Praying Absolutely Changes Things – Do Not Give Up – Isaiah 65:24

January 3, 2024

Topic: prayer

Praying changes things. Don’t give up! Praying really does change things. Prayer changes things, pray a prayer of faith! Don’t give up! Praying works! Have Faith!

Everyone watching on the Internet, everybody in this class, let’s give the Lord some praise tonight for our good brother and our good Pastor, Pastor Lane Farley here.


Thank you, my brother. Amen. Tonight, we want to look at a little bit. We’re going to do some teaching on prayer. Really does change things.

Then turn to the person next to you and say prayer changes things, prayer changes things, and I’ve been I’ve been, what’s the word? Better. Better word there. I’ve been amused with Pastor Tom. He’s been preaching.

On prayer he did Monday night

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and then Tuesday night

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and and it it all boils down to, he says you gotta open your mouth and I agree he totally with him.

You gotta open your mouth and decide that you’re gonna pray because prayer has fantastic results in our lives. I’m not talking about that emergency one time prayer once a year. Hello. I’m talking about.

Praying consistently, developing a prayer life every day. It will positively change things around you. Can I hear an Amen?

How many have seen that happening in your own lives? Sure, sure. So your life will change through prayer. Now, I thought it would be good.

To get this working.

It is a good thing to let prayer be the first business of the moon.

Morning and the last in the evening, Martin Luther in the 14th century. And of course, you know about Martin Luther. You know, he was teaching he was a monk and he was teaching.

A class on the Book of Galatians and in the book of Galatians he came to the part where the verse it says the just shall live by.

Faith and it changed his whole life because the Catholics were selling indulgences. When you die, you go to purgatory and the only way you’re gonna get out of purgatory is to buy some indulgences and you buy that indulgence. You have to buy. You have to pay some pretty good money for it. And they were trying to complete.

Saint Peters Cathedral.

Pedro there in Rome. And so they were selling these things as a project, raising money. And yeah, you could buy your loved one out of purgatory and shoot them straight to heaven and and. And so it was all works, my works, my works, my works, my works and all of a sudden.

He comes. He reads this.

In his class and it changes his life. He gives his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and and all of a sudden he and his followers are called protesters. And today that’s who Protestants are. That word travels on to us.

Innocent of protesters, we are instead of instead of protesters, we’re Protestants. Can I hear it. Amen. Amen. Are you with me?


OK, so so he translated the German Bible. He translated the Latin Bible into German because only the priests were allowed to have the Bibles. Everybody else was unlearned and uneducated, but he got it printed up. And so he was one fabulous.


Man of God. Then we got G Christie Swain, he said, praying.


Is dangerous business. Why? Because results come results come if you’re serious and you ask in faith and believing and you don’t give up. I’m here to tell you it is dangerous business because the devil hates a man and woman.


Of God who know how to pray, and they don’t give up.


Amen. Then you got this. This man here, Samuel Chadwick, he stayed at the one concern of the devil is to keep Christians from praying.


That’s his number one deal to stop you turn the person next to you and say he’s trying to stop you.


From praying. And so, he says, the devil fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom. But man, oh man, he trembles.


When we pray and if you pray for 60 seconds, watch him squirm.


You can make the devil squirm. He’s not going to let you know that. But when you are at home and you’re praying and you get in the Holy Ghost, those demons are running to the closets. They’re running the hide because they can’t stand in the presence of God in a man.


Little Women of God that know how to pray.


Well, what else do these men of God say? Thomas Watson state.


Prayer delights God’s ear. You know it does. It melts his heart and it opens up his hand. God cannot denying deny a praying soul.


God made us to communicate with him.


Jesus gave us a good example when he said our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. And when Jesus said our father, he wasn’t saying my father, who art in heaven, he was saying this to all, to the disciples.


He’s all of our father and he has decided to represent God.


In heaven to you in a father’s personality, a father is a father of love and care and concern a good father. And I don’t know any better than our almighty God. I don’t know anybody like our father. He’s a awesome.


Father and he loves it when you come and talk to him.


He loves it. Amen. He’s waiting every morning on the edge of his seat, saying, lane, when are you gonna get up, boy laid. Get those eyes open, lane. I wanna talk to you today. We got some things to talk about. I want to commune with you. I want to interact with you.


I want to hear from you.


And he does you.


Too. Alright, let’s go a little bit further. #5. Did you know that Daniel would rather spend a night with the Lions than miss a day in prayer?


Come on now. Woo.


Good old brother Daniel. He would rather spend the night with the Lions than miss a day in prayer with God. It’s important. Is it following me? They want a new camera. It automatically follows me wherever I go.


And they told me in the beginning I can’t go fast or it it. I’ll lose it if I go too fast.


Lost it?


But listen, prayer is our lifeline. It is our lifeline. We have to have prayer. It’s our source. Oh, Holy Spirit. Breathe the breath of God to me through prayer and intercession with God.


So let’s go a little bit further here. OK, number six. Evangelist Paul Raider said if you can beat Satan in the matter of regularly daily prayer, you can possibly beat him anywhere.


But if he can beat you there, he can beat you anywhere.


That’s serious. That’s a serious statement. It’s a statement that we need to get down in our spirit and know how much the devil hates it when we pray to God because he knows the secret of the miraculous power of God being released through our life.


Is through prayer. Whoa.


My my that one’s got me all excited.


Hit the number 7 John Bunyan, not Paul Bunyan. Paul Bunyan was a steel driving man, but this was a great man of God. In fact, he wrote pilgrims progress. Anybody ever read it? Pilgrim’s progress. OK, so John Bunyan stated pray often.


For prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and I love this part in a scores for Satan. When you pray your scourge in the back of the dead.


Devil. Ohh yes. Ohh man. When when something bad happens you need to scorch his back. You need to whip him a time or two. Ohh, don’t. Ohh, aren’t we done with him running us in the ground? It’s time that we can run him in the ground. And the way we can run him in the ground.


And step on him. It’s to use the name of Jesus and use our authority and scores the back of the devil through prayer. Prayer is everything to a man and a woman of God. Amen.


This is 32. Let’s read this right here, Genesis 32. That was just the opening lines.


We gave you plenty of time, brother.


Oh, I noticed that it scared me to death.


OK, I got Steven’s. You want, so I’m OK.


Genesis 32.


Chapter 32 verses 6 through 12 says then the messengers returned to Jacob saying.


We came to your brother Esau, and he also was coming to meet you. And 400 men are with him. So Jacob was greatly afraid and he was distressed and he divided the people that were with him and the flocks and herds.


And camels and the two companies. And he said if Esau comes to the one company and attacks it, then the other company which is left will escape.


Well then, Jacob said, old God of my father Abraham and God of my father Isaac, the Lord, who said to me return to your country and to your family. I will deal well with you. I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies of all the truth.


That you have shown your servant for I crossed over this Jordan with my staff and now I have become too.


Companies deliver me. I pray from the hand of my brother from the hand of he saw, for I fear him, lest he come and attack me and the mother with the children. For you said, I will surely treat you well and make your descendants as the sand of the sea, which cannot be numbered.


For the multitude. And so he goes into a a intercession time of prayer.


And he prays again. And when he prays again, he runs into somebody. Who is it?


The Angel of the Lord shows up and he begins to wrestle that mighty Angel, and he’s wrestling now. He saw the Angel before, when his brother was after him trying to kill him. He was on his way.


To Labenz’s house his.


And he was running for his life, and he went to sleep and he pulled up a rock, a stone, and he put it under his head. Boy, isn’t that something? Sleeping on a rock? And then he had a dream. He dreamed of a stairway to heaven and and. And he saw angels.


Ascending and descending up and down, and as they came down to Earth they did miraculous things and he woke up and he says I didn’t even know that God was here. And he named that place. What?


Bethel, the House of the Lord. And so he had seen angels. And I believe that he said to himself, if I ever get my hands on one of those angels, I’m gonna hold on with my dear life. And I’m gonna tell him to bless me. I’m not gonna let you go.


Until you bless me.


That’s exactly what happens here. He’s wrestling with this Angel of God all night long, he said. I ain’t gonna let you go. I’m not gonna let you go. And this represents intercession. Prayer because sometimes we gotta keep on keeping on. Sometimes that devil’s going to try to fight us all away.


But we don’t give up. We don’t give up. We keep on fighting the good fight of war.


Faith. The fight of what? Faith? And so he fought into the morning hours, and right before Daybreak, the Angel touched him and his hip went out of joint. And he’s walking like this, but he’s still holding on. And then the Angel said, what is your name? He said. My name is.


Jacob, he says no longer shall you be called Jacob. From here on, you’re gonna be called. What? Israel. What does Israel mean?


Prince of God, Prince of God.


It’s because he held on.


Well, from that day on, he walked talking about his flesh. His flesh didn’t like it. He walked with a limp from thereon. And that means that we’ve got to put the flesh.


We got to put it down. We got to take authority because the flesh doesn’t want you to pray. The flesh don’t want you to spend time with God. The flesh don’t want you to look for good things from the Lord. The flesh wants you to stay in the flesh and nothing.


Good. The Bible says comes out of the flesh, and so he had a reminder that he had to crucify the flesh to receive the blessings of God. And for you and me, we’ve got to. We’ve got to live the life.


We got to live the life I was going to say something, Steve, but I’m not.


You and only you and I know there what’s going on.


The flesh. Because the flesh don’t want you to pray. The devil don’t want you to pray.


And I know how the devil works. Everyone of us, the devil will send a demon spirit our way.


And he’ll come up and that that let demon will come up the April and say, April, you’re too tired. You’re sleepy. You’re too tired.


Has that same demon come to you?


Yes, yes, yes.


He’ll come over to you, Larry, and say all. Larry, you got too much going on. You know, you ain’t got time to pray this morning, skip. Just skip it. You don’t have. And that’s how don’t you know that that the devil’s got his crew, his army with generals and captains.


And lieutenants and sergeants and privates. And don’t you know that he is assigned 1 to destroy your life?


That devil. He’s been around doing it for thousands of years. He knows how to do it. But listen, we have the whole armor of God. We have the baptism, the Holy Spirit. We have the word of God and no weapon formed against us shall prosper.


No weapon God has given us authority over all the enemy and nothing by any means shall harm us. We don’t have to listen to that when he comes with those little words saying you’re just tired today.


Get angry, get mad at your wife. You know, get get angry. Get when he does that. Rebuke him. The Bible says submit yourself to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.


Amen. I’m preaching to the truth tonight.


I’m telling you that the secret of a person’s success.


And victory and joy and peace and comfort and happiness comes from your prayer life. That’s your source of health. That’s your source of victory. That’s your source of success. The word of God and through prayer.


Where am I?


So here come these 400 men.


And he thought there were his brother was going to kill him because his brother swore that he was going to kill Jacob. And so after all this prayer and intercession, all of a sudden here comes the 400 men with these Saul.


But then Esau runs up and Jacob runs to him and they hug each other. They make friends once again because my friend God honors our prayers. He honors our commitments. He honors our time. We spend with him. He honors the word of God.


And he talks to us through that word of God and lifts us up and encourages us. And we can go on and fight that good fight of faith because of him. Amen.


Well, in in verse 9:00 and 12:00, that’s when Jacob praised the prayer. Jacob’s prayer proves that we should pray the word of God, go to that next slide, Kenya.


OK, Jacob’s prayer proves that we should pray the word of God in verse 9 and 12 he prays back to God. The word that God spoke to him. He prayed the word of God.


Thank you, Steve, your.


I got something for you afterwards.


Isaiah 62 six through seven. Look at this verse.


They must remind the Lord of his promises.


Remind now it’s not that God’s hard hearing. It is not that God forgets the promises that he’s made to us. It’s that he wants to see our earnest.


He wants to see our desire. He wants to see our hunger and our appetite. And so in Isaiah says they must remind the Lord of his promises. They must give him no rest.


Sometimes we just pray a couple little prayers and and God didn’t hear me and and we pray that we play the fiddle, not the fiddle, the harp.


You know, we feel sad for ourselves, but that’s not we need to be sticklers. We not. We need to be overcomers, overcoming feelings, overcoming feelings, overcoming those lousy, rotten, no good feelings that the devil tries to put up on us.


We walked by what?


And not buy.


We walk by and not by we walk by and not by. We don’t walk by sight and feelings. We walk by faith, men and women of God. We walk by faith. We believe because God has promised it.


There is over 7000 promises in your Bible, and they’re all for you and God’s not trying to hide them from you or trying to make you go to one of those secret rooms. Terry, what do we call those secret?


Rooms you try to get out with the clues.


Escape room. God’s not putting the escape room and putting you in it and say trying to get you to figure out how to get out of this to.


Get the blessing.


No, he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.


Ask in faith, nothing wavering for he that wavered is like the wave of the sea, driven with the wind of toss. Let not that man think he shall receive any of the Lord, but the just shall live by faith. That’s you and me.


You and me. So second, Peter one and four tells us that God has given.


God has given unto us exceeding great and precious promises.


That by these you might be partakers of the divine Nature God has given us presious promises and and he’s not hiding his ears from us. Wonderful, precious promises. Promises. I got this in second, Peter 1/4 in the in the MSG.


It says we were also given absolutely terrific promises to pass on to you, your tickets to participation in the life of God after you turn your back on a world corrupted by lust. Participation in the life of God. God has invited you to miracles.


God has invited you to the to the season of blessing in your life. God has placed an an open invitation to you God.


Come, come, come to these promises. Come to these blessings, faith. Believing and and and see that I will not return them to you. I will give them to you. He wants you to come. He wants you to participate. He wants you to become healed. He wants you to be sound.


He wants to be delivered. He wants your children saved off of dope and drugs and whatever and serving the Lord. He’s got promises and he wants you and me to claim.


To claim to stand on them, to believe them, and say devil. No, you’re not gonna stop me from believing. I will believe until the day God takes me home.




Then in Isaiah 6524 states that before they call, I will answer and while they are yet speaking, I will hear that doesn’t sound like a death God to me.


That doesn’t sound like a God. Who who’s you know.


Maybe. Or maybe not. Or that’s a God who is, who is earnestly telling us and speaking to us, to stand on the promises. And there are over 7000 promises in the Bible for you.


Well, let’s go a little bit further here. Umm, so we need to pray the word.


And and we need to talk the right talk.


Come on.


Put us on that next slide there ER.


Because what you say is what you get.


Turn to your neighbor and tell him what you say is what you get.


If you talk gloom and doom and gloom, you’re gonna get gloom and doom and gloom.


I went to the dermatologist today and and I was way down the hall leaving and I was glad I was leaving. And there’s the elevator and it was closing and I just ran in there just in time and I was. And there was a little lady there. And I says, boy, I’m so glad that I’m.


Just made it in time and all of a sudden, she says. I had to drive around here about five times before I found a parking place.


And then I said, yeah, but the good news for you and me is that we get to leave right now. They didn’t chase her one bit. She says, AH, I had to park way over there. I said, well, I had to park at the whole end of the lot. But I’m just happy to be leaving.


She didn’t like me talking positive at all. She wouldn’t smile. I couldn’t get a smile out of her, no matter what I said to her. She wanted to live and gloom and doom. Why? Because she’s been there a long, long time.


Stop it.


If you’re talking that negative stuff, he only prayed the same words that God told him when God told him to go back home and to leave his uncle’s house. He prayed the exact same words. We need to pray the word of God.


We need to pray the word of God, open it up and and and and bring it into our own life and speak it out.


I am never to confess I can’t because of Philippians 4 and 13. What is Philippians 4 and 13 scholars?


I can do all things. That’s what it says, but there’s a ton that you know, I can do it. If I’m going in for a job interview, I need to pray that I need to say that I need to believe that because God has made me an overcomer. I’m an overcomer.


Him and I can go in there and do that job interview the way that it’s supposed to be done, because I am more than a what?


Conqueror, even if those feelings and whatever atmosphere is in that room, when I go in there to apply for that job, I will overcome those feelings. Ohh of inadequacy, I will walk in there and God will touch me.


Amen. Vicky. Tell us about Ed down there in Florida. He went for that job interview and you were praying for him.


My voice is real weak, so I was sick. If y’all didn’t know. But anyway they were. When Lane was going to Bible College, we were going to this Assemblies of God Church and I was in my twenties, 2627 something years old and.


Anyway, we were going to this church and.


That’s where we were going. We were there to, we were working the youth pastors. Yeah, we were youth pastors. So anyway, one day I started praying and and I began praying in the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost started speaking through me and and and all of a sudden.


Ed Collins. That was his name, and he came to my mind and and I started praying for him. And in the Holy Ghost, I’d speak in tongues. And then I’d say give him bow.


Boldness, giving boldness, giving boldness, and then I’d speak in tongues again. And you know, I was only 26 years old and this was the coolest thing in the world that happened to me, and I and I was just, you know, speaking his name and giving boldness today, whatever’s happening. Lord, whatever’s going on in his life today, God, give him that boldness.


That he needs in Jesus name. And I mean the Holy Ghost was taking over my whole conversation with with the Lord that day. And anyway Sunday when I went to church Sunday I said I said brother.


I said I was praying for you the other day, and he and I told him what happened and he said what time was that? And I said it’s about 1:00 in the afternoon and he said he says you are not gonna get over this. He said he said I had to go for a job interview and he said I am very shy. I’m very timid.


And he said my nerves was a wreck and he said all of a sudden he said I walked in there. I had so much boldness, he said. I told him I needed this job and he said I was so bored. I shocked myself. Yeah. He said I shocked myself. And he said, you know what?


I got that job that day. So yeah. So it’s powerful praying in the Holy Ghost when that happens to pray for others when they come to your mind. Just keep praying in the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost will reveal what they need, you know. And that day was boldness.


That was very good. That was very good, because praying works even though we pray sometimes and we don’t see results. God is working behind the scenes, baby.


Amen. God is working behind the scenes.


For us.


OK, let’s see what else we’ll just roll right through this because they’re all the same. You need to get these, and you need to burn them down into your soul. You need to memorize these so that the Holy Ghost can pull them up.


And and you know their.


How many? How many days in a year?


365 there are 365 times you will find the words be bold.


365 times throughout your Bible. Be bold, be bold, be bold, be bold.


Be bold.


And and and and angels had to tell that to to to God’s men and ladies of God. That was in the Bible. They needed it. And there’s times when.


We need the word of God to strengthen us, and we need to pray and hear from heaven. And then when we walk in that area, we’ll do what God wants us to do. We’ll have the boldness to do it. OK? I am never to confess.


I can’t get it to work, Terry.


Ohh you can’t.


Oh, that’s just terrible.


Alright, I’ll read. I’m never to give in to lack because of Philippians 4 and 19. I’m never to live in fear because of Second Timothy one and seven. I’m never to give up because of weaknesses because of Psalms 27, I am never to give in to and admit to.


Beat because second Corinthians 2 and 14 I can receive my healing because he made provision for it and Isaiah 53 and five and Matthew 817, I don’t have to live in condemnation because of Romans 8 and one I don’t have to feel unworthy because he makes me worthy. In 2nd Corinthians 5 and 21.


I don’t have to live a life of failure because Romans 8 and 37.


And troubles can’t keep me down because of John 16 and 33 bondages have to come off of me. Second Corinthians 317. I don’t have to live with worry and frustration because the first Peter five and seven loneliness is no longer a part of my life.


Because of Matthew 28 and 20, I will not live with confusion because of First Corinthians 14 and 30.


Three and 1st Corinthians 2 and 12 sin will not dominate my life because of Romans 8 and two. I do have wisdom because of First Corinthians one and 30. I am secure in Jesus Christ, Proverbs 3 and 24 through 26.


Whatever you’re lacking, whatever you’re needing, it’s in the word.


It’s in the word. Do not allow your word to be placed in the closet.


If it is get knocked the dust off of it and start the firing it because Jesus said that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word.


Every word your spiritual man will die. I don’t care if you go to church. Your spiritual man will die if you don’t eat the word of God.


God, you cannot live on Pastor Tom’s anointing. You cannot live on Pastor Tom’s word that he gives to you on Sunday. What if you only ate a physical meal every Sunday? What kind of shape would you be in? Oh, L oh.


Skinny that might work for me.


We’ve got to have that word every day. We need to pray every day. OK, where are we? We’re almost got this completed here.


Jacob’s prayer proves that we should never accept things as they are now. This is for you. You and your families. His family was in a crisis. How he’s been in crisis before.


His family was in crisis, pain, grief, suffering and even death seemed in the near distant future.


Gloom and Doom was everywhere. I mean, here’s 400 men that’s coming at him. He he thought they were gonna kill him and wipe out his family. Jacob turns around with tears in his eyes, sadness in his heart taking the hands of family members standing in a circle. And he leads out in a prayer.


With a powerful faith building motivation, he says, God grant me the riniti to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.


Have you ever heard of that prayer before?


That’s a a prayer.


Alcohol anonymous well that you know, and that may work for them.


But you’re not an alcoholic.


You may be used to be. Now you’re a man of God.


God and you’re a woman of God and you don’t have to pray. The prayer God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. You know why? Because God can change the things. God can turn your life around. He can turn the life of your kids.


Around he can turn your spouse around. There’s nothing too hard for God. Amen. With God, all things are possible. And Jacob’s prayer proves that we should never accept things as they are. You don’t have to live with that stuff anymore.


You don’t have to keep on.


Going on.


Your telephone was ringing.


She was really into what I was saying. Ohh. I love my wife. She was into what I was saying.


What can I say, a divine interruption?




God give me tenacity, perseverance, determination to pray and to keep on praying until I see result.


Else I’m here. I knew that the the crux, the center part of this message to you tonight is dull. Give up. That was the burden that God put on my heart to tell you all I know. Some of you have been praying and praying and believing.


And believing. But God put that on my heart to tell.


He dares hope in him. He told me to tell you to. Don’t stop praying. Don’t stop believing. Because with God all things are possible. In Jacob’s prayer proves that we should never accept things as they are. We don’t have to just get by.


We don’t have to put up with it anymore. We can have victory over whatever onslaught the devil is trying to throw at us. We can move on in him. We don’t have to live our whole life and sadness and defy.


Heat. God wants us to live victoriously. He took it all on the cross so we could live successful and victorious.


That’s what he told me to tell you tonight. You stay in there and fight that good fight of faith. You don’t have to put up with that devil anymore. Whatever it is that’s causing your grave trouble and problems, you can beat it with the help of God.


Because greater is he that is in you than he that’s in the world.


Greater is he that’s in you. The Holy Ghost is in you. You’ve got the word of God. You’ve got prayer power. You just hold on and believe in God. And he’s gonna come through for you.


Hey man.

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