to pray at three years old. I was reciting the Lord’s Prayer. I was singing in the choir. I was doing all these things.


You would have not imagined that my life would have turned out the way it was, and I would have been where I where. I ended up being.


But God had a plan.


He had a plan in all of the turmoil. What I didn’t see, and what Mama didn’t see and what grandma didn’t know is that precious is going to one day be able to reach people that others can’t reach to be able to talk to people that others can’t talk to, to relate to those who can’t be related to.


If you hadn’t been through something, you couldn’t tell me nothing. If you don’t know how to come off drugs, don’t tell me how to go drug free.


If you’ve never suffered through something, don’t tell me it’s OK, because it might look one way on paper. It might look one way to a doctor. You may have studied it a certain way, but that’s not the way it is. This is real life, and until you’ve gone through that valley and knowing what it was to be alone and didn’t know what it was to call out to God and didn’t know who God was.


You can’t tell me how to talk to him. You can’t tell me how to push through. You can’t tell me how.


To pray through.


If you ain’t been there, you can’t cut. You can’t hold my hand through it.


Mom would sit precious. She just hard headed. You just wanted your way. And at the time, I was like mom. You just don’t understand. These people are God’s children, too. Yeah, they God shouldn’t. They ain’t my child. That’s what she would say to me. That God should be. They ain’t my child. You my child.


And I still went on and I still went on and I still went on and I understood.


Food along the way that there was a voice that was keeping me there was a voice that was talking to me. But see, I wouldn’t have been able to recognize that voice had I not known who my grandmother was talking to when she was praying, when she would sit on the the bed side and she would cry out. Grandma, who you talking to? Who are you talking to? She said, honey, that’s the Lord.


You come on in, you tell him. Sit on down. Let him be your friend. That’s the greatest friend you’ll ever have. I never saw him. I never smelled him. She said he has a sweet aroma. I never understood that.


But it was something I seen my grandmother go through. She had diabetes. She had kidney failures. She had all of these health issues, but she never worried. She never worried, she never strayed from her faith.


She said God can do everything except for one thing. He cannot. He will not. And he’s incapable of failing. That’s the one thing he can’t do. He can’t do everything cause he cannot fail and he’s a gentleman and he’s not gonna lie to you.


So when you forget where you come from, precious, I want you to remember the word, the words that I instilled in your heart when you were three years old, when you walk through the valley of the shadow that cause there’s gonna come a time where grandma ain’t gonna be able to pray for you. Mom is not gonna be able to help you. There is nothing I can do. You gonna have to go to God for yourself. The same way that Satan had to go check in.


You gonna have to go check in because on Judgment Day, when judgment Day comes, you gotta be there too.


You have to stand there. He’s not gonna ask anybody of anybody else’s opinion on precious come judgment day. There’s nothing Mama can say. Well, she did this, and she did that. It ain’t gonna help. It’s not gonna help. And it’s not gonna do any good.


That voice, that, that, that voice would tell me to.


Get out of a car.


When I was surrounded with nothing but guns.


And I ran and I ran and I ran. Let me tell you something about God. When I say he’s still in the business of doing miracles. I’m not just talking about curing cancer. OK, when I say I was running with a gun towards pointing at my back, I ran to a grapefruit tree Grove. And that sand was.


Unforgiving. It was unforgiving, and I and that voice said, don’t look back the same way it did in Sodom and Gomorrah. Don’t turn.


Back there’s nothing behind you. Keep going forward. What I didn’t understand is what he had for me. Now when I tell you this.


You have to be. I know where. I’m in a room full of believers, but I need you to understand the magnitude. I came to a house in the middle of an orange Grove.


And it was lit up like it was football fields, like a football field, brand new House. I knocked on the door.


Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.


A man answered I could barely see his face for the sweat running down my face. I laid on the ground. Just call the police.


Call my Mama.


My mother got there. The police officer got there. She picks me up, put me in the car, took me home. My adrenaline was rushing because I know that there was a gun on my back. I know that the voice said don’t look back. I know that there was something, but where did this House come from?


My mother got home the next morning. She woke, went to wake me up, she said. Precious. So you hide and I said, Mama, hi, people don’t go to sleep.


They don’t go to sleep.


She said. I want you to show me where you were. I say you came to get me.


You came to get me. My mother was a realtor for Exit Realty. All Stars she had sold over $1,000,000 for the business she had known. She knew this land from the back and from from back to forward. And she looked at, she said, precious, that house don’t exist.


That house does not exist.


When I tell you that God is still in the business of doing miracles, he will put things before you to save you out of situations, to spare you for times and a for a purpose, to be able to stand and have a testimony. To say that he did it for me. He’ll do it for you that there is nothing God can’t undo. If he could Take Me Out of jail with the.


A seven years a prison sentence and then turn around and tell the prosecutors. No, that’s not her sentence. They give me a reduced when he still says no. That is not her sentence and he gives me another reduced sentence. And then he said, and then she gonna walk up outta here cause she has some.


Thing to do every step along the way, I learned something. I learned what it was, I learned who was talking to me. I understood, but I was still rebellious.


I was still running. I still ran. I still ran. That voice protected me. Yes, he’s giving me these outs. He’s done all these things. But I wasn’t ready. Precious wasn’t ready.


When I had kids, I had to go to God for myself. I became my mother. I became that prayer warrior. I became that I didn’t have a relationship with God, but I knew what it looked like to fall on my knees. I knew what it looked like to persevere. I knew what it looked like. When things don’t look as though they should, and that it’s not panning out.


All the cries of my grandmother would play back in my head. The songs that she would sing, the words that she would say, the prayers that she prayed over me.


I thank God, I thank God that he spared me, that he kept a voice in my ear that I could hear him.


He kept me through everything that I had been through, everything that Joe had gone through. God kept him.


He kept him. His skin was falling off. He kept him.


We don’t understand what it’s like to be kept by the Lord. We want to complain about the things that don’t look right. Our bank accounts don’t go right when our children are in agreeance. But what does it truly mean to be kept?


It doesn’t look like what it’s supposed to look because you are not God. You don’t see with his eyes. He sees way down the road and you can only see the right now. The scripture says for now faith is that means you have to have it now, right now before it’s manifested, regardless of what it looks.


Like right now? Not later, not after you prayed, not after you get a little bit of manifestation of something happening, not after somebody agrees with you. Now faith is you have to have it right now. The moment you open your mouth and you ask God for something, you have to have that faith, right.


Now that it is going to come because he is a God that will not lie, his word will not come back void.


Come on.


I’ve met people in prison that didn’t know how to pray.


Now I understood what it was like to sit at grandma’s feet.


Our father, which art in heaven.


Hollow would be thy name.


I understood.


Easter I understood the significance to be able to tell someone that didn’t what that wasn’t raised in church.


The spirit he took a part of his self to save us, made his self flesh, came and walked on this earth. Died just as we die.


He wasn’t murdered like Pastor Thompson. He wasn’t murdered. That was a sacrifice he did out of love.


And if he loved me?


Me there were days that I would curse the ground. My mother walked on.


I could say some egregious things and do some unimaginable things.


God said precious. I’m still talking to you. I’m still keeping you because there’s no one.


No one.


That I don’t love anymore.


I love you.


The same as your mom, the same as the same person in 10 years. I’m gonna have you tell your testimony to.


Because it’s for a purpose. Everything that I’ve gone through, I challenge you to look into your lives, look into your situation, your work situation, and stop complaining about the things that we see right now and stop asking. Well, Lord, what? Ask him, what is it that you have for me to do?


In this current situation, what is it that I don’t see that you see down the line? Let my eyes be yours. Let me humble myself to your ways in this moment so that I can fulfill the purpose that you have for me cause everyone.


Has a purpose.


You’re not just minions. You’re not just little peons running around and you’re not any of any of Satan’s little mini demons. Let’s call them what they are.


You’re not the workers of iniquity. You’re God’s children.


He has a purpose. There’s a purpose in the pain.


There’s a purpose in the tears. There’s a purpose in the broken relationships because we have to understand what it is, what God’s when he’s building character.


He’s building character. See, when he when he allowed those things to happen with Joe.


Had he not, he wouldn’t be prepared for double.


You understand what I’m saying? He took those things, but he gave him back tenfold and double. He gave him those things and some.


But if he would have got hot in the midst of that and he wouldn’t have humbled himself and said and kept his word and not cursed God, then what the greatest testimony would have never been written?


The test was already.


He gave a test.


When there was never a testimony.


He gave us something to look at and how it started when he was perfect. Joe was perfect. What makes you any different?


That you’re not gonna struggle, that you’re not gonna cry, that you’re not gonna breakdown, that you’re not gonna be going through trials and tribulations. What makes you any different?


Your breakthrough may be for your children.


And your generations after.


There’s a purpose in that. The legacy of the church. Had they not stayed praying?


We wouldn’t be. We wouldn’t be gathered right here in this.


Very room.


This platform right here wouldn’t be here for me to speak.


The prayers that were prayed over me wouldn’t have.


Never been spoken.


It’s all for a purpose. Look inside your situation and get past the superficial things. God, what are you doing? Let me see what you’re doing.


Let me see what you’re doing. Bring me to the realization. Give me that understanding. Align. Align my understanding so I can meet your expectation.


Because there’s something for you to do, there’s a reason he had you to go through that. There was a reason I went to jail. There’s a reason I lost everything. There’s a reason God preserved my children. Because in that moment with the mother, a mess like I was, I would have lost them. And I would have been peeling them off the pavement. They would have been another statistic.


But the Lord said I’m going to set them aside.


And I’m still going to call you.


And it wasn’t until I came to this church and I busted these doors down Wednesday after Wednesday.


Wednesday after Wednesday, I was.


Thirsty. I was hungry. I wanted to know the same God that everybody else knew, because I had searched in the world I had searched. I had searched to fill that void in the drugs I had searched in alcohol. I searched in men. I searched in stealing. I searched in everything.


And I couldn’t find anything to plug that hole. I couldn’t find anything that was sufficient enough to hold me to.


Leather the high would wear off.


The Temptations had gone, money was gone. Friends were gone. That hole was just as gaping as it was early that morning.


There was nothing this world could give me to feel that.


And when I stepped foot on this holy ground.


And I felt the hug of the Holy Spirit.


I knew I was home. I knew I was home. I knew this is where I needed to be. I knew that this is I had to go through all of that to appreciate the love that he has. For me, the things that he did and died for me on Calvary, the understanding that I am worth it. I am his. He is mine.


And you can’t take that from me. And that hole is no longer there. That hole is no longer there. That darkness is gone.


That darkness is gone because he did.


I would appreciate it had I not searched the world had I not searched everything out there. Had I not gone through things similar to Joe?


When I say the Lord is in the business of miracles and full restoration.


One thing after the next from jail, from prison to jail, to being on the run, to being homeless, to having my house, my car, my kids, my freedom taken in 30 days, he kept calling me and I kept running until the moment I said I yield.


I yield.


Truly gave it to him. And then here comes cancer. Just like job. Here comes the enemy. Ohh. I’m gonna get you now. I’m gonna break your faith. You got to be quicker than that. But you ain’t smarter than God and you ain’t better than God and you’re not more powerful than him. Because when I said I yield, he said here I am.


And come get everything that I have for you. Come get your healing. Come get your restoration. Come get everything that you allowed the world to take from you that you allowed Satan to steal from. You see, sometimes we give Satan way too much.


Credit we give him way too much credit. He didn’t take it all. I gave half of it away.


Let’s be honest, I gave half of it away.


Everything to go oats. The enemy did it. No, I was hard headed.


I was rebellious. I was reluctant. I did that. I did that. Let’s be accountable. Look at your situation and say I did that.


I did that.


You can’t give everything to say, and he’s he’s not that powerful. He’s not that. He’s he. He has no comparison to God. He can’t do all of those things. He’s thoughts. Let’s think about our thoughts when it comes to depression and anxiety, the enemies ask. No, he might be able to plant thoughts.


He can’t read them.


He he can’t hear when you praying in the spirit he you give him too much power over the things he has no authority over.


He has no authority over you, so let’s call it what it is and own up to it. Quit giving him things and then expect this. Ohh the Lord. Give me back everything the enemy stole from me. So you’re.


Praying the wrong prayer.


You’re praying the wrong prayer. You’re saying the wrong things.


Lord, give me back the things that I gave the enemy out of ignorance.


Help me to get past the traumas that I lived in sin.


Forgive me for those things and allow myself to heal.


That I don’t continue to give the enemy credit where credit is not due.


Because he is not you.


Let’s hold ourselves accountable, hold those children accountable.


Let’s stop coddling them.


And understand that when you put them in the Lord’s hands, you better have faith right then and there. There’s no point in saying a prayer if you ain’t gonna live on it. There’s no point in reciting scripture if you’re not gonna live it.


And don’t pretend about it because God knows he sits high and look low and he does know all things he does know your thoughts. He knows your hearts, your desires. He knows when you’re going to Step 2 steps back and three steps to the side.


Because he’s that guy. That’s him.


That is him.


Had it not been for the prayers.


Had it not been for a praying mother, had it not been for a praying grandmother, I wouldn’t know how to pray.


I wouldn’t know how to go to God for myself. I wouldn’t know.


How to push through?


But had it not been for the love of Christ.


The love of Christ to see me beyond all of those things.


And say come here, child. I have a job for you.


Come here. I have a voice. I I have. I have a message for you to speak. I have a message for you to carry.


Just like the disciples.


He picked the most wild ones.


To carry his word, let’s talk about me. When he cut off his ear, he was like, ears off. He was like. Here you go, guy.


They were rough around the edge.


They didn’t come from from Triple Crown. No, no offense to nobody in Triple Crown, but they didn’t come from Triple Crown. They didn’t come from Washington, DC. They didn’t come from, you know, Savannah, you know, on the top of the hills, they were.


From the bottom.


The bottom of the barrel.


And he picked them up at that bottom.


And he dusted him off.


He still saw them through all of their.


Imperfections and gave them something so perfect to carry.


Throughout the world.


Don’t miss the message when it comes to job.


What we didn’t expect was the testimony to be created.


A test to be given knowing the outcome we we missed that we missed that and we look at the story of his suffrage, we miss it.


That God was giving us something right then to say, look at all these things I did for one man and he was perfect.


I had my hand on him.


Tonight, if there’s any of you that have things in your life.


That you really want the Lord to to dig deep and help you to heal.


The children that you really want to put at the lowest feet, and so here they are.


And this is my faith.


Sister Julie, you come up. You can come to the music.


If there are things that you don’t quite understand, and your mission and your purpose.


And if you feel that there is still more for you to get or that you’re not getting, I’m inviting you to prayer right now.


Inviting you to this moment where you say God.


I don’t know at all.


I don’t have it figured out.


Search me.


Search me.


Give me a mirror that I can see myself. Give me the strength that I need.


To allow you to do these things if there’s a child that you need to pray over in addiction, a child is suffering with anxiety and depression. You come on up and and let us pray for you.

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