Have Belief In Goodness And Mercy – Mark 4:40

May 17, 2023

Topic: Goodness, Mercy

Scripture: Mark 4:40

Have Belief In Goodness And Mercy

00:00:00 Minister Pam Reckers Have Belief In Goodness And Mercy

There’s nothing like the love of God and the love that he gives to us and how he meets us, where we are. And so tonight the Lord has given me a word, and it’s and it’s very familiar scriptures your your most of you will know them, almost all of them you’ve heard them, you probably studied them out many times.

00:00:20 Minister Pam Reckers

But the Lord gave me this last night when I was laying in bed and the Lord began to speak to me. The Scriptures and the things that he wanted me to share, and my granddaughter was asleep. And I was sitting there and I thought, Oh my goodness, he’s pouring into me and I thought, how can I get up and not wake her up? So I had my phone on I for the first time. I put notes in.

00:00:38 Minister Pam Reckers

My phone never have done that before, didn’t even know how to do it.

00:00:41 Minister Pam Reckers

And so I was like trying to figure now I was like, Holy Spirit, help me to write this to get it in this phone. And so that’s what I did. So the title of my message tonight is surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my.

00:00:52 Minister Pam Reckers

Life. So that’s my title. So the Lord began to deal with me on different things that we’re facing in this world and so have any of you. And I know that this, this is probably going to be almost everyone in the room, if not all of us, have you had a night that you thought morning would never come?

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Have you walked the night with maybe a sick child or a loved one? Praying and seeking God for deliverance and the night seemed it would go on forever.

00:01:22 Minister Pam Reckers

And has God and God’s ways are not our ways, and his provision is not always our the way that we are thinking that they’re going to turn out many times. It doesn’t turn out the way that we think we are expecting God to do something supernatural, and then the next day rolls around and God comes to us and he gives us strength to carry on.

00:01:42 Minister Pam Reckers

But then there comes another night and we’re up walking the floors again. But I want to talk tonight about two different.

00:01:49 Minister Pam Reckers

Storms the disciples found themselves in first one is in Mark 437 through 41 and I’m just going to paraphrase this, this one, this first one because it’s a very familiar story in the word of God and it’s and it’s Jesus tells the disciples to cross over to the other side and there rose.

00:02:09 Minister Pam Reckers

The Great Storm of wind and the waves.

00:02:13 Minister Pam Reckers

Into the ship so that it was now full. I can literally see this picture with every wave brought fear. Every wave brought fear of not knowing what the outcome was. I can just imagine with every wave and seeing the the water begin to fill up the boat and you’re on the boat now. Maybe most of you.

00:02:33 Minister Pam Reckers

Can swim. There are probably some that cannot swim. I can’t even imagine even having a life jacket on. Being on a boat that was taking on water and the storms was raging. It would be very terrifying. But because of the situation was getting worse and worse. The fear began to feel their.

00:02:48 Minister Pam Reckers

Parts and then we look and and if we look at as us as in the natural, if we had a loved one that was diagnosed with cancer, heart disease or you lose your job or you’re threatened that your job may end. I know many people that are in this situation right now. I know of some that are losing their job they’re not.

00:03:09 Minister Pam Reckers

They didn’t know what they were going to do and how they were going to come through.

00:03:12 Minister Pam Reckers

But God always comes through. We’re troubled over the economy, and I know that many are troubled over the economy. If you watch the news at all, you’re troubled over the economy. It doesn’t take a rocket science to see that this country is in trouble. We can look around and we can see the signs of the time everywhere that we look. And if we look in the natural eye.

00:03:32 Minister Pam Reckers

We would truly be sinking in despair and we would be afraid. Amen. I don’t know about you, but there have been nights that I have been afraid and I would get up and I would pray.

00:03:43 Minister Pam Reckers

And the Lord will always come. But in verse 38 it says and because if we look at this, the disciples were were scrambling trying to pour out the water in the boat. Right. And so they’re in jeopardy. And then we we we looking at this and the Bibles and it says where where was Jesus at at this point.

00:04:03 Minister Pam Reckers

Jesus was in the hinder part of the boat, asleep on his pig.

00:04:07 Minister Pam Reckers

Low and everybody else around him was scrambling and thinking Ohh Lord, do you not see the trouble that we’re in?

00:04:16 Minister Pam Reckers

But he was in the hinder part of the sheep of the ship, asleep on a pillow. He simply he rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, peace be still, and the wind ceased. And there was a great calm. He asked them. Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?

00:04:34 Minister Pam Reckers

Isn’t that. That’s so true about us. How is it that we have no faith? Because when we’re come up against something so strong that seems bigger than us, but there’s nothing bigger than Jesus. There’s nothing too hard and there’s nothing too powerful that can take my Jesus under years ago, I lived in a mobile home when my boys.

00:04:55 Minister Pam Reckers

You’re very young, I.

00:04:56 Minister Pam Reckers

Was learning to walk with Jesus.

00:04:58 Minister Pam Reckers

And he began showing me that I could trust him through many circumstances and whatever circumstance would come my way. We were asleep, and my older sister stayed the night when a storm came and we was in this trailer and the trailer at that time was not, was not tied down. And so we the trailer began to rock and the wind was blowing and you could feel it.

00:05:20 Minister Pam Reckers

Just shifting that trailer.

00:05:21 Minister Pam Reckers

And my sister said that I literally sat straight up in the bed and I began to speak in tongues and I rebuked the storm and she said, and all of a sudden, Pam, she said it got quiet and everything seemed to be OK and she said, but you literally sat straight up in the bed. I remember speaking in tongues, but I really didn’t remember.

00:05:41 Minister Pam Reckers

Sitting up in the bed. But the Lord came to me and I rebuked that storm. So the next day they came and they were going to tie the trailer down and they got up underneath the trailer and and they said that the trailer had moved some. But he said, boy, you are one lucky girl.

00:05:56 Minister Pam Reckers

Well, because it could have moved right off of the blocks that it was set upon, but because of prayer and just because of speaking in tongues and believing that God could keep us and keep me, he taught me something there that night that I could trust in him and that he would be with me.

00:06:14 Minister Pam Reckers

This year I have found myself waking up many times between the time of three and 4:00 AM. With such an urgency to pray. Has anybody been waking up around that time frame?

00:06:26 Minister Pam Reckers

I’ve been curious and I’ve been curious about this time frame and where where this is coming from and why. Because it seems like it’s almost like clockwork. I’ll wake up at between 3:00 and 4:00 and I’ll be getting up with such an urgency, and I’ll go into my into the other room and I’ll begin to pray and I’ll seek the face of God.

00:06:46 Minister Pam Reckers

But I begin to study this out, and I began to look it up and there are several commentaries talked about in Roman times that there were established watches in the night and the 4th watches in the day.

00:07:00 Minister Pam Reckers

It said that they established these time frames. So when you’re talking about the night watches, the first watch began from 6:00 PM and lasted until 9. The second watch was from 9:00 to 12:00, and then the third watch was from 12:00 to 3:00, and then the 4th watch was from three to six. And so Matthew 14.

00:07:20 Minister Pam Reckers

22 and 25 if we begin reading about this and we’re we talked about this, it talks about the 4th watch. It says in verse 22, and straightway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship and to go before him unto the other side, while he sent the multitudes away.

00:07:39 Minister Pam Reckers

And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray. And when the evening was come, he was there alone. But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with the waves, for the wind was contrary. And in the 4th watch of the night, which was beat around 3:00 to 6:00 AM, Jesus went.

00:07:59 Minister Pam Reckers

Unto them, unto the sea, showing his disciples that he has all power to walk and triumph over all powers of the enemy. Verse 26, and when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were, they were troubled.

00:08:16 Minister Pam Reckers

Saying it is a spirit and they cried out for fear verse 27, but straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying be of good cheer. It is I be not afraid, and Peter answered him. It said, Lord, if it be thou bid thee bid me come unto thee on the water.

00:08:36 Minister Pam Reckers

And he said, come, he walked on the water until verse 30, when he saw the wind boisterous. He was afraid and beginning to sink. He cried, saying Lord save me. And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand.

00:08:50 Minister Pam Reckers

And he caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, where didst thou doubt for me? I believe the timing of waking up at 3:00 in the morning could mean three things. The first thing that I believe that the enemy can work in our dreams to literally trouble us.

00:09:10 Minister Pam Reckers

And calls us fear and even giving us horrific dreams of of to cause us to have anxiety and.

00:09:17 Minister Pam Reckers

Belief unbelief is the opposite of faith, and in the Bible talks about having unbelief. You cannot make it to heaven with unbelief, and so I believe that that, that one, that first one right there, I believe that the enemy can torment us and to cause us to cause us to have so much anxiety that he robs of robs us.

00:09:38 Minister Pam Reckers

Of our sleep, the Bible says that he will make our sleep to be sweet. So sometimes I believe it could be that the second one. I believe that it can truly be that God is wanting our attention.

00:09:50 Minister Pam Reckers

Because there is something coming our way, you never may never know what could be transpiring during your time of seeking God, whether it be 3:00 AM or whether it be 3 in the afternoon, your time is never wasted when you feel the urgency to get up and pray, it is never wasted. And I believe that we should always.

00:10:10 Minister Pam Reckers

Listen to the voice of God. Whether no matter where we are, no matter what we’re doing, that we are so looking forward to hearing his voice and that we’re walking softly before him, that we can hear his voice. Amen. Because let me tell you, the world is filled with things that are going to take our attention and occupy.

00:10:29 Minister Pam Reckers

By our minds. But he says, to keep our eyes and our minds steadfast upon him, because the enemy is roaring and he is going forth and he is seeking whom he may devour. And he is trying to steal our loved ones. He is trying to steal our health. He is trying to steal our peace and our joy and our very lives.

00:10:50 Minister Pam Reckers

And if it were left up to him, he wouldn’t succeed. But because of Jesus, but because of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus paid.

00:11:00 Minister Pam Reckers

We can only go into the throne room of Grace where he will meet us there and he will surround us with his angels that will encamp round and about us buddy call us hataitai. Mosiah. I believe it at this time of our lives, if ever before that, we need to seek the face of God.

00:11:21 Minister Pam Reckers

It is now, I believe, that more than ever that we need to spend our time chewing up the word of God and seeking it and chewing it up.

00:11:30 Minister Pam Reckers

And swallowing it the good and the things that we think are hard, the things that we need to lay aside, the Bible says lay aside every weight and sin that does so easily be said as we need a closer walk with God. We need to begin to lay aside the things our separating us from him. What is it that separates us from him?

00:11:50 Minister Pam Reckers

Many times it’s the television set. We’ve got the television on more than we’ve got anything else on. We’ve got our minds and so focused and wrapped up in the feats of this world, we need to hear the voice of God when he says to go over here or go over there because there’s many that are in need right now.

00:12:09 Minister Pam Reckers

Now I was in the grocery store yesterday. I had my granddaughter and we was walking through and my my granddaughter is a people person and she literally walks in the door and she’s like the little queen bee. She’s like, hello, hello. If you don’t look at her, she will make it. Her, her, her, her mission. Hello.

00:12:30 Minister Pam Reckers

Hello. Until she gets your attention. That’s what she does. And so we were walking through the grocery store and and there was this older lady. Well, I said she was older cause the way she talked, she was older. But to look at her, she was a thin and younger.

00:12:45 Minister Pam Reckers

Welcome woman. And but she was, she said she was up in years, so, but she began to talk to me and we just began to carry on a conversation. And I knew there was something I could feel it in my spirit, Pam, I could feel that. And so I began just we just talking. At first it was just about her grandbabies. And she has a mess of them.

00:13:05 Minister Pam Reckers

And I thought, oh, what a oh, what a joy that would be to have a mess of them. I’ve got one I’m looking. I want more. I would love to have more, but anyway, I that’s that’s not, I don’t know about that, but.

00:13:16 Minister Pam Reckers

Anyway, so we were talking about all these things, and so she began to open up, and she began to tell me she said Ohh I’m I’m a I’ve got a procedure coming up and she said I’ve been so afraid of it. And she said I I she said I’m I’m facing open heart surgery and she said and I’ve lost so many with it my mom and she talked about different ones and her family.

00:13:37 Minister Pam Reckers

And she lost a heart disease and and she said I’m. I’m a little fearful. And and and what she said that I said Ohh can I.

00:13:44 Minister Pam Reckers

Hey hope for.

00:13:45 Minister Pam Reckers

You and we were sitting standing right in the protests protesting her, and I thought, I don’t care who’s around. And I put my hand upon her and I begin to pray over that woman and I begin to talk to her about the Lord. And I prayed and I asked the blessing over that precious soul. And I told her I and I begin to pray over the procedure over the doctors, the nurses.

00:14:06 Minister Pam Reckers

And by the time it was.

00:14:07 Minister Pam Reckers

Over she kept propping.

00:14:08 Minister Pam Reckers

Her arm around me because she felt Jesus, it’s not enough.

00:14:13 Minister Pam Reckers

Apart from him, we can do nothing, but through him we can do all things because he wants us to be his hands and his feet. He wants us to be so hearing of this word that we’re not looking in the grocery store just for our groceries, but looking in the grocery store to see who stores, who needs Jesus.

00:14:32 Speaker 2

Who needs him tonight? Only by the.

00:14:42 Speaker 2

Ohh my dear dollar.

00:14:43 Minister Pam Reckers

Messiah #3. I believe he stretches us just as he did with Peter. Peter was always the loud one and ready, always to step out and he and he. And you have to give him credit. He did step out. At least he did get out on the water and he did walk on the water.

00:15:01 Minister Pam Reckers

For a little bit, you don’t read about. The other disciples say it all. They call me out. Lord, call me out on that water. You don’t read about the others, but he was willing to do it. He was wanting to do it, but if you walk with God, your Spirit Man will always want to.

00:15:15 Minister Pam Reckers

Go. It will always want to go because the spirit man is always longing to be in his presence. If you’re a child of God, you’re always longing to be with Jesus because he has something more than the what this world can offer you. He’s got more to offer you than anything of this world, but if you walk with him.

00:15:36 Minister Pam Reckers

There will be a war between the Spirit Man and the fleshly man. The Bible says the spirit is always willing, but the flesh is weak and who wins? Will we depend on how much of God you have poured in your your.

00:15:50 Minister Pam Reckers

Spirit, it’s so tonight I want to show you these two images. I just want you to picture this is your spiritual man. He’s been buffed up and you can see a little bit of the ripples in him. He’s worked out and he’s worked out. He’s had some good muscles and he’s been diligently reading the word of God. He’s been diligent.

00:16:10 Minister Pam Reckers

Getting up in the morning and seeking the Lord God he doesn’t. He doesn’t start the day without getting alone in the presence of the Lord. He’s diligently seeking and reading the word of God. He’s got scriptures up, he’s got scriptures on his dashboard as he rides to work trying to put him to memory. That’s how you build up your spiritual.

00:16:29 Minister Pam Reckers

Man is when you get alone with God and you begin to meditate upon the word of God and you begin to pour into your spiritual man. If God before me, who dare be against me, if God go before me, I know I can go. I’m a more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ. My Lord. If God before me, who dare be against me. And so if you go over here.

00:16:51 Minister Pam Reckers

This is a little weakling guy he got. He got his blessing on Sunday morning. He shouted with the best of.

00:16:59 Minister Pam Reckers

Hey, your whole time. Ohh he blessed the Lord. But on come Monday morning he sleeps in, he gets up and he starts his day. He doesn’t have any time alone with the Lord. He goes about his day. He’s talking with everybody in the in the brick room. How was your weekend?

00:17:19 Minister Pam Reckers

Ohh, I’m telling you it was great and and maybe he he’s got a little bit of this and he doesn’t share Jesus, he’s not. He’s not even thinking about him and then he goes.

00:17:29 Minister Pam Reckers

On about his day, he gets off work and he goes home and and he’s not, he’s not. He’s not spending any time with him with the Lord. He’s got grass to cut. He’s got things to do. He’s got bills to be paid and he’s got a life that he’s gotta live. I’ve. I’ve heard excuses for my husband and I and I and I, I’ve I’ve I bless him. I love him.

00:17:49 Minister Pam Reckers

So much, but I know his excuses him, he said. I’ll never let another preacher or man make me feel guilty for providing for my.

00:17:59 Minister Pam Reckers

Family and I haven’t got bills, so I gotta pay. I got things I gotta do Sunday night. I can’t go to all these services. I can’t be in service like that. And so he said he’s got the excuses of all of these things. But he’s, but now he’s saying he he says that he’s ready to go. I don’t see the fruit on the vine.

00:18:19 Minister Pam Reckers

I wanna see the fruit. I wanna see fruit on the vine to me. If you’re ready to go, you’ve got fruit. You’re not looking like this pitiful little creature here with no fuel.

00:18:29 Minister Pam Reckers

You can’t cast out a devil. You aren’t going to be able to do anything in the presence of a devil. I preached a whole sermon on this one time to the youth group over my son. My son was a he’s a bodybuilder. He works out diligently. I mean, he he doesn’t miss a day at the gym. He’s always working out and he’s got muscle mass.

00:18:50 Minister Pam Reckers

I’m telling you, he’s got so much muscle mass that I I think I. I don’t like it.

00:18:59 Minister Pam Reckers

I don’t like it. I like to have a little bit of muscle. Maybe that’s OK, but I ain’t into all this body building stuff that you look so big like this like you’re just. I’m always afraid when he comes at me like this to hug me. I always say. Now. Now, now. Hot side side. You don’t squeeze me. Don’t squeeze me.

00:19:18 Minister Pam Reckers

Because he’s got any tries, he likes to show you.

00:19:21 Minister Pam Reckers

Muscle and I told him one day, I said. Nick, I said if you had this much, much muscle mass in the word of God, and if you knew the word of God because I’m telling you, you are no match for the devil, because he would always say how that he would fight the devil.

00:19:41 Minister Pam Reckers

I said, and I told him I said Nick. He would shake you around.

00:19:46 Minister Pam Reckers

Ragdoll he will literally just. He wouldn’t even waste his time on you because you have no word. The word is the only thing that will make the enemy flee. It won’t be no word of saying get away from me.

00:20:03 Minister Pam Reckers

Ohh come on.

00:20:05 Minister Pam Reckers

He would take you up like this.

00:20:07 Minister Pam Reckers

He would literally just toss you to the side because you are no match for the devil in your present body.

00:20:17 Minister Pam Reckers

The only match you are is through the word of God. That’s the only match. It takes the word of God. One thing is for sure, the timing of things is all controlled by God and not us because he holds the balances in his hand and as a.

00:20:35 Minister Pam Reckers

Matter of fact.

00:20:36 Minister Pam Reckers

Says in his word and Isaiah 4011 through 18 that he tints his flock like a shepherd. He gathers the Lambs in his arms and carries him close to his heart.

00:20:48 Minister Pam Reckers

He gently leads those that are with young. I stood on this word when my boys were young and growing up. I stood on this word because I was so insecure and felt so insignificant and raising my children that I wanted to raise them up in the in the with the fear and the ammunition.

00:21:08 Minister Pam Reckers

Of Christ. I wanted that to be in the forefront, and I felt so inadequate. And I mean the Lord gave me this when I was very young, as a Christian, and he told me how he turned his flock like a shepherd and then how he gathered his lambs in his arms and he carries him close to his.

00:21:26 Minister Pam Reckers

And he gently leads. So Sutter, with young. So if you have young babies and now with me, with a granddaughter, that’s still my earnest cry that I spoiled her to Jesus. This baby has been such a love and a light in our lives. It’s brought my family so close, especially with my husband.

00:21:46 Minister Pam Reckers

And this is what’s made my husband want to know that he was right because he said, do you think when the Rapture takes place, will my will this baby be left behind with her father and their mother? Will that baby go?

00:22:00 Minister Pam Reckers

With us and I was one that I wasn’t sure of myself. I’ll be honest, I thought, I don’t know. But she belongs to them. Shelby, I’d like to hear your opinion on that after service, but she. But he said so. I he said I just got to know that question. So and this is what he said to me, he said.

00:22:19 Minister Pam Reckers

So if the Rapture takes place, which should go with us, I thought us but be shot up.

00:22:27 Minister Pam Reckers

I pray she goes with us. I pray you’re with me because I don’t see it. Like I said, I don’t see the fruits on the vine. I’m beginning to see more and more. I know that the Lord is working and I know he’s moving on this, but I I want to know that. And so when I read this with my granddaughter, I want to know.

00:22:48 Minister Pam Reckers

That I when she begins to see things because she’s been seeing things she’s been seeing. I believe she’s seeing demons because she will point down my whole way. And she’ll say Nana.

00:23:00 Minister Pam Reckers

Nana, look. And then I’ll say. But what baby? I don’t see anything. At first, I didn’t. I just kind of shook it off like it probably isn’t anything. But as the days have progressed, she’s been more and more troubled.

00:23:13 Minister Pam Reckers

And I believe that there’s a demonic spirit that has been following after that baby shall be. And so I I’ve been rebuking. And so the other day we were sitting there on the chair and I was rocking her. And she kept saying Nana Nana.

00:23:29 Minister Pam Reckers

And I said what, baby? I said I’m gonna pray in the name of Jesus. Anytime you feel a presence of the enemy, you say in the name of Jesus. And so now she says, teach us, Jesus. And so she looked at me. But this day she was so frightened. And she said Nana.

00:23:49 Minister Pam Reckers

And she crawled up behind me, and she nestled herself in behind me, and she began to just keep looking around the corner like this. And I said in the name of.

00:24:00 Minister Pam Reckers

Jesus, I command that spirit to go, and I begin to pray and I begin to do warfare in the spirit as she held back behind me and she just kept looking. And every time I would pray louder. She would pick around my shoulder like this and she’d back away again and she’d put her head down.

00:24:21 Minister Pam Reckers

I said in the name of Jesus Christ until I felt that spirit go, it cannot stay.

00:24:30 Minister Pam Reckers

In the presence of the Lord God Almighty, greater is he. That is in me than he that is, in this world no weapon is formed against me that can prosper. And every tongue that rises against us in judgment will be condemned. So I stood on that.

00:24:49 Minister Pam Reckers

Scripture and I began to I began to pour into my grandbaby.

00:24:54 Minister Pam Reckers

And that’s what we need to do every day. We need to pour into our children and our grandchildren to show them and to teach them as little as they are to teach them how to do warfare because it is a warfare that goes on it and continual basis. It’s warring. If we could see in the spiritual realm.

00:25:15 Minister Pam Reckers

I believe we would. There would be no stopping us from getting alone with God if we could really see the war that’s going on holding my Shiloh Mataya. There would be no stopping us from getting into his presence. There would be no stopping it coming into his.

00:25:29 Minister Pam Reckers

Full room of grace crying out. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and praying out until we felt the release that we could face the day. I believe that that more than ever before that we need to girl ourselves about putting on our armor, putting on our helmet of salvation, putting on our.

00:25:50 Minister Pam Reckers

Let’s pray that righteousness keeping our hearts with all diligence crying out hurts me. Oh, God know my heart. Try me and know my.

00:26:00 Minister Pam Reckers

Thoughts. See if there be any wicked ways in me and lead me in the way of the everlasting create in me a clean heart, renew a right spirit within me only must share the love will tie you for only the pure in heart will seek God only the pure in heart. Highly believe.

00:26:23 Minister Pam Reckers

We need to know our hearts, know what’s filling our hearts up, keeping our hearts right, keeping our record right. Because one day, very soon, that Trump is about to blow her, I can tell you of a Shorty, it will blow, ready or not.

00:26:40 Minister Pam Reckers

Ready or not, when it blows, you’re either ready or you’re not.

00:26:45 Minister Pam Reckers

I want to be ready. I want to know that my lamp has trimmed and burning. I wanna shot my feet with the preparation of the gospel piece. I wanna hurt my Lords about the truth. I wanna have the sword of the spirit. I wanna be faithful and have the shield of faith that quenches every fiery dart of the enemy. That’s the only thing that will combat.

00:27:06 Minister Pam Reckers

The fiery darts are being shot out all the time, but if you put up the shield of faith it will quench the fiery darts that are coming down to us holy mashonda Pattaya Sand strong my pee.

00:27:20 Minister Pam Reckers

Sansai cola masaya. Oh for your redemption. Draweth naya. Oh, he’s coming like a thief in the night. Be ready. Be ready. Be ready.

00:27:41 Speaker 3

Shut up.

00:27:54 Minister Pam Reckers

He says in verse 12, who have measured the waters in the hollow of his hand and made it out the heaven with a span and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure and waved the mountains and scales and the hills and the balance. Who has directed?

00:28:12 Minister Pam Reckers

The spirit of the Lord, or being his counselor, has taught him with whom took his counsel and who instructed him and taught him in the path of judgment, and taught him knowledge and showed to him holy mighty allowable Shire. Oh, blessed.

00:28:30 Minister Pam Reckers

Be your name.

00:28:35 Minister Pam Reckers

Oh, Jesus. Jesus, Jesus.

00:28:39 Minister Pam Reckers

In the way of understanding and it says, behold, the nations are as a drop in the bucket and are counted as a small dust of the balance ohta my side, we look at the nations, they they they talk so big, they act like they’ve got it all. Vicky, they got it all going on.

00:29:00 Minister Pam Reckers

China, they think they’re so big and mighty powerful, highly.

00:29:09 Minister Pam Reckers

They are no match. They are no match for the hosts of angels.

00:29:21 Minister Pam Reckers

Behold, he taketh up the aisles as a very little thing. Verse 17 says all nations before him, or has nothing, and they are counted to him less than nothing and vanity.

00:29:34 Minister Pam Reckers

To whom then will?

00:29:35 Minister Pam Reckers

You like in God, or what likeness will you compare unto him?

00:29:40 Minister Pam Reckers

Ohh and I love this scripture. It is he that sits upon the circle of the.

00:29:46 Minister Pam Reckers

The inhabitants thereof hers grasshoppers, he stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and he sprays him out as a tip for us to dwell. Him tie. Yeah, they shall not be planted. Yeah, they shall not be sown. Yay. Their stop shall not.

00:30:05 Minister Pam Reckers

Take root in the earth and he shall also blow upon them, and they shall wither, and the whirlwind shall take them away as trouble to whom then will you liken me, or shall I be equal, sayeth the holy woman? Lift up your eyes on high.

00:30:26 Minister Pam Reckers

And behold, who have created these things?

00:30:29 Minister Pam Reckers

Will that bring it out their host by number? He calleth them all by names, by the greatness of his might, for he is strong in power, not one faileth. What sayest thou, O Jacob and speakest? Ohh Israel, my way is hit.

00:30:50 Minister Pam Reckers

From the Lord and my judgment is passed over from my God. Hast thou not known a? Hast thou not heard that the.

00:31:00 Minister Pam Reckers

Everlasting God, the Lord, the creator of the heavens and the earth. He faintest. Not neither is he weary. There is no searching of his understanding, but he gives power to the fate and to them that have no might he increases.

00:31:20 Minister Pam Reckers

Our strength that even though you shall faint and be weary and the young maid shall utterly fall. Ohh, but they that wait upon the Lord.

00:31:37 Minister Pam Reckers

But they that wait upon the Lord. Those are walking in their houses at 3:00 AM, praying until 536 o’clock in the morning, praying until the deliverance. They feeling their spirit comes and many times the answer came the first time that you prayed.

00:31:54 Minister Pam Reckers

But just like Daniel in the lumber tyre, there was principalities. Gabriel was on his way. The answer was already given. It was coming.

00:32:12 Minister Pam Reckers

The answer came the first time we prayed the first time we prayed. The answer was on the way, but there was principalities, powers, that was working that hindered 21 days, 21 days. It hindered it till he could get the message through.

00:32:29 Minister Pam Reckers

He actually had to send Michael.

00:32:31 Minister Pam Reckers

The Archangel to come and the Archangel came to relieve Gabriel so that he could come and bring him the word because he was hindered all the money and all of Asia. But they that wait upon the Lord, they shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as Eagles. They shall run.

00:32:52 Minister Pam Reckers

And not be weary. They shall walk and not faint.

00:32:59 Minister Pam Reckers

I can’t tell you the countless times I’d be up most of the night praying my granddaughter would come in at around 637 o’clock I hadn’t had much sleep. But Ohh, but Terry, being in the presence of the Lord, I knew he strengthened my body. Vicky. I knew he strengthened me to give me the strength that I needed.

00:33:18 Minister Pam Reckers

For the day, I’m telling you tonight that if you will hold fast, don’t let go of the horns of the altar. You will see your prayers begin to begin to be answered because God is on his throne.

00:33:29 Minister Pam Reckers

He never sleeps or slumbers. The eyes of the Lord are over. The righteousness here is open to their cries. He hears us when we cry. He hears us when we pray and when we intercede, he acts upon our behalf because he loves us and because he’s ever at the right hand of the father, making intercession for us.

00:33:50 Minister Pam Reckers

When you feel you’re so weak, you can’t walk, he says. Let me give.

00:33:54 Minister Pam Reckers

Her extra straight.

00:34:04 Minister Pam Reckers

I felt that strength so many times. He gives me strength when you don’t even know where it came from. You don’t even know how you’re still standing. The rough battle may be rough, and I know there’s people in this room because the Lord’s already showed me. There’s many men. It’s in this room you’ve been going through the fire.

00:34:22 Minister Pam Reckers

Like never before, but there’s a fourth man in the fire. You’re not in that fire alone, but.

00:34:29 Minister Pam Reckers

God is always slow. He’s with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He never leaves us abandoned. He never leaves us in the place of destitution. But he will provide us. He will be your provider because his word says he is Jehovah Jirah and he is.

00:34:49 Minister Pam Reckers

My provider.

00:34:56 Minister Pam Reckers

So what is it that you need tonight? Anybody. I sit back there. When Vicky came forth where it shall be delivered, the outer or the interpretation of it. I thought the waters are troubled. But it’s us so many times.

00:35:13 Minister Pam Reckers

We’re hesitant to step in.

00:35:15 Speaker 3

Oh God, I don’t wanna be hesitant to step in. Vicky. I wanna. I wanna I.

00:35:22 Minister Pam Reckers

Don’t wanna be.

00:35:23 Minister Pam Reckers

Hesitant with the waters or trouble because you never know when that healing will take place. You never know when Deliverance will come to your house. You never know what God lies ahead. Maybe you all is well with you.

00:35:35 Minister Pam Reckers

Maybe everything is great, but hold on because I’m telling you, you’re either been going into a storm or you’re in the storm, or you’re about to come out and go into another storm because that’s the way it works.

00:35:48 Minister Pam Reckers

That’s the way.

00:35:49 Minister Pam Reckers

It works.

00:35:50 Minister Pam Reckers

That’s God. Well, he’s he’s always going to stretch us. He’s always gonna stretch us because he knows there’s more for us. He knows there’s something more down the road for us. Why did they when they was on that boat and they was? Jesus said we’re going to the other side.

00:36:08 Minister Pam Reckers

Oh, he was going to stretch him a little bit more because what was going to wait on the other side. But the man that was bound and the tombs, he was going to see something even greater. God never wants us to be content where we are. There’s so much more. There’s so much more digging that we need to dig into. There’s so many more.

00:36:28 Minister Pam Reckers

Scriptures that we need to put to memory.

00:36:30 Minister Pam Reckers

There’s so much that Jesus wants to give us, and we settle for the crumbs when he says I’ve got.

00:36:36 Speaker 2

A bite when he table for you.

00:36:37 Speaker 2

Today, will you?

00:36:38 Speaker 2

Come and face.

00:36:39 Speaker 2

With me at my table, I come into my room and I tell him I said Jesus.

00:36:50 Minister Pam Reckers

I’m here. I’m here again. Jesus, because I can’t face this day without you. I need to know. Jesus, that you’re gonna be for me, and you’re gonna fight every battle before I even arrive on the scene. I’m asking you, God, about saying.

00:37:10 Minister Pam Reckers

On the other side, I wanna pull up to the bakery table and sit with him sometimes. Just sit, let him speak to you, honey. Tell she’ll tidy up. Sorry. So many times we’ve got a laundry list and I know I’ve got a laundry list. I’ve got a whole list.

00:37:32 Minister Pam Reckers

Many souls and I prayed over and believe in God, but sometimes I just push it all aside. Jesus, I said. God, I want you. Anymore, said you on.

00:37:51 Minister Pam Reckers

So many times we’re so busy, we’re so busy. This life is a busy life.

00:37:57 Minister Pam Reckers

I don’t know anybody that could not say I’m busy.

00:38:02 Minister Pam Reckers

I’m retired now and I feel so busy. I’m. I really do. I don’t even know how I did, but I did. When I worked. I’ve just.

00:38:13 Minister Pam Reckers

But I always have that time that I set aside. Am I perfect now? Oh, so much room for.

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