The Conflict Problem Is Usually Within Your Heart -Matthew 6:33

The problem with conflict is usually something within yourself, inside your heart. The world says follow your heart, but what does God say?

The Conflict Problem Is Usually Within Your Heart

OK, So what have we been teaching on here for the last several weeks? Conflict. OK. And we’re teaching how to deal with conflict from a Kingdom perspective, right? Because if we don’t do it from a Kingdom perspective, if we do it from our perspective, we’re going to be in a mess, right? We’re not going to do it God’s way if we. The Conflict Problem Is Usually Within Your HeartPastor Terry Taylor

The world says follow your heart.

And we’re going.

To find out why Brother Bruce are here when you read your scripture.

We can’t follow our our heart because our heart will lead us astray. And you’re going to see why here. In just a few moments.

When we read some scriptures.

But let me cover just a little bit here and then we’ll get into some of these other scriptures that we didn’t cover the last time we met. So when face one conflict.

I think it’s kind of where we left off last time we tend to.

Focus on what our offender or opponent. However you want to say that has done wrong and what they should do to make things right.


When faced with conflict, we tend to focus passionately on what our offender or our opponent has done wrong and what they should do to make things right. That’s just normal carnal way to think, right?

In contrast, though, God calls us to focus on what’s going on in our hearts, I believe.

When we’re at odds with others.

Amen. Because a lot of times.

The issue is within us, the issue lies within us.

Uhm, you know, we talked about how sometimes people will get offended because.

You didn’t say hi to him.

Or you you looked at him the wrong way.

You know, I’m saying sometimes people are so sensitive because of the things that’s going on inside of people. Sometimes if you’re insecure and you get around someone who’s confident that you know there, there becomes a turmoil. And sometimes you might be thinking, well, this person is looking down on me because they think they’re better than I am and then come to find out, that’s not even a thought.

In her mind at all.

Hey man.

We’ve got people in my family. It’s so funny. My good mother-in-law. Sister Vicki’s mom sometimes.

Uhm, she might look right at you and just walk past you. Sometimes Pastor Tom does that.

It’s just and people get offended sometimes at that. Again, I told you this in here the last time when my mother-in-law came into church, she walked by some people that usually you know, talks to her. And she walked past them. Do you guys Remember Me telling?

You this.

And they said Sister Janice, aren’t you speaking today? And she says not that I know of.

Not that I know of.

But see what I’m saying? So it doesn’t mean because see, you don’t know what’s going on.

In their minds, either.

You know, like Pastor Tom or even me. I mean, maybe I have offended you, and I’m sure I haven’t done it intentionally, but I’m just saying.

You might see you know, Pastor Tom may see somebody who’s like, oh, my goodness. I’m supposed to tell them this. And he may have to walk right past you to get to that person that how many you guys know that does that? Did that ever happen to you all? When you passed through good brother?

Yes, this Vicki forgot this one lady’s name.

He called her. What’s her nose?

We had to go over to her house and apologize to her personally, and that’s just how it gives.

Hey, but listen now, listen, maybe this is an age thing, but have you guys like?

I know Michelle Hendrickson, like my name, but have y’all ever been in a moment like what is her name?

Raise your hand. Look around, look around, look and see.

That’s everybody. So sometimes that kind of stuff happens, you know, so we we can’t again, we can’t allow that to hold us back from what God wants us to do. And what he’s got and plan for us in his store for us, right. Because if we do allow that offense.

And it’s going to cause great havoc in our lives.

  1. All right. So God wants us, I believe, to focus on our own heart. What’s going on in our own lives? Look inside. It’s so easy to always be looking out and judging people, pointing the finger, everybody. If you do this, everybody point your finger.

Look at all those pointing back. I’ve got 3.

You got one finger and one thumb pointing at you and.

3 pointing back at me.

Always look inside first. Train yourself to do that, say OK Lord, help me to see this from their perspective. Help me to understand. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something and just say in your heart I am not going to hold a grudge against this person. I’m not going to have a conflict with this person.

Because that’s what the devil wants you.

Got a mic sister.

So I was just having this conversation with my oldest daughter, who has been struggling with a person in her life and some of these things like coming up and what I’ve learned is that typically.

When someone, because she feels as though she’s being, uhm, offended by that, like that person is purposely trying to hurt her I guess, and says things to like hurt her. And you know, maybe ignores her. Maybe this, maybe that whatever and what I feel like.

A lot of times it boils down to is sometimes a person is struggling within themselves and what they see in you they want.

And they’ve never maybe been able to attain a healthy relationship, right? Right. The, the walk with God or or whatever it is. And I think sometimes we have to be careful about getting offended by people because essentially the turmoil.

Is within them, so when they’re lashing out at us, it’s not even about us. And so that was the thing with her. It’s not.

Even I was trying.

To it’s not about you, it’s about her inner turmoil. So it’s so important that you try to extend her grace.

If you if.

You spend a minute to think about where this person is in their lives. You can see hurt and pain and suffering and those that lashing out is just. It’s almost like a transference of my pain and suffering on to you, and I’ve I’ve experienced that a lot in my own life.

I feel.

Like man, have you ever been around somebody who’s like always putting people down?

What? Let me ask you this. So what do you guys think? What is causing that? Do you think they have a self issue?

Self esteem, huh?

They’re miserable. Yes, that is the truth.

Yes, who wants to be around somebody like that, right? I just. It’s just so contrary again to the to the word of God. Because if they think maybe you’re better than them or better at something than them, you know it to sit back and cheer somebody on. That’s that is better than you are at something. And it’s something that you love.

To do I mean, it takes God to do that because.

Again, your heart says tear them down. Make them pull them down to your level.

They might feel convicted too, and that’s.

Why they act like that?

That’s another good point. Yes, very good.

When you’re away from the Lord, see. This is the Lord is going to get this Jonah message in here a little bit tonight too, because that’s part of that. When you’re miserable, especially if you’re away from the Lord when you’re not walking with the Lord like we should be if you’re if you’re around folks under conviction like that, they can make your life miserable.

Because they’re miserable.

Because they’re running from God.

Keep loving them.

Do you not think Jonah was miserable when he was in the belly of the great fish?

He was in there three days, three nights, Scripture says.

See, God knows how to get our attention. He knows what to prepare. He knows what to allow to come into our lives.

To get our attention.

And I believe the purpose of that is because.

Sometimes we have to get into a situation before we can see.

The issues in our own heart sometimes.

Because sometimes that’s like God taking a mirror and put it in your face. It’s like, here’s your heart here so.

You’ve got a. You’ve got a heart issue. You’ve got a problem here. We’ve got to deal with that.

And work.

With that, so let’s.

Go on talking about the heart. Who has Matthew?

1519, let me say this. I’ve tried to get Pastor Lane to say these antique type.

Statements like this.

But this statement I heard a long time ago. It’s so funny. The preachers and really good teachers, they say this one thing frontwards and they say it a different way backwards like this. The problem with the human heart is the heart of.

The human problem.

And that is sin.

Amen. So if I was a good preacher.

I would have just.

Said the heart.

Of the heart of the human problem.

Or the problem with the human heart is the heart of the human problem. Slap three people and say you’ve got a.

Heart problem tonight.


Now listen, I.

That’s not my personality to do that now. For fun, I can do that kind of stuff all day, saying or we have too many pablum pumping puppeteers parading themselves around like pious Peacocks on platforms in America. We’ve got too many Playboys in the pulpit. We need some playboys in the pulpit. We got too many people.

Profile lying and not enough people prophesying.

Now some people can say that for real, but it’s funny to me, so I so I can do those antiques all night.

Amen. That was free of charge. OK, who’s got Matthew? Chapter 15, verse 19. What does it sell about the heart? Here, sister.

For out of the heart perceives evil thoughts.

What out of what, sister?

Evil thought.

Your heart. OK? Now the world tells you to follow your heart.

Don’t they, Julie house?

Yes, follow your heart. Go ahead, murderers.

Thefts, false witness and blasphemies.

Now, do you think all of those issues would cause problems in somebody would cause some conflict in your life, huh?

Having evil thoughts about people.

Didn’t the Lord say if you hate your brother, isn’t it like murder?

Their scripts are like that.

Adultery. You know that’s going to cause some conflict in your life. Sexual immorality, theft.

False witnesses. Slander. There’s that word, slander, tearing people down.

Talking, you know, trash about folks slandering people’s name, reputation. Look at the damage that.

Can come out from our heart and brother Wayne Brewster. This is your scripture that you came up with. What’s the Jeremiah 17? Nine through 10. What does that say about the heart?

Brother, it says the heart is deceitful above all things. Oh my goodness, and desperately wicked.

Who can know it?

I the Lord search the heart. I try the reins even to give every man according to his ways and according to the fruit of his doing.

Oh my goodness. So, brother, what’s that saying to you, brother Brewster?

I can’t trust my heart.

Period. Amen.

That my heart says yes, I say no, yeah.

That I mean that’s that’s that’s so true.

You have to.

By what the word says, period.

We’re going to be Bereans before you know it in this class. Amen.

You guys know what the brians are?

Brother. Pastor Lane, what’s a Berean brother?

Well, when?

Paul the Apostle went there to Berea. He found a group of people and they called them the Bereans because they love to to study the word and to discuss it. They did it hour upon hour and he said this is a honored.

Group the marines.

Did they just take?

The preacher’s word said.

What does it?

Ohh no, they broke this thing down they they wanted to know for themselves. We can’t take what the preacher says. It’s exciting and and it’s and it’s stirring but.

Ultimately, we have to have that in our heart and in ourselves. It’s got to become part of us. We got to become one.

With the word of God now the pastor, he’s already won with that word and man, is he doing it and.

We got a.

Awesome Pastor Pastor Tom he’s a preacher and a half, but we’ve got to go home and we’ve got to just get that down deep. And the deeper we get it into our heart, it just throws out.

All of that junk that we’ve been reading.

About Amen because the problem with the human hearts is the heart of the human problem. Brother. It’s sin, isn’t it? It’s this old junk in here.

Now, how many of you guys heard me say in this class? Don’t take my word for it. See what the word says. Why do you think we put these scriptures up here? Why do I have you reading this tonight? I want you to see it for yourself and any good pastor Tom would say the same thing. If if check out when I’m preaching, make sure it’s biblical. I have no problem. Check out what I’m preaching. Make sure it’s biblical.

Amen. That’s why I’ve got these theologians in here. Pastor lane. Pastor Steve, sister Shelby. They keep me in line.

Amen. We got to help each other out. Keep each other in line. Praise God. Nothing wrong with that.

OK, so how many know that conflict, I think can come from. Sometimes some arise from unmet desires.

In our heart.

So if you’re envious, right of somebody, sometimes we have.

A desire.

Oh, I want to be like this person or oh, I want to be like that person. Look at them. They’re you so greatly of God and you become jealous.

Amen. And then that can cause some conflict. That internal turmoil in our hearts.

So, church, listen, we’ve got to stop listening to the Devil and his lies. And look, Pastor Lane was talking about. Then we got to start declaring and saying what God says about us.

And say what the word says about us, you guys two or three weeks ago, Brother Pete put off was sent back there and he and it managed us to do what Philippians 48 said, which it says, what? What? Whatever things are true, just pure, lovely and of good report. If there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things.

So that will help keep our heart in line, right. Think what the word says? Not to be jealous of our brother, but to rejoice. The Bible says rejoice right with those who rejoice. Right, weep with those who weep.

So if we’ve got to stay in line to the word because again, our heart, it’s easy. Sometimes, you know when you’re struggling and you see somebody else get a raise.

You know, it’s hard to keep a good attitude sometimes, but we can.

We’ve got, we’ve got to say, God, you are my source. You’re my provider. You’re Jehovah Jire my provider.

And I’m glad for my brother. Hey, listen, I promise you, man, I love it when you guys get new cars and homes and stuff, man. I’m so happy, brother Tim, his truck. I was like go brother I.

We love it.

And another sister in our disciples. Or. Yeah, she got a new truck too. I’m like, go good for you. I mean, I really am like, I’m happy. Like, as if I got it for them.

Brother Gary Hagan, he got a a truck. I’m like, good he showed. I was like, bro, I love this thing. It’s all I’m excited.

For him, it’s awesome.

To rejoice with them, it’s a blessing.

Did you say let’s go fishing? Did I hear that?

Just picked that up so you guys didn’t.

Hear that, did you?

Go ahead, sister.

And you know, I was thinking talking about this heart matter a lot of times people will say just follow your heart because they feel like the heart is going to be your guiding light. Like the heart isn’t going to steer you in the wrong direction. But I think God made some provision for us in that since we have a tendency to follow.

Right, right.

Our heart, the Bible, says to hide the word.

Ohh boy.

In our heart.

So that we may not sin against him.

I’m gonna throw this mic at you, sister. You better preach.

It’s there.

Yes, get the word in that heart. Right. What did David said thy word. Have I hid in my heart. So what?

Listen at you, brians. See that I might not sin against it. Isn’t that great? Please, God. OK, so who’s got Isaiah 43 two.

This says that God is with us, Julie.

House, tell me.

How do you know God is with you? Tell me what the word says about God being with us.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you and through the rivers they shall not overflow you when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned. Neither shall the flame Kindle upon you.

Oh my.

Hey man.

Yeah. Now, what does that say to you, sister? What do?

You think about that?

Talk in the mic so they.

Can hear you. Waters can tend to, you know, knock me down and want to pull me under, but.

Jonah. Jonah. Yeah, right. And the fish.

Yes, but God will be with me. And you know that fire. It gets hot and I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go. Ohh yeah, yeah. I don’t want to go through it, but I won’t be burned and the flame will not kindle upon me. Yep.

Three Hebrew boys. Fiery flame. Yes.

So God is with us, we are going to go through things in life, things happen. It’s because we’re in a fallen world. I don’t like it, right?

But we have to remember that God is with us, no matter.

What we go through?

And you know.

Through the water, through the fire. Right. What’s the song? But all through the blood. Praise the Lord. Some through the water.

I don’t have any Baptist folk in here. I guess. Brother house. OK, sis, pick up a mic. Brother, take off on that. You got a mic back there.

All right, let’s look number Matthew 633. God will take care of us if we seek him. Sister Trina, what does that Scripture say there?

You might have to flip the switch on the.

Mic there, OK.

Sad thing.

You got it.

But seeking first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Now, sister, what does that say to you?

If I’m worrying about pleasing God and seeking him, I’m not going to worry about small little things that.

Praise God.

Could bring me down.

That’s very good. Seek first the Kingdom. So Kingdom would be.

I’m not going to allow this offense to take root in.

My heart right.

If I seek him, if I seek forgiveness, if I seek.

I want to create me a clean heart Lord. There’s that heart again. Renew a right spirit within me.

That’s Kingdom. That’s his Kingdom minus. So I’ve always looked at that scripture as you know, seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all.

These things so.

His righteousness that keeps me in right standing with the Lord right.

If my heart is right, I’m in right standing with him.

Amen. Because I put on his righteousness.


  1. God will strengthen me Psalm 7326. What does this one say?

OK, my flesh in my heart failed, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Oh my goodness, my flesh and my heart. There’s that word hurt again.

May fail, but God is the strength of my heart.

How can our heart be strengthened? Is what sister Latoya said with the word of God.

Putting that in our heart, hiding it in our heart. Amen.

OK, Luke, chapter 10, verse 19. God will give you power.

Who’s got that one sister, Donna Harris. This one?

‘S for you.

Who’s got the mic for her pet? Can you pass that down? God’s going to give you power to walk, right? Power to talk, right. Power to live right. Power to pray. Right. Y’all ain’t help me preach tonight.

Was it 1910?

Luke, chapter 19, verse 10. Right. I’m sorry, Luke. Chapter 10, verse 19. See, I’m getting get.

I had it backwards. I had it backwards and then I got a call.

So 1019. Ohh help me Jesus.

Now you got to speak this with authority, sister.

Behold, I will give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and all over all the powers of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.


Yes, yes.

Amen. Unless you allow it.

Right now, talk about that a second God has given you power, sister.

He has given me power to overcome all things, all the hard things that we face.

In life.

Yes, gives us the strength through the spirit, yes.

Amen. Amen.

To trample, did you hear that? This is that’s victory.

To tramp, have you all ever stepped on a spider or a bug? You’re trampling on that thing you’re showing Dominion. You’re showing authority. You’re showing who’s in charge.


A snake or something like that. Oh boy. Look at trample on serpents. Scorpions. These are things that can sting you. These are things that can bite you. These are things that can greatly harm you. But God said he’s given us power. Hallelujah. Through his word. In the Holy Spirit, over the power of the.

And nothing by any means shall hurt you. But again, I think the clause I would say and correct me if I’m wrong, if we allow that to get into our hearts.

We have to guard our heart, right? One of the armor, one of the armor of God is a breastplate of.

Which guards your heart and your vital organs, right?

Are y’all getting anything tonight?

Go ahead brother.

I was looking at a song today and the song said you have to do warfare over your heart.

And you know, I never thought of it. Of course, what we’re talking about, I’ve always talked about, you know, what our discussion is tonight. But I never thought of the the priority, the worth, the value of our heart. And to keep it pure. And then the song was talking about.

Yes, yes.

To do that, we have to sometimes do warfare in prayer over our heart to keep it pure and that pure state and I and I was thinking of the importance of our heart, because all of our decisions.

Oh my.

Of fourth out of our heart therefore behooves all of us to watch what is.

Going on in our heart, how are we feeling? What are we sensing right now? Right. Thoughts that we allow to roll over and over that’s getting into our hearts and making us depressed and sad, despondent, wanting us to get back paid back.

And and and I thought about that song as I was looking at it, and I thought, man, they are right on some of these new songs from these young folks are right on. We have to do spiritual warfare even over our hearts to keep our.

They’re good.

Parts in contact with God? Yes. Sell out that relationship with God to be severed through what’s going on around us. The other thing was that when we, when we have to have discernment.

Because when somebody says something.

To us, we have to not take it offense against that person, but they’re truly are demon spirits that are sent to get your heart corrupt. They have targeted your heart. They have targeted my heart.

And they know that’s the source, and if they can corrupt our hearts, then they have us and and and troubles and tragedies will will develop and come about because we don’t guard our heart. Just what you just.

Said Amen. And I like that it takes.

It it’s a. It’s a warfare.

This is warfare.

It takes effort right to do this.

You know.

And we want to blame that person or think, why did that person say something? You know, it’s it is truth. It is the truth that there are demon spirits that’s activating people to do and to say what they say, and we need disarm it. And that’s why Jesus said get behind me Satan.

That’s where it’s going, yeah.

You know, he knew it wasn’t really Peter. He knew it was the demon that was trying to provoke Jesus through.

Yes, Peter. Amen.

That’s good.

And we got to have that dessert.

Yes, we do.

Carry one and the other thing that I think is really important is that even though we’re aware that we can’t allow that to penetrate our heart when we make up our mind, when we set our intentions to to call it out for what it is, we have to be aware and use the discernment.

When you know the opportunity might come up when somebody says to you, oh, how’s it going with your situation? We have to be careful not to regurgitate that and let those feelings come back up. We have to speak. I think Latoya just nailed the whole thing in a nutshell. If we’re hiding our word, if we’re hiding God’s word in our heart.

That’s it it.

That’s what’s going to come back up.

Up when someone else says you know, how is that situation going? You say you know the Lords got this taken care of. We’ve got to be careful not to. I’ve just learned this in the recent past. I can’t just rehash it every time with somebody else because you’ll never get past it. You have to call. You have to call out your victory over it.

Yes, good.

Yes, yes.

Too, you have to call out your forgiveness. You have to call out your victory. You have to call out who God says you are in this. What God says about the situation. Because if you don’t, you’re just stirring. You’re just stirring the pot and then feel like that is the situation with so many.

People with regard to social media, I mean, I know it’s like beating a dead horse, but it’s the truth. If you can’t handle what you see on social media, you gotta make sure you don’t get on social media. I can’t handle what’s on social media, so I don’t get on it because I know it evokes jealousy in me. I’m just being real and envious and bitterness.

Yes, yes, yes.

And all of those things and we have to be aware of the tools that Satan uses to come at us. He’ll use people, he’ll use tools he’ll use, and we have to be careful of. Of those too. I think that’s a way of guarding our heart.

And when we’re when and again guys listen, I mean we’re we’re human, we make mistakes. I understand that. But, you know, sometimes in in our moment of weakness, we may say something or do you know, just like Pastor Lane said when Peter said whatever he said, Jesus said get thee behind me Satan. He just looked. Sometimes we have to realize that when people say.

Maybe they had a bad day. Not to excuse what they’ve said is right. You know what I’m saying? But we have to look beyond that. Say I see who’s behind that. I ain’t going to let that get in my heart. No way, Jose.

Amen. OK, mother norsworthy. I forgot. Have you read your scripts here yet?

I’m going to add 1 on to you. Can I do that?

Because this is you got to read this one. Deuteronomy 28, three through 8.

Did Romans chapter 28 verses 3 through 8?

And while she’s turning everybody say bless.

Blast. Blast. Blast. Yes, blast.

Morning in the noon day in the evening.

You know what Scripture just says, don’t you?

Come on, preacher. Come on, preacher. You got this. You got this.

Tell me where I’m blessed. Sister. Tell me how I’m blessed. What does God say? Don’t listen to me. Listen to what God says to do.

He said, bless it shalt thou be in the city, that the third verse, and bless shalt thou be in the.

Field. That’s where we’re.

At out in the country in the.

Field so the city.

Bless you.

Folk can be blessed. The country folk can be blessed. Go ahead.

All right.

Bless shall be the fruit of thy body. Whoo. OK. And the fruit of thy grounds to Carla.

  1. And the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kind, thy kind and the flocks.

Of thy sheep.

Bless shall be thy basket, and thy store. Blessed shalt thou be, when thou comest in, and blest shalt thou be when thou goest out, the Lord shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face. They shall come out against thee.

Day and flee before the seven ways the Lord shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses, and in all that thou saddest thine hand unto, and he shall bless thee in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

Oh my.

Everybody say blessed blessed.

Dude, draw me 28. Get that in your spirit. But now, does that sound like somebody who’s hearing bitterness in their heart and having all this conflict? You can’t be blessed like this.

The the thing of it.

Is guys, it ain’t worth it, I.

Worked with the gentleman.

At the previous church I worked at and.

I could tell it’s weird. I have discernment about certain things this brother was hired and I knew he had no business being in this position that he he had.

And within a year, they had to dismiss this guy. I’m like, I could have told you that.

Before he hired him.

But anyway, but I saw this man a year.

Later, and just like what Julie was saying, he was bringing. I can’t believe they let me go. Blah, blah, blah, blah. He was, I said, brother, you’ve got to let that go. It’s like you’re you’re carrying around a £50 suitcase everywhere you go, plopping it down and saying, Can you believe this is what they did? This is this.

It was weighing him down. I’m like brother.

This is harming.

You. He lost the marriage over this? Yeah, he really did. His. His wife left him. It was. It was terrible.

Amen. So let it go. We gotta be blessed church. Too much blessing, man, to be God’s got just too much. Too much.

In store for us, yes, too much in store. He doesn’t want us to live that way. Amen.

Yeah, we blame God A.

Lot of times, but we’re the ones that caused.


It all, yes, with our attitude. That’s right.

That’s right, brother. You’re exactly.

Pastor week.

We in America have so much freedom.

And we sometimes get that mixed up with what’s in the Bible. Yes, but it ain’t the same at all. Yes, in other words, we say, well, I have a right to my own opinion. Not if you serve Jesus, you don’t. That’s.


Amen. I ought to be able to say this with freedom of speech.

Very good, yes.

Believe me, God doesn’t look at the 1st Amendment when he tells you not at.

All that’s.

Good. He doesn’t have staff meetings. He doesn’t. You know, he he doesn’t Google anything.

We don’t. We get it mixed up with it, but we give up those rights. Amen. We give them up. Amen. And the hardest thing to do is to keep this thing shut.

Very good.

It is, yes.

Yeah, but he that’s what we need to do most of the time. Ohh yeah, it’s true. We, the American dream is not the same thing as Christian.

I’m sorry that may sound bad, but it’s not. It’s not. The American Dream is a good thing, I think. Yes, you know, work hard and do right and you’ll you’ll prosper. But that’s not the gospel.

That’s right, that is truth.

In other words, the Lord tells me shut up all the time. Don’t I mean then he tell you to be quiet? Shut up.

Yeah. Hey, man.

  1. Who had this sister? Michelle. Bev. Somebody over here first. Peter Chapter 5. Verses 5 through seven or five through 8.

This is what we’re talking about. Knowing the devil’s tools, knowing his weapons of warfare.

What does it say here in first Peter?

Submit to God. Resist the devil. Likewise, you younger people submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you be submissive to one another and be clothed with humility. For God. Resist the proud but gives Grace to the humble, therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of.

God that he may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon him, for he cares for you. Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary, the devil, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

Raised up.

Enough said on that one.

Isn’t it?

Enough said.

OK, Matthew 71, don’t be judgmental. We gotta walk in humility, brothers and sisters.

And humility with others. OK, because we need grace at times, right? And and if we don’t forgive.

He won’t forgive. Now that’s a listen to that. That’s a powerful statement.

That yes, OK.

Come on, sister. Hit us. Hit us with what you got there. What’s the word say in Matthew Chapter 7 verses.

One through 5.

Judge not that ye be not judged, for with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged, and with what measure you.

Meat it shall be measured to you again.

Hold on just a second. Right there. See, brothers and sisters, This is why we have to have humility toward one another.

Realizing again you guys, I don’t know if you remember this. I preached the message when we was over on that side of the room, dropped the stones.

You guys, right? I don’t remember that. It’s when the woman caught in the act of adultery, they were brought to Jesus and everybody had the stones ready to stone her. And Jesus said he was without sin. Let him cast the first stone.

When we when we got and you might feel justified and there might be, but drop the stone. OK, go ahead, sister, keep on.

And why do you be?

Hold the Moat that is in your brother’s eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye.

Or how will you say to your brother? Let me pull out the Moat out of your eye and behold a beam is in your own eye. You hypocrite. First cast out the beam out of your own eye, and then you shall see clearly. To cast out the mote out of your.

Brother’s eye. Oh my. My, my.

Amen. This ain’t no running to shout and preach and message, but it’s good stuff.

This is like drinking the apple cider vinegar, man. They’ll just do all kinds of good stuff on the inside for you. Amen. Huh? It’ll keep you healthy. It’ll keep you righteous. Hallelujah.

But did you hear what it says? Tell us. Go. Yes, do it. It said whatever measure. Yes, you used to judge other people.

Go ahead bro.

That’s what’s going to be used on you. Yes. My goodness, that that’s that. That’s enough to make us all repent. Yeah, whatever measure you use, that’s what’s going to be used. Well, I want to get a good deal when I’m standing there in front of God, don’t you? I, you know, I want to.

What about the?

Story when the guy that owed his.

Master whoever, all this and he’s like he said. I want my money. I can’t give me time. He’s like, forget it. I’ll.

I’ll forgive the whole thing and then he goes to somebody that owed him a little bit of money and cast him into jail. This guy put him in jail and he’s gonna.

Pay every penny to me.

Then what, huh?

Yeah. Then what happened? The Master of the guy that forgave him so much. What a story. See, we’ve got. We’ve got to keep that in mind. I mean, it’s tough again, this is next level stuff.

If we’re going to grow in the Kingdom, we’ve got, we’ve got to get to the where the Lord is telling us to get in his.

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