Overcome The Wildfire Of Conflict – 1 Peter 3:9

Overcome The Wildfire Of Conflict

Overcome The Wildfire Of Conflict00:00:00 Terry Taylor

All right. So we’ve been teaching a series on conflict and how to deal with conflict from a biblical perspective.

00:00:09 Terry Taylor

And I’m already clicking buttons over here. I shouldn’t be.

00:00:11 Terry Taylor

Clicking so anyway, so I’m going to go through like.

00:00:16 Terry Taylor

What we kind?

00:00:16 Terry Taylor

Of taught the first week, and then we’re going to go into what we talked a little bit about week two and then we’ll go into a little bit of teaching tonight and get some interaction. Is that OK tonight?

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All right. Now before we get started, if you guys, you know, need to leave those of you have children. I don’t know what the Lord’s going to be doing in here, but you know, as normal, just go ahead and do.

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What you have to do if you need to leave early to get your children, that’s.

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Fine. OK. But we should be out in a good amount of time. Normal time tonight. So we’ve been talking about how to deal with conflict from a Kingdom perspective. Now, tonight I want to talk about.

00:00:52 Terry Taylor

My main title tonight is the wildfire of conflict, because how many knows that conflict can get out of control quickly?

00:01:02 Terry Taylor

Very quickly, OK, so.

00:01:05 Terry Taylor

Week 1 can you all see the screens here? We got some here.

00:01:09 Terry Taylor

Up here.

00:01:10 Terry Taylor

We identified areas of where conflict can come from, such as our family.

00:01:17 Terry Taylor

Uh-huh. From unbelievers from people of different religious persuasions, from other believers who expect perfection from us. Oh.

00:01:29 Terry Taylor

That’s a tough one. There, isn’t it? From personality clashes that will cause conflict quicker than anything.

00:01:37 Terry Taylor

Personalities crash in their conflicts. Amongst that you know, if you’re a laid back person and you get around someone who’s got a very strong, dominant personality, that can cause problems at times, or if two strong personalities get together and they both want their way.

00:01:56 Terry Taylor

That can cause a problem.

00:01:58 Terry Taylor

Hey man. All right, so next we talked about how to handle conflict from a Kingdom perspective. Number one, we have to keep a right attitude church.

00:02:10 Terry Taylor

Keeping a right attitude will foil the devil’s plan and give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to manifest the fruit of the spirit in your life. Isn’t that wonderful?

00:02:20 Terry Taylor

If we have a right attitude, an old negative, nasty attitude is not going to get you anywhere.

00:02:26 Terry Taylor

#2. Don’t retaliate. Amen. Don’t return evil for evil. I like this third one. Number three. Disarm the enemy.

00:02:35 Terry Taylor

A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stirs up anger.

00:02:42 Terry Taylor

So listen and what we were talking about too is we want to prepare ourselves for the conflict now. So when we get into it, we’ll know how to to operate. We’re not going to fall for the trap of the devil. We’ve got brother Steve Jones back here in the military special forces. You guys prepared for conflict.

00:03:03 Terry Taylor

All the time. Didn’t you, brother Steve?

00:03:06 Terry Taylor

You, you they would get up and he would run. I don’t know how many miles every day to stay in shape for it. You would practice shooting. You would practice drills. You practice these things. So we as believers we’ve got to be ready because again, if you go into a conflict without preparation.

00:03:23 Terry Taylor

It’s not going to end.

00:03:24 Terry Taylor

Well, hey, man. All right, #4 here. Don’t tell people off. Ohh boy.

00:03:33 Terry Taylor

That’s a hard one there sometimes, but and maybe we’ll get into that a little bit. You know in conflict.

00:03:41 Terry Taylor

It’s hard sometimes to keep our emotions intact in check, isn’t it?

00:03:47 Terry Taylor

That’s. That’s where the devil gets us. That’s where he’s gotten me over the years. At times, you know. And but if we can do that, if we can not tell people off again and and what does the Bible say? A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth, and a word spoken in due season. How good is it?

00:04:05 Terry Taylor

That’s good right there. I love the word #5. I like this one. Always speak life.

00:04:13 Terry Taylor

In a situation always speak life.

00:04:17 Terry Taylor

What does it say? Brother Steve Russ, death and life are where and the power of the tongue. And they that love it shall eat the fruit.

00:04:23 Terry Taylor

Thereof. #6. Don’t gloat. I like that word. Gloat. Don’t gloat. This just sounds funny to me. Don’t gloat or rejoice when your foes are in trouble.

00:04:36 Terry Taylor

Scripture tells us, rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbled.

00:04:43 Terry Taylor

Amen. It’s good teaching here. It’s the word. It’s not me. It’s the word. Do good to those who cause pain and hardships in your life.

00:04:54 Terry Taylor

Listen, with the Bible. Listen, this is next level Christianity. Guys. This is where God wants to take us. I you know, I’m there in some areas. I’m not there in other areas. So God’s still working on me. Just cause I’m up here at the microphone don’t mean I have it all together. I’m still. He’s still working on me to make me what I ought to be. I don’t know.

00:05:13 Terry Taylor

The rest.

00:05:16 Terry Taylor

Hold on. Hold on. He did what? Sister Farley.

00:05:19 Vicki Farley

It took him just a week to make the moon and the stars, the sun and the Earth, and Jupiter and Mars. How loving and patient he must be because he’s still working on me.

00:05:30 Vicki Farley

Get it?

00:05:32 Terry Taylor

There you go. That’s good. I like it. He’s still working on me.

00:05:37 Terry Taylor

Yes, and he will always be working on me until I get to heaven. Amen. I’ll not reach perfection until I get to heaven. Alright, #7 do good to those who cause you pain and hardship. Listen what God says, if thine enemy be hungry.

00:05:54 Terry Taylor

Give him bread to eat.

00:05:56 Terry Taylor

And if he be thirsty, give him water to drink for thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head.

00:06:04 Terry Taylor

And listen to this last part. This is what gets me and the Lord. I don’t know if that’s up there. I think it caught off and it says the Lord shall reward thee.

00:06:14 Terry Taylor

You’ll get a reward for that. As what the Bible says.

00:06:18 Terry Taylor

That’s amazing to me.

00:06:20 Terry Taylor

You know why? Because it’s you can’t do it in yourself.

00:06:25 Terry Taylor

You know you can’t do it in yourself. Think about a true enemy. I mean, some of our enemies.

00:06:32 Terry Taylor

Or just somebody that makes us mad or something, you know, or somebody. We had a little falling out with, but.

00:06:38 Terry Taylor

I think of like the enemies back in biblical times. Say, like the Israelites and Philistines.

00:06:45 Terry Taylor

Something you know, like where they’re fighting and trying to kill each other.

00:06:49 Terry Taylor

And this, you know, this was written a long.

00:06:51 Terry Taylor

Time ago.

00:06:52 Terry Taylor

So imagine that it takes God church. We can’t do it in.

00:06:56 Terry Taylor

And of ourselves.

00:06:58 Terry Taylor

But with the help of the Holy Ghost, we can do it. Amen.

00:07:01 Terry Taylor

All right, then, Week 2.

00:07:04 Terry Taylor

We talked about the fiery furnace of conflict. We talked about the story of Shadrack, Me, Shaq, and a bid to go. Amen.

00:07:14 Terry Taylor

And we talked about the presence of the 4th man in the fiery furnace was turned into a place or it’s it’s the. Let me read it again. The presence of the 4th man in the fiery furnace turned a place of death into a place of power and purpose.

00:07:34 Terry Taylor

Now stop and think about that for a minute.

00:07:38 Terry Taylor

A place that the devil with the devil meant for evil. What did God do? He turned it for good, turned it around.

00:07:46 Terry Taylor

#2 the presence of the 4th man in the fire protected God’s servants and I love this while God accomplished the purpose of glorifying his name and promoting his servants.

00:07:59 Terry Taylor

So in the midst of a fiery furnace, God is getting glory. He’s glorifying his name, Amen. He’s accomplishing his purpose because you remember what happened when old Nebby looked in there and he said, I think I.

00:08:12 Terry Taylor

See did we not throw 3IN? And I see four and the 4th man looks.

00:08:16 Terry Taylor

Like the son of God.

00:08:18 Terry Taylor

And when they came out.

00:08:20 Terry Taylor

He said if anybody you know, there’s no God like their God. And if anybody says anything bad against their God, we’re going to cut them into pieces.

00:08:29 Terry Taylor

What a decree. Now you’re talking about turning something around. God not only spared their life, he promoted them into Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingdom. And also.

00:08:40 Terry Taylor

The evil King made a decree against our God, Jehovah God, to say if you say anything about that about him, you’re going to be cut into pieces.

00:08:50 Terry Taylor

#3. Jesus Christ. Oh, I like man. I don’t know what happened to my slides. I do apologize for they getting caught off.

00:08:57 Terry Taylor

There, Jesus Christ is the 4th man in the fire of every conflict that you are in.

00:09:08 Terry Taylor

Jesus Christ is the 4th man in the fire of every conflict you encounter as a servant of God, and I like the next one here.

00:09:18 Terry Taylor

Go to the next one. Jesus Christ isn’t just with you in the fire, for he is in you. He lives in you.

00:09:25 Terry Taylor

Isn’t that good news guys?

00:09:28 Terry Taylor

Was the Bible say he’ll never leave us or forsake us, and even to the ends of the earth? So he’s inside of us.

00:09:35 Terry Taylor

And so the primary goal of our teaching is to equip you to know and experience God’s transforming peace in the midst of conflict.

00:09:46 Terry Taylor

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been through some storms in my life. I’ve been through some fiery conflicts, but God supernaturally has given me a peace.

00:09:56 Terry Taylor

In the midst of it, there’s still turmoil going on around there still, you know, when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego was in the fire, there was, they were in a fire church. There was nowhere for them to go. But Jesus was in the midst of the fire with him. He is the.

00:10:09 Terry Taylor

Prince of.

00:10:09 Terry Taylor

Peace isn’t that wonderful.

00:10:13 Terry Taylor

Amen. Number six. The goal was accomplished by understanding what the Bible teaches about conflict, but it is impossible to attain a relationship of relentless reliance upon Jesus Christ.

00:10:28 Terry Taylor

Amen. So you can’t do this unless you have a relentless reliance on Jesus Christ.

00:10:35 Terry Taylor

Next, OK, #7 having a Kingdom perspective will change the way you think about conflict. Instead of responding to conflict by pursuing A desired outcome, you will be encouraged to experience God’s transforming peace by pursuing the Lord Jesus Christ.

00:10:56 Terry Taylor

That’s a mouthful right there.

00:11:00 Terry Taylor

Having a Kingdom perspective will change the way you think about conflict.

00:11:05 Terry Taylor

Instead of pursuing A desired outcome because the desired outcome, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pursuing A desired outcome when you’re in conflict. But.

00:11:16 Terry Taylor

A lot of times our outcome would be Jesus. Take Me Out of this.

00:11:20 Terry Taylor

Help me not to even go through it. But you know the Lord will allow you to go through conflicts sometimes again for his purpose to bring glory to his name and to bring increase to his Kingdom.

00:11:32 Terry Taylor

#8 having a Kingdom perspective and using our experience in conflict, I like this will also help us to help others going through conflict to experience God’s transforming peace in the midst of their conflict. So in other words those.

00:11:49 Terry Taylor

Of you have been through something.

00:11:52 Terry Taylor

You know, you know what it’s like.

00:11:55 Terry Taylor

And you see somebody else going through something. God wants us to encourage those, right. Who are going through conflict.

00:12:02 Terry Taylor

And battles that maybe you’ve already gone through. You can give some insight and help other people. Amen.

00:12:08 Terry Taylor

Lift up each other. Encourage each other. Encourage each other in the Lord.

00:12:13 Terry Taylor

#9 the theme of our scriptures that we ended with in week two is keep him in perfect peace, whose mind has stayed on you because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever. For the Lord God is an everlasting rock, and I love this last one. Here too, Isaiah.

00:12:33 Terry Taylor

43 two.

00:12:35 Terry Taylor

It says when you pass through the waters, I will be with you when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you when you walk through the fire, you will not be burned. The Flames will not set you ablaze.

00:12:51 Terry Taylor

What a promise church.

00:12:52 Terry Taylor

Shadrack me shack in the bed and ago they didn’t even have a smell of smoke on them. Not once hair on their head or body was since.

00:13:00 Terry Taylor

That’s what God can do in the midst of conflict. That’s what he can do.

00:13:04 Terry Taylor

In the midst of our fire fiery trials that we go through.

00:13:09 Terry Taylor

Amen. So.

00:13:12 Terry Taylor

Since we’re talking about the fire theme, I kind of wanted to stay on that one tonight and.

00:13:19 Terry Taylor

I’m going to read this story to you guys to kind of help set up our teaching going forward here. OK, is that alright with everybody?

00:13:28 Terry Taylor

OK, it was in 19. I found this story on the Internet. It was 1995. I’ve never even heard of this place before, but it’s called Tamales Bay State Park and Mount Vision California.

00:13:42 Terry Taylor

There was a young group of hikers who went hiking one day and they set up camp in a park in a part of the park that was not authorized for camping.

00:13:54 Terry Taylor

But they were experienced hikers. They knew what they’re doing, so I guess they felt, you know, hey, we know what we’re doing so we can.

00:14:00 Terry Taylor

Go ahead and do this. So they camped out that night and in the morning they went to put out their fire. Now they did everything right. They they put a ring of rocks around the fire to contain it so it wouldn’t get out of control. So they did that.

00:14:14 Terry Taylor

But when they woke up in the morning, they went to the fire. They extinguished the fire. They filled the the rock.

00:14:22 Terry Taylor

Circle the rock pit there with dirt.

00:14:26 Terry Taylor

And they just they put dirt on it. They put dirt on it. And then before they left, one of the people put their hand left a handprint on the dirt.

00:14:35 Terry Taylor

At the top of it, since feel for any radiant heat that was underneath it there they knew if I didn’t feel any heat coming up through here, then the fire was extinguished.

00:14:45 Terry Taylor

But they went ahead and left and went about their.

00:14:49 Terry Taylor

And they were, you know, they were sure that the fire was out, so they went on with their hike. But what had happened was that the fire had gone underground and caught some roots on fire.

00:15:01 Terry Taylor

And those roots began smoldering, and the fire carried underground. And it went beyond the containment rocks. And then it came back up above the ground a couple of days later.

00:15:13 Terry Taylor

And it started a wildfire that spread throughout the park. It destroyed hundreds of acres and 50 homes.

00:15:25 Terry Taylor

So this story I was telling you about this Mount vision fire. You know, I’m thinking it’s kind of similar to conflict in our life.

00:15:34 Terry Taylor

Uh, you know, sometimes like the campfire now, sometimes in conflict, we can get comfortable with conflict.

00:15:41 Terry Taylor

Uhm, some people like conflict. I think you know.

00:15:45 Terry Taylor

You know, when you build a fire, you know, everybody gets real used. You know, Pastor Eric there and Garrison, they have a little campfire at their house on Fridays throughout, you know, the fall season and stuff. And it gets real comfortable getting around that campfire and warming up and everything like that. And sometimes with.

00:16:05 Terry Taylor

With conflict that can happen with us, we can get comfortable with it. Sometimes we’ll even throw dirt on the conflict to try to put it out.

00:16:16 Terry Taylor

Just like the the hikers did and and. And that doesn’t work.

00:16:23 Terry Taylor

Sometimes we think the fire is out. We throw dirt on it, but sometimes if somebody comes along and says the right thing at the wrong time or the wrong thing at the right time, you’ll quickly find out how that fire that conflict fire that’s inside of you can quickly reach.

00:16:43 Terry Taylor

Tonight. And so that’s kind of what I wanted to talk about tonight and.

00:16:49 Terry Taylor

Get some of your’s opinions on. Now I’ve got a slide here so.

00:16:53 Terry Taylor

A wildfire. It consumes everything in its path. I mean it’s it’s.

00:16:57 Terry Taylor

No, it has no prejudice to anyone or anything. So the wildfire conflict includes and represents the dynamic nature of conflict in everything that conflict encompasses, such as people.

00:17:11 Terry Taylor

People’s emotions, relationships, conflict affects US businesses and marriages and friendships and family. It can affect our dreams, our money, our property, our communities, and our nations.

00:17:27 Terry Taylor

So the conflict touches all areas of our lives, but.

00:17:34 Terry Taylor

Here’s a cane and key forest every conflict.

00:17:38 Terry Taylor

That the Lord permits to happen in your life is a mission field. It can be a mission field for you. Now, why do you think I say that? If we if we handle conflict in a proper Kingdom perspective in a proper way.

00:17:52 Terry Taylor

What a testimony to people.

00:17:55 Terry Taylor

What a testimony. My sister-in-law has got a great example that when she was younger, this girl would make fun of her and laugh at her in front of friends and stuff and.

00:18:05 Terry Taylor

It really I’m giving a real short version of it. It really upset her and she went home and told her mom about.

00:18:10 Terry Taylor

About it and they decided she decided to do something nice for her. So she went out and bought.

00:18:17 Terry Taylor

Something for her. A gift for this girl, and gave it to this.

00:18:20 Terry Taylor

Girl and it totally changed.

00:18:23 Terry Taylor

This girl’s heart.

00:18:25 Terry Taylor

And I guess she apologized and later that I think the lady became worked in the ministry. Or pastor’s wife or something.

00:18:33 Terry Taylor

Like that? What a testimony that is. See, that’s that’s the mission field. that Lady could not understand. How could Vicki be nice to me? Not only nice to me. Buy me a gift after I was mean to her and tried to tear her down and try to insult her and humiliate her in front of people.

00:18:54 Terry Taylor

She used that as a mission field as a witness, because what do you do when you go on missions? Brother Mikey, you try to spread the gospel. You tell people about Jesus, right?

00:19:03 Terry Taylor

What a better way to do it when we’re in conflict and I heard a guy teaching on this. Uh.

00:19:12 Terry Taylor

Either today or yesterday, and he was saying that during a time of conflict, a lot of people are watching you, that you don’t even realize.

00:19:22 Terry Taylor

And that’s something because people want to see how you’re going to get through this. What’s your attitude? Are you going to quit and give up on God, or are you going to say God, where are you? You know, this this is, this is crazy. I don’t understand this. The waiting.

00:19:37 Terry Taylor

Huh. That can happen in the waiting room. See, there’s conflict. But see, I like what sister Chelsea said. You you don’t let you start praising. Don’t let that silence you know that conflict will try to drown your praise. That conflict will try to consume your praise. That conflict will try to say there is no God. God is not a healer. God is not this.

00:19:56 Terry Taylor

He won’t save you. He won’t. He won’t help you.

00:19:59 Terry Taylor

But that’s not the truth.

00:20:03 Terry Taylor

What’s up brother?

00:20:07 Terry Taylor

That’s right.

00:20:09 Terry Taylor

What fruit that falls off of the tree?

00:20:12 Terry Taylor

When you shake it.

00:20:15 Terry Taylor

You’ll see what kind of fruit you have, right?

00:20:18 Terry Taylor

Amen. But thank God.

00:20:20 Terry Taylor

He’s still working on his church.

00:20:23 Terry Taylor

All right, we’ll see what our next slide says. OK, let’s look at this scripture here. And when they had preached the gospel to that city and had taught many, that returned to Listeria or Lystra and Iconium and Antioch conforming the souls, confirming the souls of the Disciples 1 exhorting and exhorting them to continue in the faith.

00:20:43 Terry Taylor

And that we must, through much trials, some translations say hardship enter into the Kingdom of heaven. So one of the reasons I brought this out.

00:20:55 Terry Taylor

It says through much tribulation.

00:20:58 Terry Taylor

We must through much tribulation, enter into the Kingdom of heaven. God has not promised us a life free of problems, trials. Amen. But you know, Jesus says, you know, in this life you shall have what?

00:21:14 Terry Taylor

Tribulations. But what did he say? Be of good cheer. Why?

00:21:19 Terry Taylor

See why am I teaching up here? You guys already know this stuff.

00:21:24 Terry Taylor

So we’re going to have it, but see Jesus has overcome. He is the key in the conflict. We have to seek him. We can’t take our eyes off of Jesus. When? When? Who was that? Peter tried to walk on the water. He started walking. But what did he do?

00:21:41 Terry Taylor

See, you guys know your Bible? He took his eyes off of Jesus and got it on the storm.

00:21:45 Terry Taylor

He got it on the conflict.

00:21:48 Terry Taylor

Amen. And that’s what the devil wants to do. And we don’t want to fall into that trap. Because that’s what this devil wants us to do is fall.

00:21:54 Terry Taylor

Into the trap.

00:21:57 Terry Taylor

Put your mic on, brother.

00:21:59 Terry Taylor

Unmute that brother the Gray microphone. We got the Gray one.

00:22:02 Terry Taylor

Out here.

00:22:04 Terry Taylor

Unmute it on the board.

00:22:05 Terry Taylor

There, brother.

00:22:10 Terry Taylor

No great one.

00:22:12 Terry Taylor

There you go.

00:22:13 Lane Farley

There it goes.

00:22:14 Lane Farley

Well, I was praying Monday and when I was praying Monday, the Lord was saying and for me to share to others about our focus.

00:22:27 Lane Farley

Now in this critical time that we are living in.

00:22:34 Lane Farley

You know, with the world on fire and with our church in the middle of a building program, right? The Lord said you must maintain your focus at all costs.

00:22:52 Lane Farley

Amen. Because keeping our focus is the key to victory.

00:22:59 Lane Farley

Because the devil will cause conflict. Not only will God allow you to enter into some conflict, but the devil will cause conflict. And sometimes we cause our own conflict. Yes, and therefore we need to remember.

00:23:19 Lane Farley

Always that the conflict, if we allow it, it will take us to the left.

00:23:26 Lane Farley

It will take us to the right. It will take us up. Bunny trails and Bunny holes. When all the time we could have put all of our potential into what God wants us to do. Now, one of the biggest tricks.

00:23:31 Terry Taylor

Yeah, yeah.

00:23:44 Terry Taylor


00:23:46 Lane Farley

Is to keep us confused.

00:23:49 Lane Farley

And and looking here and looking there and also he told me do not allow others to pull you into their conflict because it’s none of your business. It’s none of your business.


That’s life.

00:24:03 Terry Taylor

Yes, yes, yes.

00:24:09 Lane Farley

To get into somebody.

00:24:11 Lane Farley

Else is business. All it will do is take up your time, your energy and your spirituality, and you won’t be able to focus. You won’t be able to achieve what God wants you to achieve right now.

00:24:31 Terry Taylor

Hey, ma’am, brother. Well said OK for time sake, I’m going to skip ahead a little bit on some of my notes here.

00:24:40 Terry Taylor

Let me skip ahead here. I want to get to a.

00:24:41 Terry Taylor

Couple of scriptures here.

00:24:44 Terry Taylor

Tonight. OK, now I want to jump jump ahead a little bit here. Uh.

00:24:51 Terry Taylor

There’s a scripture, Luke 12.

00:24:55 Terry Taylor

This person came to Jesus and he said teacher tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me. But he said to him man who made me a judge or an arbitrator over you and he said to them take care and be on your guard against all covetousness. For on for one’s.

00:25:15 Terry Taylor

Life does not consist in the abundance of things.

00:25:19 Terry Taylor

Of of his possessions, one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. So what I want to get to tonight is getting to the heart of the matter because I believe this revealed a pattern in in, in, in our human nature. When we get into conflict.

00:25:40 Terry Taylor

And we want something that we want.

00:25:43 Terry Taylor

You know, I’m saying that is possibly contrary to the word of God. A lot of times we want our will.

00:25:52 Terry Taylor

Now, brother Mike and Morgan, you’re raising little young lings back there. You didn’t have to teach them to say this is mine. I want this when Bobby takes a toy from Sissy or whatever, that’s mine. I there’s conflict right there and I think that it’s a nature.

00:26:10 Terry Taylor

That we have in our heart.

00:26:15 Terry Taylor

There’s a saying here that says because of our heart is the wellspring of all of our thoughts, words and actions, and therefore the source of our conflicts.

00:26:26 Terry Taylor

Uhm, now think about that. A lot of conflict that we.

00:26:30 Terry Taylor

Uh, it starts, I believe, is inside of our heart. It’s in our mind.

00:26:36 Terry Taylor

It starts there first, right?

00:26:40 Terry Taylor

Matthew 1519. Let’s look at this for out of the heart. See, it’s a heart issue, guys. Out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness and slander.

00:26:59 Terry Taylor

That’s the that’s the. Let’s see. How can I say this? That is the maybe some of our.

00:27:07 Terry Taylor

Uhm’s habits that we have.

00:27:11 Terry Taylor

Taken on in conflict, let’s look at another scripture here. Look at this. I love this and this is, I think, gets to the heart of the matter. James. Four one through 1.

00:27:24 Terry Taylor

Through three, what causes quarrels and what causes fights among you?

00:27:30 Terry Taylor

Is it not this that your passions, in other words, is desire? Your passions are at war within you. Now listen to that.

00:27:40 Terry Taylor

Is it not this that your passions are at war within you, you desire and do not have? So you murder. Now you might think I’m never murder nobody. Now, I don’t even intend it. But what did Jesus say? If you have hatred in your heart towards your brother.

00:27:57 Terry Taylor

It says it’s. It’s as the sin of murder.

00:27:59 Terry Taylor

Did he not say that?

00:28:02 Terry Taylor

You covet and cannot obtain, so you fight and quarrel. Do you not have you do not have because you do not ask all you ask and do not receive because you ask wrongly to spend it on your passions.

00:28:19 Terry Taylor

So I think a lot of quarreling, a lot of things is it’s a matter of our will, brothers and sisters.

00:28:29 Terry Taylor

You know, say this is some big important thing here. Say a big block of gold. I want this lane, Farley says. I want it.

00:28:39 Terry Taylor

Yeah. Say give it to me.

00:28:41 Terry Taylor

There’s a conflict that’s going to happen here, but I think what we need.

00:28:45 Terry Taylor

To do when we’re.

00:28:46 Terry Taylor

In these times of conflict like this is.

00:28:49 Terry Taylor

We need to.

00:28:49 Terry Taylor

Ask the Lord.

00:28:51 Terry Taylor

God because this.

00:28:53 Terry Taylor

Is a brother. I’m a brother in Christ. Lane is a.

00:28:56 Terry Taylor

Brother in Christ.

00:28:58 Terry Taylor

So to have conflict to hate him, I can’t do that. So what we need to do is go to God and say, Lord, I give you this conflict. Now, Lord, you know, I want this bar of Gold and lane wants this bar of gold. But Lord, I want your will to be done. Amen. I’m asking you to help me.

00:29:17 Terry Taylor

If it’s not for your will for me to have this, then give me the grace to back off and let him have it.

00:29:22 Terry Taylor

Amen. But let me ask you guys this and brother Gary, you got a mic. What color? Mike, you got back there with blue? Tell me if you OK, the blue microphone. So here’s what. Here’s a couple of things I want to ask. Talk about and then get you all’s opinion on this. So.

00:29:38 Terry Taylor

In a conflict, I think sometimes because of the conflict that’s internal within us causes conflicts with other people. Let me give you some examples. Have you all ever been around somebody who is so sensitive that they’re so easily offended?

00:29:58 Terry Taylor

Over the smallest thing.

00:30:01 Terry Taylor

I have seen people get mad at Pastor Tom.

00:30:06 Terry Taylor

Because he walked by him and didn’t say hi or shake their hand, people have left. I can’t believe this church is too big because Pastor doesn’t even recognize me. And I’m like.

00:30:17 Terry Taylor

I’m like, well, if you know Pastor Tom, first of all, he wouldn’t intentionally do that. And secondly, he can look right at you and not see you. It’s just it’s just him, you know, it’s like I know him.

00:30:30 Terry Taylor

You know what?

00:30:31 Terry Taylor

I’m saying he’s not trying to he’s not thinking he’s better than you know.

00:30:34 Terry Taylor

A lot of.

00:30:36 Terry Taylor

I’m just saying the devil. But what I’m saying is this. If you already are dealing with, say, self-confidence issues, so you’ve already got that conflict, that internal conflict inside of your, you know, in your mind, in your heart. And then when something like this happens, it just, you know, it just the wildfire.

00:30:56 Terry Taylor

Happens. Oh my goodness, you just you go to an extreme. I’m getting out of here. Nobody knows me. Nobody loves me. Pastor Tom doesn’t know me. All that stuff happens. Also some people get offended if you look at them wrong.

00:31:12 Terry Taylor

Have you ever had that happen? Why did you look? Brother Josh told me one time. Some person that’s been a long time ago came up to him and he said, brother, he’s like, do you got something against me? He’s like, no, he’s like, well, why did you stare at me the whole time?

00:31:26 Terry Taylor

You were singing.

00:31:28 Terry Taylor

And Josh, I never even saw you.

00:31:33 Terry Taylor

See how the devil can play tricks with us and cause that internal conflict we all deal with it in some degree.

00:31:43 Terry Taylor

You know, again, I love it. Now this is kind of goes along the lines. My mother-in-law, Sister, Vicky’s mom, was walking in church one day and she walked by this person and they said sister Janice, aren’t you speaking today? They got offended and she turned around and said not that I know of.

00:32:06 Vicki Farley

Yeah, they thought she was. Mom thought she was supposed to speak French.

00:32:12 Terry Taylor

And you said not that.

00:32:13 Terry Taylor

I know of. I ain’t speaking today. No.

00:32:17 Terry Taylor

See that tells you sometimes what can.

00:32:21 Terry Taylor

All she wanted was a hello. That’s right, yeah.

00:32:25 Terry Taylor

OK, so I want to ask you guys about this, what are what are your thoughts, brother Gary, you got a mic back there. Brother Lane here.

00:32:35 Terry Taylor

How can we help us like that?

00:32:38 Terry Taylor

You know, because it’s like, uh, I think sometimes, like you can you can fantasize in your mind about certain things if this person says one thing, I’m going to knock them out.

00:32:53 Terry Taylor

Huh. You know those those thoughts come right.

00:32:58 Terry Taylor

Or who does this person think he is? Or she is wearing this or wearing that and you know, thinking you’re better than that. All these thoughts. There’s so much internal conflict, brothers and sisters, how do we deal with this? So I want to ask you, brother, you got a Mike, sister Vicki. How do you overcome this kind of stuff? When?

00:33:17 Terry Taylor

You have.

00:33:18 Terry Taylor

And it may.

00:33:19 Terry Taylor

Be because of your past conflicts, because maybe your childhood maybe you know something happened to you. So how do we get over this?

00:33:27 Lane Farley

If you notice that you are easily hurt by others if you feel like somebody at the church does not like you. Or perhaps Pastor Tom is overlooking you or.

00:33:46 Lane Farley

If any negative and it’s causing you to withdraw now here’s what you need to do, whatever that thought is that is confronting you.

00:34:00 Lane Farley

In your mind, you have to grab that thought right then and replace it. What do you do? You say? No, Sir. Read Devil’s Pastor Tom loves me. He cares about me and he prays for me. Get behind me, Satan.

00:34:05 Terry Taylor

That’s it.

00:34:21 Lane Farley

You need this mouth it. You need to speak it. You need to say it. Do not dwell on it and let it continually plag your mind until you become exactly emotionally with that devil is trying to get you to perform.

00:34:42 Lane Farley

And how do you do that? You’ve got to replace it with the word of God. You cannot have a healthy Christian life if you are constantly listening to all of that stuff.

00:34:58 Lane Farley

And believing all that stuff, you will be an emotional mess. You won’t have victory and success. It behooves each and every one of us to get ahold of what we are thinking on. And if we’re not thinking on what Sister Shelby said and Vicki says we’re missing the.

00:35:18 Lane Farley

Mark, we have to constantly be thinking on the word of God. Yes, we got work to do in jobs, but in the middle of all of that, we need to constant. We need to memorize the scripture. We need to place it in our minds. And when that devil comes, we got.

00:35:25 Terry Taylor

That’s right.

00:35:37 Lane Farley

Speak it out.

00:35:38 Lane Farley

No Sir, ree.

00:35:40 Lane Farley

I don’t believe that for a moment. And when he says you’re not going to.

00:35:45 Lane Farley

Make it and when you’re not going to be able to pay the bills, you need to speak it right out of your tongue. Speak it right out and say my God shall supply all of my knees. Gotta confront the devil. You got to be aggressive against the devil.

00:36:01 Terry Taylor

That’s right. And the sword of the Spirit brothers. You’ve got something here, brother.

00:36:04 Lane Farley

With the sword of the spirit.

00:36:09 Terry Taylor

There you go.

00:36:10 Lane Farley

Our imaginations.

00:36:14 Steve Rust

The Bible says.

00:36:16 Steve Rust

That what comes out of your mouth is really powerful, yeah.

00:36:21 Steve Rust

It’s really actually, I believe it literally. It says the power of life and death is in the tongue.

00:36:30 Steve Rust

And you have to realize.

00:36:33 Steve Rust

You can really hurt people just with a casual remark.

00:36:38 Steve Rust

Or just or you can build them up right. It’s amazing, Mark Twain said. And it’s not scripture, but I I love it, he said, you know what? I can live a whole month off of.

00:36:48 Steve Rust

One compliment sometimes.

00:36:51 Steve Rust

It sort of provides what is going on, but you have to realize.

00:36:56 Steve Rust

It’s a dangerous thing and these people that we talked to, oh, God loves them.

00:37:03 Steve Rust

That’s the easiest way to get in trouble. Yes, is to say something bad or hurtful, or that you just you have to realize. And the only way to do that is to be full of the word and just practice saying good things. Good things.

00:37:19 Steve Rust

When you come into church, say Lord, show me somebody to say something good to. Yeah. And he’ll do it because everybody in there probably needs to hear something good.

00:37:30 Terry Taylor

Amen. Amen.

00:37:31 Steve Rust

Every one of them.

00:37:32 Steve Rust

Everybody comes into church with a sign on them and the spirit that says, oh, I wish somebody would.

00:37:38 Steve Rust

Make me feel better.

00:37:39 Steve Rust

About myself. Yeah, at one time or another. Yeah. So be careful with that thing. It’s a dangerous thing. The power of life. And it’s in the tongue. And we’re responsible for it.

00:37:46 Lane Farley

All right.

00:37:50 Steve Rust

I mean the Lord, I told the Lord the other day, said Lord. I’m 78. Can’t you lighten up a little bit? Yeah. And he said no, I still, I’m still working on your mouth. Well, because there’s such potential because it jumps right out.

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