Faith of Gideon and Barley Loaf Power – Judges 7

April 17, 2024

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Now, Brother Terry, he asked Lane and me if we would? Well, he asked Lane to do this. Faith talk about faith.

So I’m all about faith.

And without faith, it’s impossible to.

It’s impossible to.

Yes, without faith, it’s impossible to please God. So we always have to have faith walk in faith. Now my title is in this little sermon at tonight is get up and get on board with faith. Everybody say get up.

Say get up, get on board with faith. We’ve got to have faith. We’ve got to have faith. And another title is the power of a barley loaf.

This goes in the Old Testament. That’s what I’m going to be preaching on tonight. The power of a barley loaf. OK, little becomes much when it’s placed in the master’s hand. Remember the little boy that brought his lunch? He had two fish and five loaves of bread and the he placed it in Jesus’s hand.

He lifted it up and blessed it and he fed.

Had way more than just 5000 because the Bible says 5000 plus women and children. So you know that had to be close to 20,000 people, wouldn’t you agree around 20,000 if everybody had children? Yeah. And everybody usually does. Yes. So yeah, little becomes much when it’s placed in the master’s hand.

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Faith of Gideon and Barley Loaf Power – Judges 7

Little as much. OK, now this story that I’m going to be preaching on tonight is in the Book of Judges. It’s a story about Gideon. Everybody say, Gideon.

Now, for those of you that don’t know, I taught Sunday school.

For over 40 years.

Yeah. So and it’s little kids. So I will have you to repeat a lot because it’s just in me to have you 2 repeat because I wanna make sure you know everything I say tonight from the very first to the very end. OK. This is a story about Gideon.

The Israelites, they did evil in the eyes of the Lord. So for seven years God gave them into the hands of the Midianites. Everybody say Midianites.

They were the enemy. They were the enemy, OK, and wherever the Israelites planted their crops, the Midianites, what they would do, they would burn their crops and that they did not spare a living thing. They burned the sheep, they burned the cattle, they burned the.

Monkeys, they burned everything and they they were so upset. The children of Israel and this had been going on for seven years or I say seven years.

The many a Knights the Bible says were so many that they were like swarms of locusts. How many knows how many has seen you stepped outside when the locust?


Around you hear those locusts they carry on. They are loud. And when you go up to the tree, you see them in the trees. And you’re like, wow, there’s so many. I can’t even count. Well, that’s what the Bible says about the Midianites. There were so many, they couldn’t even count them. There were too many to count. So the Israelites cried out to the Lord.


Oh Lord, help us. Lord, we can’t go on like this. Forgive us. God forgive us. We have sinned. Forgive us. Lord, forgive us. Lord, we have sinned. Then all of a sudden God came through the.


Came the Angel of the Lord, appeared to Gideon.


And the Angel said, go in the strength you have. Everybody say that go in the strength you have go in the strength you have and save Israel out of the hands of the Midianites. And Gideon said how in the world can this be? I’m the least.


And my family.


That’s what he said. I’m the least and my family and the Lord said I will be with you. I will be with you. So in judges Chapter 7, Gideon obeys the Lord.


And gets his men and he starts out with 22,000 men.


Wow. He’s like, wow, we can do this. Lord you, you’re going to help us. We’re going to win this battle. I got 22,000 men. Ohh, this is gonna be great. Lord, I got 22,000 men and the Lord says too many.


Too many men. You have too many men, Gideon, and tell the men whoever has fear to turn back and leave. So there was a lot of them and only left.


10,000 men were left.


But the Lord said again to Gideon, there’s still too many men. The Lord told Gideon. I don’t want you to get the credit. I want the people to know that there is a God in Israel. Hallelujah, he wants, he said. I don’t want you to get credit. I want. I want the people to know.


That there is a.


God in Israel and that’s how we’re believing today. We’re believing that God is coming through for us because we know that God is gonna move for us in that new building. We know God is coming through for us. And you know, the people are gonna say, wow, they had to come up with $18 million. This was a God thing.


And they’re gonna know. They’re gonna know that God did it. They’re gonna know that God did this. Yeah. So this is what?


The Lord told Gideon I don’t want you to get the credit. I want the people to know there is a God in Israel, he said. He said you still have way too many men, so Gideon took them down to the water hole and he gave them. He told them to drink and the Lord said that those who lap with their hands are the ones I want you to choose.




He counted the men and he only now he only has. How many?


300 men. Yes. You all know this story. 300 men. But listen, this story gets really good.


So now Can you imagine the fear that Gideon has? Can you imagine? I’ve only got 300 men and the the enemy is like swarms of locusts. There’s thousands and thousands and thousands of any of of the enemy.


And and and I’m supposed to go with just three hundred men.


Oh, how how? You know, God is like, oh, I mean Gideon. He’s like, ohh, how can this be? How can how can this happen? How can this be Lord with only three hundred men? So God, listen to this. During the night, the Lord knew Gideon was scared. He knew Gideon was scared and he said to him.


Get up, everybody. Say, get up. Yeah, he said get up.


And he said, go down to the enemies camp.


And take your servant and listen to what they are saying. How many remembers that song? I went to the enemies camp. Clap your hands so I can have some beat. Well, I went to the enemies camp and I took back what he stole from me.


I said I took back what he stole from me. Yeah, I took back what he stole from me. Well, I went to the enemies camp and I took back what he stole from me, cause he’s under my feet.


I said he’s under my feet.


He’s under my feet. Ohh, Satan is under my feet. Yes. So God is telling Gideon to go to the enemy’s camp.


Can you imagine this?


I got to go where there’s thousands and thousands of the enemy. The Lord is telling him to do this. He’s saying get up, go down. And I want you to listen to what they are saying. So Gideon and his.


Marvin went to the enemies camp and they looked around and the Bible said they were thick as locusts and the camels could no more be counted than the sands on the seashore then.


Ohh, Gideons like ohh look how many he’s out there Lord and only got 300 men. How can this be? Lord, how can we do this? How can we do this? But he hid behind a Bush. The Bible says and he listened to a man telling his friend about his dream and he’s listening.


His ears perked up and the man that had the dream.




He said.


I dreamed last night of around.


Loaf of barley bread came tumbling in and it struck the camp with such force that the camp overturned and collapsed. That’s this man was telling him that dream his friend.


And the the the other man, his friend responded and he says this can be nothing other than the sword of Gideon. The Israelite God has given the Midianites and the whole camp into his hands. Yeah. Can you imagine when Gideon heard this dream?


Can you imagine?


And how how the faith rose up in him? How many of you ever had a word from God, and you knew that you knew that you knew that you knew it was gonna happen. You knew no devil could tell you any different. Nobody could tell you any different because you knew that you knew that you knew that God was coming through for you. Shaka Tai. Hallelujah.


You knew well, this is exactly how Gideon felt. He knew that God was coming through for him. He knew he knew because of what these men were saying. It’s none other than the than the than Gideon, the Israelite and. And he has God has given the whole media nights and the whole camp into his hands and.


Who? That reminds me of when Lane and I we were pastors in in Georgia.


And when we first were there, they didn’t understand us at all. They didn’t understand us. Ohh, because they didn’t understand the praise. They didn’t understand the worship. They gave me a hard way to go because I’m a praiser. I’m a worshipper. They said I was in self. Yeah. Can you believe that?


They said I was in self and I mean lane and I had our work cut out for us.


Us and ohh it was terrible. When I when we would get up to do the praise and worship, some of them would fold their arms and sit. They wouldn’t even stand. Ohh, it was terrible what I went. What lane and I went through. It was terrible. But one day I was reading the word of God.


And I was reading about Isaac and the Lord said, I want you to go to this place. This is where I want you to dwell. And Isaac.


Said OK, Lord. OK, but but the people there don’t like me. And I thought, man. Ohh man, I can relate to you, Isaac. I can relate. I I understand completely. Where? Where you’re coming from. So Isaac thought. Well, the only way I can live here is to dig a well because we need water. So he dug the first well and those people were so mad.


That they threw dirt filled it up with.


Jerked and he called that place. He called that first. Well, in the Hebrew it’s called frustration. And I thought. Yeah, Lord. Yeah, Lord, where we are, where you’ve sent us to Lord, those people are frustrated at us because they don’t understand the praise. They don’t understand the worship. They don’t understand it at all, Lord and.


And I kept on reading.


So Isaac, the Bible says he dug another well and the second well that he dug, they did it again. They filled it up with dirt again. And the Bible says that he called that in the Hebrew aggravation. And I thought, oh, yeah, they’re downright aggravated at us. They want us out of here. Lord, they want us out of here.


And then, but the Lord told Isaac to stay right there, and I thought, OK, Lord, we’ll stay. We’ll stay, Lord. And then he dug the third well.


And when I read what that Hebrew word meant, it’s there’s room for us at last. When I read, there’s room for us. At last, I jumped up off the couch and I said thank you, Lord, for your word. You have spoken to me today because there’s room for us at last. We’re staying here.


We’re going to fight this battle, we’re going to teach these people how to praise. We’re going to teach them.


People how to worship. And you know what God came through and oh, there was prophecy that came out of my mouth too. That same day when I jumped up off the couch, the Lord said Vicki, they may be folding their arms. They may be coming against you in a horrible way. But he says there’s gonna come a time where they’re gonna shut you down.




Yeah. Hallelujah. I was so thankful. I shouted all over that house and I knew that I heard from the Lord. I knew I heard from him. I knew what he was saying to me was true. He was telling me to just keep on keeping on. And you know what? The Lord came through, he came through for us.


All of a sudden the Lord moved. We had we broke out in revival and over 15 people got the Holy Ghost in one night and we were so give the Lord a hand there we were so thankful for the Lord coming through. So this is about how Gideon felt.


When he heard those guys, they were scared. They were shaking in their boots because Gideon was on the Lord’s side and the Lord was coming through. So when Gideon heard the dream, he had such faith, he ran back to his men and he said get up because they were all sleep and say get.


Get up, he said. Get up, get up, he said. Because the Lord has given the media night camp into your hands and that’s exactly what happened. The Lord calls the enemy to fight one another. They started fighting one another and killed one another, and they they I don’t believe Gideon or his men had to do a thing.


Well, there was more on that story. What happened? But I know lanes got to come up here now and finish up, and I don’t want to take too much long on lanes part, but that’s exactly what happened. The Lord came through. Now here’s what hit me last night.


I thought, Gideon.


Only had 300 men and I thought, Lord.


On this building, we only have 300,000. We got to come up with 18,000,000.


Wow. So what I’m saying is, let’s get up. Let’s act in faith. Let’s believe with our pastor. Let’s get up and let’s believe in faith with our pastor because we’re believing that, you know, God is gonna come through with this 18,000,000. We’re believing he’s coming through for us, for us to be able to build that.


Building everybody say Amen.


God’s coming through for us. He’s coming through for us. I believe it. Y’all. Believe it. Everybody. Say, get up. Get up. And faith, get up in faith with our pastor. Get up and faith and let’s believe. Let’s believe what God is getting ready to do. Let’s believe for the unbelievable. Let’s believe.


To the wonderful. Let’s believe for the spectacular. Let’s believe for the marvelous. Let’s believe for the magic.


Efficient. Let’s believe God is coming through cause. Remember they only had 300 men. That’s all we’ve got so far is 300,000. But God is coming through. Stand to your feet and let’s say thank you Jesus, for coming through for us. Come on, raise your hands. Thank the Lord. He’s coming through.


For us, Hallelujah. Thank you. Jesus. We believe, Lord, we’ve got our faith. We are stepping out in faith. Lord, in the name of Jesus, we’re stepping out in faith. believe in God. Thank you, Lord, for your word. Thank you, Jesus.


Thank you, Lord. Amen. Hallelujah. Give her a hand. Excellent.


Excellent. Hallelujah.


Boy, I’m glad that he.


Doug, that third well I am. I am. I am. I am.


Well, I’m going to talk with you.


Just a little bit this evening.




We’re going to go to.


Verse Timothy, chapter one.


Verse 18 and 20.


First Timothy.


Juan and we’re going to continue Vicki’s message only in a different way.


We’re going to do it in the first Timothy one.


18 through 20.


Now this is what Paul the Apostle says to a young pastor. He was just starting out and he was really running against the enemy. He was also involved in some warfare. He was involved in some.


Battles, and we all go through battles. You’re not alive. If you haven’t gone through through warfare, a battle, problems and troubles, just slap your face because you’re dead.


Come back alive. But this is what Paul tells Young Timothy. He says this. I charge this. I charge to you.


He says commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good war there.


He says I’m charging you, Timothy, as a young pastor. I’m telling you, I’m charging you to fight the good fight of faith, he says. I want you to war a good warfare.


Holding on to faith in in a good conscience which some having put away concerning faith, have made shipwreck. And So what he’s talking about, he’s using 2 words warfare.


There and faith in the same verse of Scripture that tell you that the way you warfare, just like Vicki was telling you, is with your faith. Dead Faith won’t win any battles. It takes faith that’s riding.


Eye and you can see Gideon’s faith was her high and high.


You can ride high on the word of God the word of God is to give you dominion over the things that you encounter in your life, and your faith will rise up and your faith is the results of the word of God that you have in you.


Listen, no word in you. No faith in you, because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Why people, Christians especially, are beat up black and blue by the enemy is they’re not riding on the word of God.


God, you have to have the word of God in you. You gotta talk it. You gotta speak it. You gotta say it. You gotta meditate in it. You gotta study it. You gotta memorize it. You gotta use it. Even Jesus had to fight that battle against the devil in the wilderness. He fought that battle with the Word of God.


Because the word of God causes faith to come alive, and when that faith comes alive, there’s no devil, no enemy that can stand against you because a man of God and a woman of God, they know how to use the faith. Amen.


He says. I charge you, Timothy. According to the prophecies that went before thee. Evidently he had prophecies. People had told him God had spoken to him through other men of God. And he’s saying you got to believe the word of God. You got to stand on the word of God.


You got to be there and say I don’t care what’s coming at me. I don’t care what other people are saying. I’m not gonna stand here on my natural senses.


And try to to figure out in my own mind what’s going on because we don’t walk by what?


We walk by faith and not by sight. Sight is your senses. Your senses will lead you the stray. Every time the battle is in your mind, the the battle is using the word of God to get the devil out of your brain to get him out of your mind, to get him out of your feelings.


We’re not led by our feelings. We’re led by the Word of God. We’re led by the Holy Spirit.


Hey, Ben.


So Paul is telling Timothy to protect and defy and defend his mind from the takeover tactics of Satan.


Timothy was a young pastor. Satan was trying to get young Timothy to feel and to acknowledge his inadequacies for his call. He had a awesome call, but that devil was attacking the call. The Devil will attack the call that’s upon your.


Life. He’ll make you think you don’t have a call. He’ll say. Look at this person, what they’re doing and how they’re blossoming and how they are coming on strong. How God is using them. But you, you’re nothing. You’re nobody. He’ll use any way or any people to come and say the wrong word.


Yes, the devil will use other Christians. Hello.


He’ll use Christians to to speak a negative word to you to try to bring you to down, to try to make you feel insecure, insecure.


Are you going to let him do that?


No, we’re going to believe the word of God. We’re going to believe what the word of God says about us. So he was the devil, was lied to Timothy. And telling him that he was incompetent and effective and lacking in what it took to be a successful pastor. But in verse 18.


He tells Young Timothy that he must fight against the tax of the devil. Have you ever been attacked of the devil? You just can’t sit by and say hit me, devil with your best shot, because he’ll just plow you over. You got to fight. You got to resist him. You got to stand against him.


You gotta understand when he’s coming at you and because when you see him coming, you got to do something. God ain’t gonna come down. It’s up to you to stand there and use the word of God and fight the good fight of.


Faith, God didn’t hear say to Timothy. You just let you just just be quiet about this. I’ll fight the good fight of fate for you. No. God told him. This is something you have to do. You have to be aggressive at this. You just can’t wait up on Pastor Tom to pray this thing through.


For you, it’s up to you. It’s up to you to give him the word and use that word. Inform that word, and take that word and tell the devil there’s authority in the word of God. There’s authority in the name of Jesus and I come at you in the name of Jesus.


And I’m not going to take this. You use your authority, your God-given authority and tell the devil to get out of your house. Get out of your family. Get out of your home, get out of your finances, get out of your business. He has no place.


The Bible says give no place to the devil, right? What does that mean? That means don’t give in any place in your in your mind.


Give no place. Don’t let him come into your mind, because if he can get into your mind, he’ll take those wonderful thoughts that God has for you, and he’ll imprison them when the Angel of the Lord came to Gideon, the first thing he.


Greeted him and then he said he caught him, mighty man of valor. That was the word of God.


That was, in fact, that was Jesus in the Old Testament. That was him. And he called him right off the bat, thou mighty man, of thou eller. And just like Vicky said he, he, he, he didn’t feel that, didn’t think that he just went. He he started complaining and he started giving reasons why.


He wasn’t a mighty man of valor, but God called him a mighty man of valor from the beginning. But he allowed all of his reasoning to take the place of faith.


And he gave in to his reasoning. He gave in to the things and the events going on around him. And when he gave that, it crushed any faith that he had in him and he accepted the fact that he was a nothing to nobody. But you read it about chapter 3 about chapter four. He takes eight of his father’s servants with him.


If if that if that was the least family in in that tribe, that tribe was a was a huge tribe, they was a very wealthy group of people because he had eight servants, but he act like that. He didn’t have any servants. He act like they didn’t have nothing.


He act like there is no way. Is that how you’ve been acting? Is that how you been thinking about yourself? Have you been thinking that you’re a loser? Have you been thinking that that that God’s grace is not enough for you, that there’s faults and failings in you and you’ll never make it?


That’s not what God thinks about you.


He gave his best for you on the cross. He died on the Cross of Calvary. He had shed his blood for you. He thinks of worth and value. You have worth and value. But the devil will try to make you think you have no worth. You have no value. You are a nobody. You are nothing and you’re just barely going to make it to heaven.


We’re not gonna barely make it into heaven. We’re gonna go into heaven with exalting our heads, high rejoicing in our King of Kings and our Lord of Lords, who’s coming back to get us and take us home.


Hey man.




Paul in verse 18 tells Young Timothy that he must fight against the attacks of the devil that was taking place in his mind, and then he must have a good warfare. Then Paul gives him 2 examples among among the people that have failed to protect their mind from the takeover attacks of the devil.


Don’t give in to the takeover tax of the devil.


One day I had a thought, a negative thought. Go through my mind and I said, well, where did that come from?


Where did that come from?


That’s not me.


And so I.


Pushed it on out.


In oh, maybe half an hour later, I caught my mind on that same trail again on that same path.


Don’t tell me you’ve done it.


Don’t tell me you haven’t done it.


That’s better.


And and and it happens. The devil knows how to give you thoughts. It’s the thoughts. It’s true. You are what you think you are. You can only do what you think you can do. You can only be what you think you can be. What do you think?


What is going on in your mind? What thoughts are you thanking? If they have no word of God, you have no godly thoughts in you a week without the word of God.




Is a week without God.


You hear me?


A weak without the Bible because this is God, he this is his word. Jesus is the word.


In a week not exposing yourself to the word of God is a week where we haven’t exposed ourselves to.


God, listen. How do we worship our God? How do we minister to Jesus Christ? We lift our hands. We praise him, we worship him. We give him adorations and glorifications. But how does God minister to you and me, the only way that God ministers to you and me?


Is through the word.


We don’t give him chance to Minister to us and boy, oh boy, I need him to minister to me. I need him to tell me how much he loves me. Sometimes. I’m going through it all and I need him to just speak softly through his word, through his word and tell me.


That I am the Good Shepherd. I am the Good Shepherd.


I need him the Minister to me. But it’s a sad affair when a Christian throws the Bible to the side and they don’t give Jesus a chance to talk to him. Some people say I never feel him. I never hear him open up your Bibles.


You’ve got 66 letters written to you, and they’re all to you because all Scripture is given by the inspiration of God. It is profitable. What else is it?


For doctrine, for reproof, correction, for instructions and righteousness, that the Man of God may be mature.


All scriptures.


This is our source. This is our weapon that we use to slay giants. What does the word say about what you’re going through? What does the word say? I’ve read where there’s over 7000 promises in this book for you.


You 7000 promises. The Bible says all the promises in him is. Yeah, and in him. Amen. There’s 7000 promises, but some people don’t know what they are because they never get a chance for Jesus to tell them what they are through the word of God.


We gotta pray, but we gotta have that word. That word will put a fire a fire inside of you. It’ll put a wheel and a wheel in you. That word is a force field.


And we like to watch those old star war movies, and they have force fields. The word of God says that he will give us the peace that passeth all understanding. When I’m going through a troubling time, I get into that scripture. I read that scripture.


I memorize it. I meditate upon it. I chew upon it, and all of a sudden Jesus begins to talk to me through that word.


Heard through that passage and and it’s not only in my mind, but it drops down to my heart and it blazes some faith inside of me. And I know that I know that I know that I know what I’m going through. It’s going to be alright and I got peace about it. And how did I get it? I let Jesus give it to me as he spoke.


To me, through his word.


There’s nothing like the word of God. It’s our life, it’s our breath. It’s our hope. It’s our dreams. Everything we need is found in the Bible, in the word of God. The Devil’s biggest trick is to keep you out of it. The Devil’s biggest trick is to keep you your focused, not.


On it, but keep you away from it. Busy, busy, busy, busy. We can be so busy that we forget our breath.


Is right here.


Haha. Breathe it in. I can face Goliath more than a conquer in Christ Jesus.


Yes, yes, yes. Look at that. I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.




It’s in there. You got to get in and meditate on it all. Shut yourself in. Get into this book. You know, I wish I could just put this down and jump in there.


But that’s what I’m talking about.


Get into the word.


Let let it be a wrapped around you the word of God. Let it be your shield, your shield of faith.


You can slay any demon, any devil, because you have you have the weapons of your warfare.




More word, more faith. Faith cometh by hearing.


And hearing by watching cartoons on TV.


Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.


And the Bible says without faith it is impossible to.


Please God.


I don’t want to be dead. I want to be alive and I want to please my Lord, you know.


He can’t wait till you open the Bible and you get into that word and you start looking at it and reading it and applying it to your life. All does something to him. It excites him to get it excites Holy Ghost because the Bible says you can grieve the Holy Ghost.


Have you read that you can? You can grieve the Holy Ghost, which is inside of you, but not only can you grieve him, but he can can.


Make him happy too.


And when you get in the word of God, that Holy Ghost is just just put up and down Lane lane lane. I’m glad you come to be with me today. Lane lane. Let me show you something over here. Ohh, let me show you something in this verse of Scripture here, let me point this out to you in man. He’s going a mile a minute.


That I’m having to say. Slow down now, Mr. Holy Ghost. Slow down a little. Let me get my pen and write this down. It’s just too good to forget.


He can’t wait till you get up and you start praying and you get.


In the word.


The enemy desires are mine. The devil does.


To control us as we see in scripture, however, God gives us some beings to counter the attacks of the enemy.


And today this evening just about run out of time. But I want to go.


Down to here.


We can win the battle of our minds.


By realizing our minds left alone.


Is the enemy of God. Romans 8 and Seven says because the carnal mind is enmity against God.


For it is not subject to the law of God. Neither indeed can be so. Did you know that our minds, left alone as the enemy of God? This means when a God thought enters a carnal mind, the carnal mind will run resistance against it.


The carnal mind will rebel. Rebel against it. The carnal mind will argue and debate with the word of God’s with what God is saying. That’s kind of what Gideon did at the beginning. He argued and debated with Jesus himself. He said I’m I’m nobody.


I know nothing and and and then God says, but you’re going to do it. And then he gives him another reason why he can’t do it. And finally, his reasoning is out in God’s word is burning in him. And so he accepts God’s word. But then he asked God to prove it. Prove it.


To him, and he does the the the fleeces have you read the fleeces? Now you don’t have to give fleeces anymore. Not after the baptism of the Holy Spirit of the Holy Spirit coming into your life. He leads you now. But back in those days they didn’t have that.


They needed fleeces, so Satan never gives up.


He attempts to influence our minds by stirring up our old carnal self that is our old, carnal, earthly, worldly mind.




Of course we have the old nature inside of us, don’t we, Steve?


And and Pam realizes that. Don’t you, Pam?


So what’s the devil going to work? He’s going to bring thoughts in you to stir up the old carnal side of you, the fleshly side of you.


Because he wants to suck into a big old drama.




Drama, drama, drama.




It’s a dry and empty place. He wants to confuse you. The devil is the author of confusion. If you got confusing thoughts in your mind, that’s the devil.


If you’re confused about something, you need to just acknowledge it right away. The devil’s trying to confuse me because when you’re confused, you can’t make good decisions. When you’re confused, you can’t focus, and those kind of thoughts are not the kind of thoughts you want in your mind. You gotta turn it over to Jesus as a Lord. I don’t understand this.


But I’m going to give it to you.


I’m going to let you have it, and I know that you’re going to show me in your word what you want me to do about this confusion. Don’t let it rain in your mind. Don’t let anxiety roll in your mind. Don’t let worry. Jesus said take no thought of what? Tomorrow.


Don’t worry about it. Even Jesus addressed the facts that your thoughts can destroy you if you allow them to dominate you. The word of God is what should be dominating your every action.


The word of God should be dominating, controlling every movement you make, how you act and how you respond. The word of God should have dominion over every area of your life and over you.


When you allow that to happen.


Your thoughts will be right. Faith will come alive and you will see yourself as a victorious overcoming person. But if you allow all of these thoughts that he gives us, he gives it to all of us. All of these thoughts of worry. And what if? What if that? And what if this and?


And you think on and you think on it give no place to the devil, that’s the devil. Give no place that means don’t let him get in your mind because he’ll start building. He’ll start building as strong. Hold in your mind.


And then when God comes to you and says you’re a mighty man of valor, you’ll be just like Gideon. But if you kick that devil out and you tell him I know who I am, I’m a child of God. I’m an overcomer. I’m victorious in Jesus. I can do all things through him. I can whip any demon or devil in the name of Jesus.


Comes my way.


When you know who you are, then that shuts him down. But if you sit there and you entertain that stuff and you talk about how this person did you wrong and how that person did you wrong and they stabbed you back and and thinking on that how I’m gonna get back at them. You’re letting the devil.


Occupy time in your mind.


And I don’t have time. And I’m like going to give that devil space to occupy my mind. I’m only here for a little time, and then we’re gone. I want to make the most of it. I’m. I’m getting up in years now, and I’m not that young guy I used to be. Vicki, I know you think I am.


But I’m telling you, we cannot allow the devil to get into our minds every time he comes in, you go to the word of God and you do just like Jesus. Do we think we’re any better than Jesus? And when he was up there in the wilderness, he reached back and took these answers.


From the Book of Deuteronomy, everything he said to the devil was from the wilderness. When the children of Israel was in the book of when they were in the wilderness, and it’s written in the Book of Deuteronomy. And it’s in the book of Deuteronomy that Jesus pulled that word.


Out and used on the devil.


If he did, we have to shut him down right away.


Shut him down. Ride it away. And what did Barney say?


Nip it in the bud.


That shows my age.


Nip it.




Don’t allow his thoughts to invade your mind, but what if it’s true? And I gotta worry anyway? No, Jesus said not to. Why should you go ahead and worry when Jesus himself told you not to?


Stop worrying.


Jesus already told us that.


He said to give it over to him, let him do the work and the the Lord is my shepherd.


He what?




Beside the still waters.


And then he goes on and says he leads us into the.


Green pastors.


He restoreth my soul.


We need to read that about 100 times tomorrow.


Psalms 23.


The more you read it, the more it comes alive. The more you read it, the more it just jumps inside of you. It leaps inside of you.


I mean.


You can tell right there.


The shepherd’s going to be the leader.


You know that, don’t you?


The green pastures. Well, here’s what sheep do. Sheep causes a rut. They travel the same place they’re there. There’s no path there. But they all go this direction. And this pasture. And they like the, you know, this is the highway and they they wear that out.


Kills the grass, then they start on another one. Then they start eating all of the grass down and they kill the roots and so so they they destroy all of that. That’s how we are.


Left alone, left alone, we just hurt and harm everything. So Jesus has to lead them out of that before that happens and he leads them to a green pastor. Another pastor where they can eat. But when they get down and start destroying it, you let an erosion comes.


Before that happens, he’s going to lead them to another green pastor, right? And then he leaves by the still waters, not a rapid stream, because if they go to drink some water.


Out of that stream there not fur. What is it?


Fleece man, it sucks up that water. It pulls them right into the Rapids and down the stream. So it says Jesus leads them.


Where it is still waters.


He’s a leader, isn’t he?


He’s my shepherd and he’s leading us. Stop worrying.


Turn your neighbor and say, stop worrying.


Stop worrying, neighbor.


Stop worrying, neighbor.


All right. I think we’ve had enough.

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