Essential Dripping Anointing – Hosea 10:12

May 10, 2023

Series: The Anointing

Topic: The Anointing

Essential Dripping Anointing - Hosea 10:12

So the Lord Jesus, His anointing, He’s so anointed, He drips. Oil drips off Him and there’s a reason why in Psalms 16:11, I believe it says that in the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy at His right hand are pleasures forevermore. There’s just something about being in the presence of the Lord. Jesus is just so wonderful. How can we explain how wonderful He is?

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Essential Dripping Anointing – Hosea 10:12

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Oh thank you Lord. There’s just something about being in the presence of the Lord. Jesus is just so wonderful. How can we explain how wonderful He is? Really words can’t do it, but it helps. Our lives are a testimony right? The word says we’re living epistles by the way we live our life, and even when we mess up, make mistakes, the Lord can turn it around and bring a blessing.

I don’t know how He does it sometimes, but He’s just so wonderful. He’s so amazing. We just love you Lord Jesus. Thank You for life. Thank You for life more abundantly. Thank You Lord.

I tell you, I love fiery preachers, but sometimes I’m not fiery. I just start crying because the presence of the Lord is just so wonderful, and I’m just so grateful for that. I just wanted to share a couple verses with you. If there’s a title for this message, it’s Dripping Anointing. Dripping Anointing, any of you heard about drip lately?

I guess a few people have, some swag, some drip, some style, some sauce. You know what I’m talking about? Yeah? Yeah, I heard the word. Teenagers, oh Lord, we just bless our teenagers right now in the name of Jesus. Lord, we just pray right now You’d reveal the secret sauce to them. The secret sauce,, that’s not just a word, but it’s indeed, also,, it’s not just faking it till you make it. It’s having the goods.

I want to share with you, this verse first is Hosea 10 verse 12, Hosea chapter 10 verse 12. Would you be willing to read this with me? All right, let’s go ahead and stand for this verse. We have other Scripture I won’t have you stand for all of those or you’ll feel like a pogo stick. Heavenly Father, we’re so grateful that You’re so amazing and good. Thank You that we are Your children and Lord thank You so much that our Daddy is rich and we’re so grateful that You supply all of our needs according to Your riches in glory.

Spirit, soul and body and that’s relationships, it’s finances, it’s prophetic vision, it’s purpose, it’s destiny, it’s restoration, and we’re so grateful. Holy Spirit, we just ask You just set a watch on my mouth, anoint this time. Thank You for Your anointing that remains, and Lord, teach us we pray and we declare we’re all good ground for the seed of Your Word in the name of Jesus, amen.Hallelujah.

Boys, is Jonah on the way also? Yes?  Okay, we have a little short surprise. I have some of my children that have swung in here and they’re gonna minister just a little bit and then they’re gonna go back down and because I want them to go ahead and go there, I just want to say that the Word of the Lord breaks mountains. It opens blind eyes, body soul and spirit.

There is no limit to what one word can do. One word, that’s all it takes, but not only that, it’s just one glance, one glance of looking into the eyes of Jesus and you’ll be in a whole new orbit. That makes what you were, where you were before, look like you were nowhere because there’s never lack in Jesus.

So, if there’s any lack, it’s because we’re not gazing on Him. Just when I was there, the Lord just speaking to my heart. Maybe you’ve heard this verse before, it says let us run our race, Hebrews 12:1-2, talking about let us run our race looking to Jesus. Looking to Jesus, now have you ever heard before that whenever you’re going somewhere you need to focus where you’re going?

Yes, right. Are we going to Jesus? So, that’s where we’re supposed to be going, that’s where it’s supposed to be looking. Yes, but sometimes we think we’re going here, the Lord says, “I want you to move here,” so you’re like “okay” and then we get tunnel vision on that and we lose our focus on Jesus, and then things get a little bumpy and rocky and we’re like, “Wow Lord, I thought you told me to go there.” He was like, “Yeah but we’re going together. We’re going together so you’re looking at where you’re going but you’re supposed to be looking at Me, Okay?

I got my children. They’re going to come. They’re going to share some prophetic words, but quickly as they’re coming up here, Do we have any married couples in here? Yes. Okay, so, now whenever my wife goes on a walk, I’m usually doing this, I’m looking down because she’s shorter than me, but when we’re walking, I don’t just stare this way the whole time. I don’t just stare. I don’t focus on where I’m going.

I’m doing this, “Hello beautiful. How was your day today? Really? Oh, you look so nice. it’s so nice to spend time with you.” Can I get a witness in here [Applause] Yes, and that’s what the Lord just dropped in my spirit. He’s like, “When you’re running your race, you’re not supposed to be running like this, you’re supposed to be well.” Aren’t we supposed to look where we’re going so we don’t run into something?

Well I’m talking about in the Spirit and in the Spirit we’re supposed to be looking in the eyes of Jesus and we’ll get where we want to go and where He’s taking us a lot quicker and a lot less accidents along the way. That’s a now word because I didn’t have that in the notes, so, anyway, I apologize if this makes you uncomfortable, but that’s what the Lord told me to do.

We raised our children to believe that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and His sheep hear His voice. So, they’ve grown up doing this as we go from church to church wherever we’re going and ministering. We ask them. They’ve already done this when we’re at the house. I just asked that, “Hey, let’s just soak in the Lord. Let’s just love on Jesus and then just ask Him if He’ll show you something, tell you something and then we just trust Him, Jesus that they’ll choose who it’s for so I’m just believing the Lord is going to do some wonderful things here okay?

I literally Drew this like 20 minutes before church but I believe this is for Mr house and would you be able to come up here? So what like I felt and like what I felt God wanted me to draw was this fist breaking through a wall and on in in our lives you know Satan puts up walls to you know put obstacles in your life but God, He gives us the strength to break down those walls.

I felt this verse and it says but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ and so we don’t get the victory by ourselves, but Jesus gives us the Victory. He strengthened us to give this victory and I just believe that this is supposed to help you throughout your life, not just today, but throughout your life. Just remember that God gives you victories no matter what the circumstances are.

Lord Jesus, I understand. I thank you for Mr house right now Lord Jesus. Lord God, I thank you that he does not wrestle against flesh and blood but against the principalities and powers of the devil. Lord Jesus, Lord God, I pray that you can just strengthen him, Lord God, throughout his life. Lord Jesus that you can refresh his soul that he can just combat the works of the enemy, Lord Jesus. That you can strengthen him to stand up in your word and in Faith Lord Jesus for the advancement of Your kingdom Lord God.

When we were praying for you, I saw it like when you were throwing a punch and breaking through a wall. You know throwing a punch but when you’re doing that there was a fist like this big and when you throw a punch the Spirit agrees with you and there’s a lot more damage than you think was going to happen.

Psalm 65:11 is talking about Jesus, the Messiah. Now Christ is not Jesus’ last name. He is the Christ, and Christ means the anointed one, the Messiah, but the anointed one… Anoint, that word anointing, anoint in the Greek, it means to rub to smear. So, if you’ve ever gotten oil on you, it kind of rubs and smears all over the place. Whatever it comes to contact with it gets on your clothes.

It’s on your clothes, and you can still feel that unless you know you take extra effort to wash it off. You can’t just rub it off. It’s still there. You have to have some kind of reactant or agent or soap or something, but this is talking about Jesus says Thou crownest the year with thy goodness. The Lord crowns the year with goodness and thy paths drop fatness. I believe the new King James says your past drip oil, drip.

So the Lord Jesus, He’s so anointed, He drips. Oil drips off Him and there’s a reason why in Psalms 16:11, I believe it says that in the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy at His right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Essential Dripping Anointing - Hosea 10:12

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