Trust In God’s Deliverance Plan Always – Exodus 2:23

December 6, 2023

Series: Trust In God

Topic: Trust In God

Trust in God’s Deliverance Plan when you think there is no hope, no where to go, God always has a salvation plan.

About six weeks ago, I was reading the devotion and it was from World Challenge David Wilkerson.

And just one phrase in that whole devotion really stuck. Really stuck.

In my mind, and pierced my heart.

And I entitled it what I just want to share briefly this evening and took off their chariot wheels. If you have your Bibles, can you turn with me, please? To Exodus chapter 14? But I’m going to start with Chapter 2 briefly.

If you’ve been in the Lord long enough.

You know that the Lord has a plan for you, a place for you.

A purpose for your life. But how many times do you go through situations and you question God? Is it gonna happen? God, I don’t see things taking place. I don’t see things happening in my life. I see it happen for everyone else.

00:01:07 Minister Jeff Enriques

I don’t see it taking place for.

00:01:08 Minister Jeff Enriques

Me and faith.

00:01:09 Minister Jeff Enriques

And I went through that really for the past year and a half, two years of just the transition of things we’re going through it.

00:01:16 Minister Jeff Enriques

Boom. And we would weep and we’d cry and.

00:01:19 Minister Jeff Enriques

I’d be going to work and I’d just be crying and say God, I say what everyone else what about us? And it was 7 years really of turmoil and and and struggle of what we’re going through.

00:01:34 Minister Jeff Enriques

And I think of the Israelites in the Book of Exodus. We hear so many times that.

00:01:42 Minister Jeff Enriques

Israel, being in Egypt is a type of us being in the world and the Lord delivering us from the world and and bringing us out and saving our souls. But I want to take it a little different.

00:01:54 Minister Jeff Enriques

They were the children of God. They were the apple of his eye and they were in a situation that seemed impossible.

00:02:02 Minister Jeff Enriques

And many of us, I’m sure, can say that I’ve been in a situation where I’m in a situation that just seems difficult.

00:02:10 Minister Jeff Enriques

And hopeless.

00:02:12 Minister Jeff Enriques

And I don’t see a way out.

00:02:14 Minister Jeff Enriques

And in chapter.

00:02:15 Minister Jeff Enriques

One of the Book of Exodus, we see that they’re making bricks and they.

00:02:21 Minister Jeff Enriques

Have the straw.

00:02:22 Minister Jeff Enriques

The make the bricks and it’s they’re in ******* and they’re in slavery.

00:02:28 Minister Jeff Enriques

But then what takes place in Exodus Chapter 2 is the birth of Moses.

00:02:34 Minister Jeff Enriques

How many of us know that God had us in mind before, before we were in our mother’s womb, that they had the purpose and the plan?

00:02:44 Minister Jeff Enriques

When the beginning of Exodus chapter two, we see the birth of Moses. We see that Pharaoh wanted 2 kill all the male babies because they were the Israelites were growing rapidly.

00:02:58 Minister Jeff Enriques

And that they would lose control. So he basically put out that decree says we need to destroy the male babies of the Israelites.

00:03:08 Minister Jeff Enriques

But thank God that there was a mom who had wisdom and a heart for God, he said. And she says, you know what? I’m gonna make a basket. I’m gonna seal it, and I’m gonna put my son inside this basket and put him in the river.

00:03:22 Minister Jeff Enriques

Divine Providence.

00:03:25 Minister Jeff Enriques

Divine provision for God’s people. You see, many times we don’t see what God’s doing, but God’s already working even before we go through a situation because he is the alpha and Omega the beginning.

00:03:40 Minister Jeff Enriques

And the end.

00:03:41 Minister Jeff Enriques

And it’s just a few things I want to establish even before I get into this.

00:03:45 Minister Jeff Enriques

God always deals with the end of time and eternity.

00:03:57 Minister Jeff Enriques

Also, our former pastor said this and it stuck with me and also with faith. God isn’t so much interested in how we start the race, but he’s interested in how we finish the race.

00:04:14 Minister Jeff Enriques

So going back to Exodus Chapter 2. So we see Moses in the basket in the river and we see that God’s already placed.

00:04:25 Minister Jeff Enriques

His sister.

00:04:27 Minister Jeff Enriques

Keeping an eye on him, going down the river.



00:04:31 Minister Jeff Enriques

But then also in Exodus Chapter 2, the Israelites now are crying out to their God.

00:04:37 Minister Jeff Enriques

Look at verse 23. I know I said X is chapter 14, but go to Exodus chapter 2, verse 23.

00:04:46 Minister Jeff Enriques

The Israelites are going through a hard time now. They’re expected to make bricks without straw.

00:04:54 Minister Jeff Enriques

A hard taskmaster. Verse 23, it says, and it came to pass in process of time that the king of Egypt died. And the children of Israel, signed by reason of the *******. And they cried and their cry came up unto God by reason of the *******. Thank God that when we cry.

00:05:14 Minister Jeff Enriques

Our cry comes up before God. The Bible says that he hears us even before we.

00:05:20 Minister Jeff Enriques

Pray Amen that he’s a God that hears in verse 24. It says, and God heard their groaning and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob. And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God had respect unto them #1.

00:05:40 Minister Jeff Enriques

What are we seeing? God heard their cry. God hears our cry when we go with through situations and circumstances, and it seems hopeless. And it seems like the enemy is pursuing too. God remembers his covenant with us through Jesus Christ when he died upon the cross that was his covenant, the New Covenant that he has with the children.

00:06:00 Minister Jeff Enriques

Of God also he remembers the promises he has made to us many times. We question God. Where are the promises? I don’t see him taking place. But he remembers the promises that he’s made to us. Thirdly, God looked upon them. God sees us in our struggle.

00:06:21 Minister Jeff Enriques

That God sees us in our struggle. Thank God we have an all seeing God that when we’re going through things, we wonder. God, do you even see?

00:06:30 Minister Jeff Enriques

Me. Do you even hear me when I cry? But thank God he’s his. He is always open to the cry of his children. Amen.

00:06:40 Minister Jeff Enriques

But listen to what verse 25 says an amplified version. I like this God saw the sons of Israel, and God took notice of them.

00:06:51 Minister Jeff Enriques

And was concerned about them knowing all understanding all and remembering.

00:06:56 Minister Jeff Enriques

Oh, knowing that when we’re going through situations and circumstances and the enemies pursuing, we have a God that knows all, understands all and it says he noticed them. It was concerned about them. You see, we have a father in heaven who’s a perfect God, a perfect father. He will not.

00:07:16 Minister Jeff Enriques

Cast us aside, he will not forsake us, even though these times we feel that we are forsaken and the enemy wants to isolate us. But thank God we have a God in heaven, a father who’s a good, good father. Amen. Hallelujah. Praise God. And as I mentioned.

00:07:36 Minister Jeff Enriques

That they’re going through this situation, but God already had a plan of deliverance in mind.

00:07:42 Minister Jeff Enriques

We see the birth of Moses, we see them going through a hard time, but then it says Moses grew up and in the book of Hebrews it says that he didn’t want the things of Egypt.

00:07:54 Minister Jeff Enriques

But he rather suffer.

00:07:58 Minister Jeff Enriques

With the Israelites and identified with them.

00:08:02 Minister Jeff Enriques

And it says that God had a plan. And how do we know that God had Moses in mind?

00:08:10 Minister Jeff Enriques

For deliverance, we noticed that when he was 40 years old, he killed an Egyptian and he thought no one saw it. But then two Israelites were fighting, and when they saw him, they said, are you going to kill us like you did the Egyptian and he feared for his life and he fled to the desert.

00:08:30 Minister Jeff Enriques

And it was in the desert where he met God. You see, when he was 40, he thought he was doing the will of God. He felt maybe that call of to be the deliverer for the Israelites. But see, he was not acting in God’s time.



00:08:45 Minister Jeff Enriques

But yet when he saw the burning Bush.

00:08:49 Minister Jeff Enriques

He says Moses, we are standing his holy ground.

00:08:53 Minister Jeff Enriques

Take off your shoes. I have a purpose and a plan. But God, you know what? I can’t speak.

00:08:58 Minister Jeff Enriques

I stutter. I have insecurities, I have inadequacies.

00:09:04 Minister Jeff Enriques

Maybe there’s someone here this evening that you’re going through the same thing, and since God can’t use me, I have inadequacies.

00:09:11 Minister Jeff Enriques

I have shortcomings.

00:09:14 Minister Jeff Enriques

They don’t know my past sister, Latoya ministered awesome word last week.

00:09:19 Minister Jeff Enriques

It says you know what our past is under the blood, so it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, what you’ve gone through. God can use you no matter what your situation, no matter what your circumstance, no matter how you feel and your inadequacies.

00:09:34 Minister Jeff Enriques

Because God has a purpose for every single one of us.

00:09:37 Minister Jeff Enriques

Praise God. Hallelujah.

00:09:41 Minister Jeff Enriques

We think that our situation is too much and there’s no hope and the enemy keeps pouring it on and it gets harder and harder.

00:09:50 Minister Jeff Enriques

Man, that’s why it seems like it just gets harder. We’re between a rock and a.

00:09:54 Minister Jeff Enriques

Hard place.

00:09:56 Minister Jeff Enriques

In verse 3.

00:09:58 Minister Jeff Enriques

Let’s turn to chapter 14 is where I want to go just briefly and I read the 1st 3 verses.

00:10:06 Minister Jeff Enriques

Exodus chapter 14 verses one to three.

00:10:12 Minister Jeff Enriques

And it says in the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, and I’m going to stop right there, notice that it was the Lord saying to Moses. And when I read this, I was like, this is interesting because many times when we think that when the Israelites came out of Egypt and they’re being pursued.

00:10:31 Minister Jeff Enriques

By the Egyptians, they come to the Red Sea.

00:10:37 Minister Jeff Enriques

And it was all they’re doing.

00:10:39 Minister Jeff Enriques

But it hit me. Let’s read verse 2.

00:10:43 Minister Jeff Enriques

And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, speak unto the children of Israel, that they turn and encamp before by her hiraeth between Migdal and the sea.

00:10:57 Minister Jeff Enriques

Over against Bill Zephon before it, shall you encamp by the sea. Verse 3 for Pharaoh will say of the cell of the children of Israel. They are entangled in the land. The wilderness has shut them in. Notice the 1st 2 verses.

00:11:18 Minister Jeff Enriques

Says the Lord spoke to Moses.

00:11:21 Minister Jeff Enriques

That I’m going to lead your people to the sea.

00:11:25 Minister Jeff Enriques

You see, and I thought of when Jesus was baptized, the dove came down and rested upon him, and it says that who led him into the wilderness to be tempted of the enemy?

00:11:39 Minister Jeff Enriques

The Holy Spirit led Jesus after he was baptized into the wilderness to be tempted, and I thought of this. It says that the Lord led them to that place, to the Red Sea.

00:11:52 Minister Jeff Enriques

Many times we think that our situation, our rock in a hard place, maybe it’s just the enemy or something we’ve done. But yet sometimes maybe God has brought us to that place. Why? To show his glory, to show his strength, to show his power in us, that we would just stand and see how powerful God.

00:12:12 Minister Jeff Enriques

It is.

00:12:14 Minister Jeff Enriques

And here it says the Lord led them to their place, to the Red Sea, a place where now there’s no ways to go.

00:12:22 Minister Jeff Enriques

They have the sea in front of them. They look to the right, they look to the left. We can’t turn that way. If I look back.

00:12:31 Minister Jeff Enriques

Here’s the Egyptians are coming. But then notice verse 3 and this is just like Satan for Pharaoh will Save the Children of Israel. They are entangled in the land. The wilderness has shut them in.

00:12:47 Minister Jeff Enriques

Basically, the enemy is saying I’ve got them now.

00:12:52 Minister Jeff Enriques

They have no place to go.

00:12:54 Minister Jeff Enriques

It’s it’s done.

00:12:56 Minister Jeff Enriques

Many times in our own self, we might feel the same way. God, I’ve got to this place. I’m in this situation and it feels like it’s all over. The enemies in hot pursuit. I can’t go to the right. I can’t go straight. I can’t go to the.

00:13:13 Minister Jeff Enriques

And the enemies pursue me. God, what do I do but see? God brought them there for a reason. It goes on. It says that God hardened pharaoh’s heart. Did it really say that God hardened his heart? No, it caught it says basically, that he allowed Pharaoh’s heart to become stubborn, to fight against God.

00:13:34 Minister Jeff Enriques

And it goes.

00:13:35 Minister Jeff Enriques

On in Chapter 14 and it says Israel, Israel is now in a place where they can’t go anywhere. Pharaoh now is like, you know what, let’s get our army. Let’s get our Chariots and horses.

00:13:50 Minister Jeff Enriques

All our military might, and let’s go after these people. You know what? They were our slaves.

00:13:58 Minister Jeff Enriques

We need to bring them back and we know that when Moses stood before Pharaoh, God instructed him to tell Pharaoh, let my people go.

00:14:09 Minister Jeff Enriques

And yet Pharaoh only let them go so far, and he had to go before Pharaoh few times and say, let my people go. But then there was that mighty deliverance. And now they’re in the process. They’re being pursued. And it says that pharaoh is like, we’ve got them now. They’re cornered.

00:14:28 Minister Jeff Enriques

Many times in our Christian walk, we feel cornered.

00:14:31 Minister Jeff Enriques

That our back is against the wall and it seems like there’s no way out and I know we’ve sung in this church and we’ve heard it online. Wayne maker.

00:14:42 Minister Jeff Enriques

That he is a waymaker and the story goes on in Exodus, saying how they’re being pursued and look at verse 13.

00:14:54 Minister Jeff Enriques

With me, please. Things are now going.

00:14:59 Minister Jeff Enriques

Really bad.

00:15:01 Minister Jeff Enriques

They now look to Moses and they’re saying, you know what, Moses?

00:15:06 Minister Jeff Enriques

We had a better in Egypt. You just brought us out here to die. We don’t see a graveyard. We just see death.

00:15:17 Minister Jeff Enriques

Moses, we should have just gone back cause this now is just useless. We thought. Really. You were leading us to the promised land.

00:15:28 Minister Jeff Enriques

But now it’s just hopelessness.

00:15:31 Minister Jeff Enriques

Our end is here. We’re we’re dead.

00:15:34 Minister Jeff Enriques

Many times when we’re in situations, the enemy wants to think that we’re just dead.

00:15:39 Minister Jeff Enriques

And there’s no hope that God’s forsaken us. His hand has been lifted from us, but seeing God’s Providence, if we go back to Chapter 2, God already had.

00:15:50 Minister Jeff Enriques

Deliverance in minds, but also he had.

00:15:55 Minister Jeff Enriques

The Israelites in mind, he had pharaoh in mind in verse 14.

00:16:01 Minister Jeff Enriques

I’ll read verse 13 and I’ll go to 14. And Moses said unto the people fear ye not. How many times when we’re in situations that we fear faith can testify to it. Not that it’s a good thing in this regard. That’s one thing that I’ve battled with for a long time.

00:16:21 Minister Jeff Enriques

This fear.

00:16:23 Minister Jeff Enriques

And I heard Perry Stone say this that.

00:16:26 Minister Jeff Enriques

Perfect love. Cast out fear. So I need to be made perfect in God’s love.

00:16:32 Minister Jeff Enriques

And the scripture tells us over and over and over and over again, to fear not.

00:16:38 Minister Jeff Enriques

But maybe that’s where my disobedience is, where I say God, I’m afraid.

00:16:44 Minister Jeff Enriques

But the Lord gave me.

00:16:47 Minister Jeff Enriques

A song and not to go into in detail last April before we came down in May, it was a song by Don Moylan in the 1990s when he sang with integrity.

00:16:59 Minister Jeff Enriques

And it was prophetic.

00:17:01 Minister Jeff Enriques

And the first three words were be strong and courageous. Know what the next line was?

00:17:08 Minister Jeff Enriques

Fear not.

00:17:10 Minister Jeff Enriques

And be not dismayed.

00:17:12 Minister Jeff Enriques

When I heard when I heard that, I looked up the song because I woke up from asleep with that tune.

00:17:19 Minister Jeff Enriques

And I looked up the song and.

00:17:20 Minister Jeff Enriques

When I read it and.

00:17:22 Minister Jeff Enriques

Let faith hear. She started to cry.

00:17:24 Minister Jeff Enriques

So in that aspect, that’s where I’ve been disobedient God, I’m fearing and he tells me that fear not. And him Moses is telling the Israelites do not fear because he knew that God had commanded him, called him to be the deliverer for the people of Israel.

00:17:43 Minister Jeff Enriques

And watch what it says, not just the fear ye not, but to stand still.

00:17:49 Minister Jeff Enriques

That doesn’t make sense.

00:17:51 Minister Jeff Enriques


00:17:53 Minister Jeff Enriques

It’s either if you’re in a fight, you’re either gonna fight or flight. I’m gonna take off because I don’t want any part.

00:18:00 Minister Jeff Enriques

Of this.

00:18:01 Minister Jeff Enriques

But here it says to stand still.

00:18:04 Minister Jeff Enriques

In our control mind, when we’re in situations, we want to run how many times instead of running to God, we run away from God.

00:18:11 Minister Jeff Enriques

And many times those situations also will cause us to not even come to church. Well, God’s forgotten me. God’s forsaking me, God has left me. Why should I go to church? Look at the situation and the circumstance I’m in. Why should I go to church instead of running to him and being in a place? The church is a hospital.

00:18:31 Minister Jeff Enriques

To be restored to be ministered to, to be built up, and to have one another, to pray for one another, and Ephesians chapter 6. It says when you’ve done all you can to sit.

00:18:45 Minister Jeff Enriques

When you’ve done all you can to stand.

00:18:51 Minister Jeff Enriques

Why? Because here it says in verse 13 and C the salvation of the Lord.

00:18:59 Minister Jeff Enriques

You see, remembering.

00:19:01 Minister Jeff Enriques

The first two verses it says the Lord led him to that place.

00:19:06 Minister Jeff Enriques

And it just seemed like the enemy is in hot pursuit, and now they’re fearing they just want to go back to Egypt.

00:19:12 Minister Jeff Enriques

But here.

00:19:14 Minister Jeff Enriques

Moses instructed them. Fear not.

00:19:19 Minister Jeff Enriques

Stand still.

00:19:21 Minister Jeff Enriques

And see the salvation of the Lord, which he will show to you today. Thank God. He’s a now God. We know that he’s yesterday, today and forever. But he’s a now God. He’s a very present help in the time of trouble. Just like that song says he’s just as close.

00:19:42 Minister Jeff Enriques

As the mention.

00:19:43 Minister Jeff Enriques

Of his name. So when we say the name of Jesus.

00:19:45 Minister Jeff Enriques

He’s this. He’s right. There he is right there, he said. He’ll never leave us, nor forsake us. And though in our own strength and might we believe that he leaves us. But let’s go on it says for the Egyptians, whom you have seen today, you shall see them again. No more forever.

00:20:06 Minister Jeff Enriques

God has placed the enemy under our feet. How many times do we walk with the enemy under our feet? For me, sometimes it’s like Lord, I’m battling. We’re our worst enemies at time.

00:20:19 Minister Jeff Enriques

And that song that passed to Tommy, I believe saying.

00:20:22 Minister Jeff Enriques

At brother swaggart’s.

00:20:25 Minister Jeff Enriques

And he put his foot up in the song where I guess it was a cousin who wrote the song and the enemy was on his soul of her shoe. And that’s where the enemy needs to be. And verse 1415.

00:20:37 Minister Jeff Enriques

The Lord told.

00:20:38 Minister Jeff Enriques

Moses that the people are to go forward. You see, the enemy wants us to retreat and sometimes circumstances.

00:20:45 Minister Jeff Enriques

Causes us to say let’s go back to Egypt. We had it good. Then even though we.

00:20:51 Minister Jeff Enriques

We’re in *******. The Lord always has his children moving forward. Scripture says that he leads us in triumphal victory.

00:21:00 Minister Jeff Enriques

You see circumstances and the enemy wants us to either stop and go backwards but see God told the Israelites to go forward. You see, God parted the Red Sea and now they’re parting and walking on dry ground. You see that dry ground was the path to bring them to the purpose and the place where.

00:21:21 Minister Jeff Enriques

God wanted them to be, and just like in allies, God has that dry ground that he wants us to walk upon. You see? And then it goes on in verse.

00:21:31 Minister Jeff Enriques

25 and I’m getting ahead of myself, but kind of to close it up real quick. It says they walked on dry ground and the Egyptians are pursuing them. And it says that they kept going. You see that path of dry ground? We have to keep going forward. We can’t look back.

00:21:50 Minister Jeff Enriques

Sometimes you get discouraged, but you need to keep moving forward and it says in the later latter verses it says that God troubled the Egyptians and it says he caused the wheels of the Chariots to fall off.

00:22:06 Minister Jeff Enriques

And it says then the Israelites, the Egyptians rather, I’m sorry, realized that the Lord was fighting their battle. And it says they want to turn around because they knew that they weren’t fighting the Egyptians. You know what else it says? It says out of the pillar of fire out of the pillar of out of the the smoke.

00:22:26 Minister Jeff Enriques

The pillar of fire and the cloud. It says that God’s.

00:22:29 Minister Jeff Enriques

Saw the Egyptians, he saw the Israelites and it says that the presence of God went behind them. Thank God. Scripture says that he is our shield and buckler. He is our strong tower that see God has us underneath the shadow of the Almighty.

00:22:48 Minister Jeff Enriques

And then he covers us with his wings and it says God troubled the Egyptians and the wheels fell off and they got to the other side.

00:22:57 Minister Jeff Enriques

They got to that place where God wanted them to be, and that was just the beginning.

00:23:05 Minister Jeff Enriques

But yet many times we.

00:23:07 Minister Jeff Enriques

Believe that the enemy is pursuing us, but thank God we serve a God who stops the plans of the enemy.

00:23:16 Minister Jeff Enriques

In our lives, when he’s pursuing us, he will stop the plan of the enemy, and I’ll just share this. Maybe it’s for someone this evening. God has spoken to you and you know that God has a plan for your life and the enemies just coming against you in such a severe way and wants you to give up.

00:23:36 Minister Jeff Enriques

To go back, not to move forward.

00:23:40 Minister Jeff Enriques

And you just like God, what do I do?

00:23:44 Minister Jeff Enriques

God is saying keep moving forward.

00:23:47 Minister Jeff Enriques

Keep moving forward. Those circumstances are not going to hinder my plan for your life. We just have to surrender to him. And another thing I was thinking of, and I was talking with faith this afternoon and just more thoughts came to my mind. It says when they reached the other side and they’re looking. And Dave Wilkerson.

00:24:07 Minister Jeff Enriques

The sermon and says the right song, but on the wrong side.

00:24:13 Minister Jeff Enriques

They were praising God after they got to the other side of the Red Sea instead of rather praising God before the Red Sea was even open.

00:24:22 Minister Jeff Enriques

But see when they look and now they they see the Egyptians all in confusion.

00:24:28 Minister Jeff Enriques

And even turning back at some of them, probably in hot pursuit, the Red Sea now God closes, and now they’re no longer there. They don’t see the enemy. It says that they saw bodies washed up on shore.

00:24:42 Minister Jeff Enriques

And what came to my mind this afternoon, and I’ll close with this. You see, when they looked back and they saw the Red Sea clothes.

00:24:50 Minister Jeff Enriques

God was closing the Red Sea to their past.

00:24:57 Minister Jeff Enriques

The Bible says forgetting those things which are behind, but pressing forward to the prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ. Many times we have to forget not the victories, because we learn from our victories, but those times of defeat. And, you know, even our failures.

00:25:18 Minister Jeff Enriques

But see, God wants us to realize.

00:25:21 Minister Jeff Enriques

That he is there.

00:25:25 Minister Jeff Enriques

And that when we look at that, the enemy has under our feet.

00:25:30 Minister Jeff Enriques

Philippians 213 says for it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do his good pleasure.

00:25:41 Minister Jeff Enriques

It looked like it was an hopeless situation. It looked like their future was now gone, that they had no future. It looked like they were out in Egypt. I mean, in the wilderness or even before the Red Sea.

00:25:59 Minister Jeff Enriques

That mean we’re here to die.

00:26:03 Minister Jeff Enriques

But just to sum it up.

00:26:05 Minister Jeff Enriques

God had a plan for deliverance.

00:26:08 Minister Jeff Enriques

Even while they were crying out.

00:26:10 Minister Jeff Enriques

Which was Moses?

00:26:12 Minister Jeff Enriques

And see for all of us. God has a plan for deliverance even in the midst of our situation. Now God already knew you were in that situation, or would be in that situation because he sees all.

00:26:25 Minister Jeff Enriques

From the beginning and the end.

00:26:29 Minister Jeff Enriques

And it’s a song I forgot who sings it. It says even if we still have breath.

00:26:35 Minister Jeff Enriques

God’s not done with us.

00:26:38 Minister Jeff Enriques

Many times we think that God might be done with us when we’re at the Red Sea.

00:26:44 Minister Jeff Enriques

But it’s there. Sometimes God will lead us to show his great power, to show his great strength, to show his glory, and that we just need to stand and see the salvation of our God.

00:26:59 Minister Jeff Enriques

That he will take us through and.

00:27:01 Minister Jeff Enriques

We will reach.

00:27:04 Minister Jeff Enriques

The destination that he has for us if.

00:27:07 Minister Jeff Enriques

We faint not.

00:27:10 Minister Jeff Enriques

Be not weary in well doing.

00:27:13 Minister Jeff Enriques

Fight the good fight of faith, the apostle Paul said.

00:27:17 Minister Jeff Enriques

And then at the end, he says I have finished my course. I’ve done. I’ve done all that I can. I’m ready to see Jesus.

00:27:26 Minister Jeff Enriques

So when it seems like you’re at the Red Sea and you don’t know where to turn.

00:27:33 Minister Jeff Enriques

Allow Jesus to pot that Red Sea. You will walk on dry ground.

00:27:38 Minister Jeff Enriques

When you turn around that situation.

00:27:42 Minister Jeff Enriques

That you’re in, it’s for your glory and for your deliverance. Be it for the enemies, defeat.

00:27:49 Minister Jeff Enriques

Now we can’t look back any longer.

00:27:52 Minister Jeff Enriques

Because another reason I believe the Red Sea was closed so the Israelites would not go back to Egypt.

00:28:01 Minister Jeff Enriques

So they wouldn’t go back.

00:28:04 Minister Jeff Enriques

And many times, even when they cross the Jordan on dry ground, they put stones for memorial.

00:28:11 Minister Jeff Enriques

To see how God, how good God is, how powerful he is.

00:28:18 Minister Jeff Enriques

The situation and the circumstance you might be.

00:28:21 Minister Jeff Enriques

In you might feel helpless and hopeless. God’s forsaking you. God’s left you that you’re not.

00:28:28 Minister Jeff Enriques

You just don’t have it anymore. You just.

00:28:31 Minister Jeff Enriques

Feel like giving up?

00:28:33 Minister Jeff Enriques

Hold on.

00:28:35 Minister Jeff Enriques

Hold on stands. Don’t fear. Just stand and see the salvation of our God because he will bring you forth on dry ground and your enemies will be defeated. Those plans of Satan will become null and void because Jesus leads us in triumphal victory.

00:28:56 Minister Jeff Enriques

And he sees what’s behind us and who’s pursuing us, but it’ll lead us to the other side. And one day, when we have crossed.

00:29:08 Minister Jeff Enriques

The Red Sea on this side of Earth.

00:29:12 Minister Jeff Enriques

We’ll get to the other side if we just hold on.

00:29:16 Minister Jeff Enriques

And say it will be worth it all.

00:29:20 Minister Jeff Enriques

When we see Jesus.

00:29:23 Minister Jeff Enriques

And that’s why our former pastor was right. It doesn’t matter. It’s not so much God’s concerned on how we start.

00:29:31 Minister Jeff Enriques

But it’s how we finish.

00:29:33 Minister Jeff Enriques

It’s how we finished. Would you stand with me this evening?

00:29:39 Minister Jeff Enriques

Thank you so much for the opportunity, Pastor Terry, Pastor Lane, sister Vicky for and you folks for allowing me to share God’s word.

00:29:49 Minister Jeff Enriques

Being encouraged.

00:29:52 Minister Jeff Enriques

We’re on the winning side.

00:29:56 Minister Jeff Enriques

Jesus leads us in triumphal victory.

00:30:00 Minister Jeff Enriques

We know that we have won because we read the end of.

00:30:04 Minister Jeff Enriques

The book.

00:30:06 Minister Jeff Enriques

He’s our blessed hope.

00:30:08 Minister Jeff Enriques

And when you’re struggling and you’re going through it.

00:30:12 Minister Jeff Enriques

Hold on.

00:30:15 Minister Jeff Enriques

I know there’s times where it gets hard.

00:30:22 Minister Jeff Enriques

And then yourself. I know I I go through that and myself. I just say God, I just.

00:30:28 Minister Jeff Enriques

And just don’t add up.

00:30:30 Minister Jeff Enriques

But the Bible says we’re not to compare ourselves with other people.

00:30:35 Minister Jeff Enriques

But just to compare ourselves with the word of God.

00:30:38 Minister Jeff Enriques

It says you know what? God, I I don’t have what it takes. I’m not like so. And so I I Can’t Sing like them. I can’t preach like them. I can’t play instruments like them. I don’t have the hospitality like them. And it goes on and on and on. Just like in the beginning. It doesn’t matter on inadequacies. You know what God wants.

00:30:56 Minister Jeff Enriques

He doesn’t want our ability.

00:30:59 Minister Jeff Enriques

He wants our availability.

00:31:02 Minister Jeff Enriques

Just like Isaiah said, here I am, Lord. Send me. And that’s what he wants for us to say. Here I am. Lord, send me. I don’t have it all. I don’t have it all put together. God, I don’t have the education.

00:31:19 Minister Jeff Enriques

Doesn’t matter. You know what God’s interested in.


Our heart.

00:31:25 Minister Jeff Enriques

Our heart, he didn’t say. Well, I want you to love education more than this. I want you to love this more than this. He says. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

00:31:42 Minister Jeff Enriques

So whatever you’re going through this evening, be encouraged that if I could say it in slang, God’s got your back.

00:31:53 Minister Jeff Enriques

God’s got your back.

00:31:57 Minister Jeff Enriques

To go forward and not to go backwards. So if you need prayer, I’m going to turn it over to Pastor Terry. If you need prayer. If you’re feeling discouraged in that situation.

00:32:11 Minister Jeff Enriques

I would open it up for you to come forward for prayer.

00:32:18 Minister Jeff Enriques

And the elders, Pastor Lane Pastor Steve, Pastor Terry and others will pray.

00:32:23 Minister Jeff Enriques

But before I even do that, I just feel in my heart. I was thinking of it. I wanna pray for.

00:32:28 Minister Jeff Enriques

Sister Janice.

00:32:30 Minister Jeff Enriques

I also want to pray for Ryan and many others do it. Can I do I have that liberty just to pray? If you don’t mind. And then the altars will be open.

00:32:40 Minister Jeff Enriques

Heavenly Father, we come to you in Jesus Christ, precious name.

00:32:45 Minister Jeff Enriques

Father, we come to you on behalf of Sister Janice.

00:32:49 Minister Jeff Enriques

Father, we pray to you and touch your heart. Touch your lungs that you would touch her from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. God, that the oxygen levels will level out. Oh, God, that you would touch with your nail scarred hands that you would quicken your mortal body. Then you touch every fiber of her being. Oh, God, that you would breathe into her. Lord God.

00:33:10 Minister Jeff Enriques

Breathing to her lungs, Lord minister strength be with the family of God through this Time Lord, we lift her up to you. You know how she desires to be in the.

00:33:20 Minister Jeff Enriques

House of God.

00:33:22 Minister Jeff Enriques

Father, we lift her up to you. Father. We pray for brother Bryan. Oh, God. God, I ask in the name of Jesus that you would speak to those cancer cells, that you would curse them. O God, in Jesus name God, that you would breathe life into that body. They you would curse the spirit of death.

00:33:42 Minister Jeff Enriques

Build up the spirit of infirmity. Lord, that Lord in the healing balm of Gilead will flow even now. Lord on his sick bed. Then you would raise him up. God for your good and for your glory and for your purposes. Lord God is the apostle Paul.

00:33:57 Minister Jeff Enriques

Said we they prayed for the one that was sake. Lord have mercy on them, but all also have mercy on me. Father, have mercy on brother Ryan and for the family and friends and church family. God may he sent your presence even now. Oh God. Nothing’s too difficult for you. O God, you smoke the world.

00:34:17 Minister Jeff Enriques

To existence. So God, you hung the stars in the sky. Lord God, Lord, you’re able to touch our feeble bodies.

00:34:26 Minister Jeff Enriques

Touching water instead of second body. Lord, raise them up or those who are going through. Discourage me. God speak life into them or God rebuke the enemy from their lives. Lord, put the enemy under their feet. Father God.

00:34:42 Minister Jeff Enriques

Others needing a physical touch, spiritual touch, mental touch, emotional touch. God, Lord, you came to make us every with whole spirit. So minded body. Father, we lift them up to you God also. I pray for this church body.

00:34:59 Minister Jeff Enriques

Lord, we thank you. It’s unique, O God, we thank you for the leadership and the call that’s on this body. Father, we pray that they would go forth and accomplish that which you’ve called this church to do. And God, meet every need, even financially, for the new building.

00:35:15 Minister Jeff Enriques

God, we committed it to your hands.

00:35:18 Minister Jeff Enriques

We thank you. We praise you, Lord.

00:35:20 Minister Jeff Enriques

We’re going to praise you on this side of the Red Sea Lord in our situations and circumstances. It’s a standstill into fear not, and to see the salvation of our God. Lord, we praise him. We the.

00:35:33 Minister Jeff Enriques

Thank you. So at this time, if you need prayer, I’ll turn it over to Pastor Tyree. Need Elvis. Hallelujah. Praise God. Praise God.





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